Miho stretchered out on the top of the Panzer IV. She looked up at the clouds as they floated by. She sighed.

"Miho," A girl a called, "We have some new students coming in, but they are not normal. They will also be attending our Tankary class. I want you to show them the ropes."

"Right," Miho said climbing down off the tank, "When will the be coming in."

"They are being air dropped in a few minutes," Anzu, The class president, said, "with their tank."

"I'll gather my team," Miho said saluting and then running off.

"You forgot to tell her that these are boys attending this class," Momo said quietly.

"I know," Anzu said taking a bite of a sweet potato.

"Miho," Saori said running after her, "What's wrong."

Miho looked up and started to panic. The ginger looked up after her and only saw a plane.

"What's wrong," Saori asked again.

"We have some new students, and they're on their way," Miho said pointing to a bunch of parachutes floating down onto the boat.

"Ah, I wonder if they are cute boys," Saori said going into a daze.

Miho laughed, "This is an all girls school."

"I can dream can't I," Saori stammered.

The parachutes landed in the field near the school. Miho climbed over a hill and gasped. The tank sitting there was none she had ever seen. The barrel was square, the tank was sitting a tad too high and it was just too big to be any kind of tank. The top latch opened up and a head popped out looked around an fell upon Miho.

"Which way to Berlin," It laughed in a masculine voice with a bad English accent.

"Are you the new students?" Miho asked confused.

"Major Vincent, Leader of the Alpha-Omega Platoon, at your service," He said giving a bow.

Saori came over the hill and gasped as well.

"Witch way to...," Vincent looked down, "Ooarai Girls School?"

"Um...," Miho said, "This way." She started walking and the tank followed close behind.

When they got to the field, Vincent hopped out he was in a military combat uniform. The next person to hop out was a tanned young man. He was followed by a tall, black haired kid, a scrawny kid with glasses, a kid with a lazy eye, and then a kid that didn't look like he belonged in a tank. They all lined up.

"These are my men," Vincent said standing next to the kid with glasses.

"I am Warrant Officer Brent," The scrawny kid with glasses said, "I am the communicator."

"I am Staff Sargent Nick," Said the kid who looked like he didn't belong, "I'm the one who fixes our tank."

"Sargent Josh," Said the kid with the lazy eye, "I'm an unbelievable gunner because I do all the math."

"Yes Josh, you do," Vincent said causing Saori to giggle.

"Lance Corporal Jon," Said the tanned kid, "I'm the team's loader. Five shots per minute in a normal tank."

"Private First Class Ian, at your service ma'am," Said the black haired kid, "I wold be the tank's driver."

A woman came running out yelling, "You boys aren't supposed to be on school grounds," But stopped when she got up to them.

Vincent smiled, "Ami, how good to see you again, still a captain I see, and what am I," He shrugged, "A major that's right."

"What are you doing here," Ami said clinching her teeth, "this is my class and your not taking it away from me."

"No, no, no," Vincent said holding up his hands, "We've come to join your class." He pulled out an envelope and handed it to Ami.

Ami opened it up and sighed, "Alright but don't try to seduce any of my girls. I'm looking at you Ian."

"Yes, yes," Vincent said, "We need some one to help us with our luggage, but who?"

"Oh," Saori pipped up, "I'll help, and we could get the auto club to help too."

Vincent smiled, "Well then, solider men, let's get moving."

They marched off with Saori following close behind Vincent.

"Did you know them," Miho asked Ami.

"Yes," Ami said, "They are the best at tank warfare and when they get sent somewhere it is usually not good."

"I see," Miho said, "But that tank."

"It's custom," Yukari said coming out of nowhere, "Look at that barrel, it doesn't fire standard shells ether."

Over the hill Vincent was commanding the pick up of the crates with Saori by his side.

"So Saori," Vincent said looking over at her, "I don't know the ship that well can you show me around."

"Yes," Saori said lighting up, "How old are you and your platoon?"

Vincent laughed, "We would be in approximately in the same year as you."

Saori's eyes lit up even more. She had just found someone who, she thought, was totally into her, was cool, and was about her age. She had just struck the jackpot.

"How long will you be," Saori asked.

"Oh, a few hours," Vincent sighed, "We need to set up our temporary barracks."

"I'll see you around then," Saori said walking away.

Vincent smiled. He liked her. He really did.