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"McGee! Get out! Now!" Director Vance yelled at Tim from up near MTAC. He was heading to the exit at the back of the building, where his body guards were waiting to take him to safety.

"Just one second Director!" Tim yelled back, plugging his USB stick in and typing a few commands into his computer. His pulse quickened as he realized just how close in proximity he was to the bomb. "Come on, come on, come on!" he whispered, urging the computer to finish transferring the files on Harper Dearing faster.

He glanced up, checking his watch and mentally counting to make sure everyone on their floor was getting out of the office safely. He was still counting when there was beep from his computer. He looked down to see that all the files had transferred successfully.

Tim yanked the USB stick from his computer and tossed it in his backpack, along with a few hard copies of the case that were on his desk. He clipped his badge back on his belt and slid his gun into his pack, zipping it up quickly.

He had just grabbed his pack from his chair, turning and running for the stairs when he heard the bomb explode. It seemed like time went into slow motion as he felt the force of the blast hit him head on, throwing him backwards onto the floor, his backpack flying up in the air before landing on top of him. The windows shattered at the same time, peppering his skin with shards of glass, some embedding in his exposed skin.

His last thought before he lost consciousness was a prayer that the rest of the team was okay.


"Get out of here."

Gibbs just stared, dumbfounded at Cole when he said those words. They had just found the massive bomb that Dearing had placed in Vance's car, and this convicted felon was telling him to leave him with the bomb.

"Its too close to the building," Cole stated, as they both glanced over to see Abby stuffing a few things into her bag in the lab.

Cole looked back to Gibbs when he added, "Go! Get her out of here."

Gibbs glanced back to Cole, unsure of his true motives. Cole let out a small laugh before saying, "It's not the danger. It's the fun."

He handed his knife to Cole, knowing that he was making the right decision. Cole nodded at him, accepting the knife given him. In his gut, he knew Cole had redeemed himself, the former Phantom operative willing to give his life to try to save the agents in the building.

Gibbs gave Cole a small smile of approval before he lost no time racing into the building to get to Abby's lab. His mind was racing as he was running down the stairs, praying that his kids would be okay. He knew Ziva and Tony were on the second floor, evacuating the offices. He was hoping Tim was outside, but figured that the kid was saving his files from his computer for the investigation. He also prayed that Cole would get the bomb deactivated in time, but knew in his heart that it wasn't going to happen.

He made it to the floor Abby's lab was on and ran as fast as he could, making it in seconds to the lab. He saw Abby coming out of her office, CafPow and Bert in one arm and her purse in the other.

"Abby!" he yelled, tackling the forensic scientist to the floor near her computer.

"Gibbs!" she yelled back in surprise as she was thrown to the floor by the father figure in her life. It was less than a second later that the bomb exploded.

He tried to shield Abby the best he could, but couldn't stop the glass from raining down on them. He grunted when he felt one of the shelving units topple over and land on Abby and himself as the dust began to settle in the lab.

His ears were ringing as he shoved the shelving unit over to the side before he rolled off Abby and looked at her, seeing that she was unconscious, blood trickling down from her forehead, her right arm lying in an unnatural angle. He tried to sit up, but the pain in his head and leg shot though him, causing his vision to dim, his lights going out completely as he passed out next to Abby.


"Everybody out! Get away from the building!" Ziva ordered, opening office doors and getting people headed toward the staircase at the end of the hall.

"Alright, that's everybody. You go Ziva," Tony told her as he kindly pushed one of the office workers towards the exit. He intended to do one last sweep of the floor, hoping to make sure everyone survived the blast that would be going off.

Ziva, however, had a different idea. She grabbed his wrist before saying, "No, I am not going without you."

They raced for the stairs, but they were blocked by agents and office workers rushing to get out of the building before the bomb detonated.

"Lets take the elevator," Ziva said, getting into the empty car, pulling Tony in as the doors closed.

"Do you think they all got out?" she asked, glancing at her partner, worry and, for the first time in her life, fear showing in her dark brown eyes. They both knew that elevator was not a great idea, but they were hoping to get out in time so they could continue helping everyone out of the building from the first floor.

Tony sighed before saying, "I hope so. Knowing McGee, he would have stayed in the bullpen to copy all the info we have on Dearing before leaving the building. I know Boss got Abby out in time."

A moment later, they felt the blast of the bomb, which rocked the elevator car, casing debris to rain down on top. The lights went off as the car free fell to the first floor, before landing on top of more debris.

Neither passenger were conscious, having been thrown against the wall before landing heavily on the floor. As the car settled on the debris, it remained eerily quiet, the only thing heard was the soft breathing of the unconscious agents.

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