The drive to the centre of New York was fairly silent, it had been that way for a while, the only thing disrupting the quiet was the low purr of the engine. Jubilee had not uttered a single word since Rogue had told her what they were going up against.

"What makes you think you can stop this werewolf if the rest of the X-Men can't?" Jubilee blurted out,

"The professor will try and reason with him, Wolverine will try and attack him and the rest of the X-Men will soon follow. I can't let that happen, they'll all get themselves killed." Rogue replied, concentrating on the dark road,

"Yeah, but can't you-"

"Can't I wave my magic wand and make all the bad guys disappear? Magic doesn't work like that, it involves defensive spells and curses that actually do some damage when they hit you, just because I have this wand and the power to use it does not make me the Mississippian equivalent to the fairy godmother." Jubilee was now having trouble removing that mental image from her mind,

" said it would be more than one person?" Jubilee questioned,

"No, I said 'it won't just be one.' And I mean it." Rogue replied, not taking her eyes from the road,

"Why would you need more than one person if that person was a werewolf?" Jubilee knew she was treading in dangerous waters by the way Rogue was frowning,

"Fenrir Greyback is also a wizard, and from what I heard from my brother back in London, he is working with He-Who-must-not-be-named, meaning he probably has half of the Death Eaters with him." Rogue replied, pausing to look at Jubilee,

"And what are 'Death Eaters'?" Jubilee asked adding air quotes around 'Death Eaters',

"Dark wizards." Was her short answer,

"So, does that make you a light wizard?" Rogue laughed, shaking her head,

"No...There are no such people as 'light wizards' there are good wizards; they appose You-know-who and fight with Dumbledore and the order...and then there are dark wizards, they may or may not be Death Eaters but they generally support you-know-who." Jubilee made a soft 'oh' of understanding , before turning to Rogue,

"Do all good wizards have a tattoo on there left, you know, make them visible to other good wizards?" Jubilee pointed to Rogue's left arm,

"No." Rogue was suddenly cold, she shook her sleeve back to her wrist concealing the tattoo, and the rest of the ride was spent in an uncomfortable silence with Jubilee looking out of her window and Rogue giving the journey her full attention.


When the car finally came to a stop Jubilee was grateful to be out of range of Rogue's icy demeanour, after she had asked about the tattoo Rogue hadn't spoken, Jubilee gave the view out of her window her full attention and hadn't bothered talking again.

"Put this on." Rogue tossed the shimmering, silvery bundle of cloth at her, Jubilee caught it making a noise of mild surprise, the cloth felt alien to her, it was like silk and velvet all rolled into one, feeling more like a liquid than a fabric, Jubilee caught Rogue looking at her curiously,

"What?" She asked, raising her eyebrows,

"Don't just stare at it, put it on." Rogue ushered, miming swinging a cloak over her shoulders, Jubilee blushed but did what she was asked, she slipped it over both shoulders but when she reached to fasten the cloak she couldn't see the strings, to her surprise she could no longer see her body from the neck down,

"Rogue!" Jubilee squeaked, trying to locate her body by spinning around on the spot,

"What are doing?" Rogue asked, looking at Jubilee suspiciously, Jubilee gestured down at her 'missing' body, "Jubilee stop messing about." Rogue started to walk away from her, Jubilee reached out, grabbing the back of Rogue's thick cloak,

"Rogue! Where's my body?" She asked questioningly, moving her arms wildly, they came free of the cloak appearing as they were suspended in midair,

"You're wearing an invisibility cloak, while you're under it people can't see you, the cloak renders you invisible." Rogue moved to stand in front of Jubilee; she reached to the back of Jubilee's cloak, pulling the fabric up so it concealed Jubilee's head and neck, making her completely invisible, "Just keep close to me, okay?" Rogue asked, looking back at Jubilee as she walked on.

Five minutes they came to a stop next to a litter filled alley, after waiting for a couple of minutes with no sign of any werewolves Jubilee was quickly becoming bored, she pulled the cloak off of her head, breathing in some vaguely fresh air after ten minutes under the cloak,

"Do we just stand here and wait?" She huffed after several more minutes of standing around,

"I was thinking more along the lines of follow the path of destruction." Rogue pointed to several upturned lampposts, and a taxi on its side with a huge crack down the windscreen and a tire missing. Jubilee grumbled and made to pull the cloak back up before Rogue stopped her, putting a finger to her lips to silence Jubilee's question,

"Listen." Rogue murmured, Jubilee strained her ears in hope she might hear something, there was a howl from somewhere in the distance, followed by the sound of glass shattering.

Without warning Rogue grabbed hold of Jubilee, The death grip on her arm felt like it was slipping slightly as the world went black without warning, she felt as if something was pushing her from all directions, not unlike teleporting with Kurt. The sensation stopped after several seconds but Jubilee didn't open her eyes in fear of throwing up, she felt someone pull her gently to one side, rubbing her back comfortingly, she opened her eyes slowly but regretted it immediately as the vomit that had been threatening to make itself known surged up her throat and landed on the pavement.

"Jubilee...look." Jubilee opened her eyes again, wiping her mouth on her sleeve as she rose from her doubled over position to look at the scene of destruction, she immediately spotted a grey, four legged animal, it was hunched over, Jubilee made a move to walk forward but collided with Rogue's outstretched arm, she shot a reproachful look at her but didn't get a reaction as Rogue was watching the grey animal as it lumbered towards an over turned car, "Put the invisibility cloak on and get back." Rogue pushed Jubilee gently before scrabbling in the velvet bag for something, she withdrew her arm from the bag clutching what appeared to be a vial full of dried bluebells, and then thrusting the bag at Jubilee.

Jubilee watched in mild disgust as Rogue uncorked the vial, removed a flower and its stem and then held it in between her teeth. Rogue removed the heavy brown cloak and then threw it to the ground by Jubilee's feet with the glass vial.

Jubilee stared at where Rogue was standing and watched as the figure of the woman changed and assumed the form of a black dog with pointed ears, green eyes and a black nose, the dog had shaggy fur and had the appearance of a wolf more than a dog. The dog cocked its head slightly, as if waiting for approval before turning and trotting lightly over to the grey creature Jubilee assumed to be the Werewolf.

With the invisibility cloak over her head Jubilee had a perfect view of the black dog as it sat down in front of the cowering Werewolf, dropping the blue flower before lying down with its head resting on its black paws.

The wolf growled, even Jubilee heard it, and lunged forward at the dog, Jubilee almost screamed but managed to clamp two hands over her mouth as the large Werewolf brought a sharply clawed paw down, swiping at the dog before stopping suddenly like it had hit an invisible wall, it moved forward again hitting the wall before stepping backwards, stumbling and finally falling, hitting a wall.

Jubilee cautiously moved forward as she watched the dog morph back into Rogue and kneel in front of what should've still looked like a Werewolf, instead of the furry body of a lycanthrope there was a naked man, bearing a number of shallow gashes and grazes, Jubilee moved further still until she was spotted by Rogue,

"Grab the cloak and bag." She stated, while taking the pulse of the man, apparently oblivious to the fact he was naked, Jubilee had already picked up the cloak and bag so she dropped them by Rogue's knees.

She watched quietly as Rogue withdrew her wand and pointed it into the bag muttering something and then finally catching a bottle of amber liquid, she uncorked the bottle before holding it to the man's lips and tipping a couple of drops into his open mouth,

"What's that?" Jubilee ventured,

"Firewhiskey, I want Remus to be awake before we apparate." Rogue sat back on her heels, and sealed the bottle, dropping it back in the bag, Jubilee looked at the man, he would've been quite handsome if there weren't worry lines permanently etched into his forehead, he had a long fringe that hung into his eyes and a scrappy moustache.

The man drew a shuddering breath, his eye lids fluttered momentarily before he finally opened his eyes,

"What happened?" He wheezed, looking at Rogue a little bewildered,

"I...I reversed the transformation with monkshood. I'm sorry Remus, but we couldn't let you destroy the rest of New York." Remus noticed Jubilee for the first time and offered a tight lipped smile that turned into a grimace of pain as Rogue slowly eased him into sitting up,

"What about the other's?" Jubilee only just remembered what they had set out to do in the first place,

"We can't stay here; the others will just have to cope." Rogue replied, helping Remus up after tying her cloak around his shoulders, providing him with at least some form of clothing,

"But you said-"

"I know Jubilee! Don't you think I want to help?" Rogue all but yelled,

"You're not acting like you want to help." Jubilee muttered,

"At the moment Jubilee I can't help, were in a public place full of muggles, I can't wade in the middle of a fight and start cursing people, I would be arrested." Jubilee huffed again and crossed her arms over her chest,

"Remus, after three were going to do a side-along-apparition." Remus grimaced, but nodded anyway and took Rogue's arm, she held out a hand to Jubilee offering a kind smile, "Try not to be sick this time." She said, giving Jubilee's hand a reassuring squeeze, "One, two...three." Jubilee felt the world go black and herself being pressed from all sides before her feet coming into contact with solid ground once more, she straightened up and opened her eyes, the feeling of nausea wasn't as bad this time, but she still had a difficult time holding the contents of her stomach.

"We can't risk apparating again; we need to take a port-key." Rogue said, from where she was holding up Remus, who had his eyes shut tight, "Jubilee, go to the car, open the boot, open the trunk and then rip a scrap of something off of the first thing you find." Rogue tossed Jubilee the keys with her free hand, struggling to keep Remus upright at the same time.

Jubilee unlocked the boot and flung open the black trunk, pulling out a white shirt, she tore the sleeve from the shirt, throwing the remainder of the shirt back into the open trunk, before jogging the short distance back to where Rogue had just sat Remus down, with his head between his knees.

Rogue took the scrap of white fabric, tapping it and muttering something under her breath before pointing her wand at the car boot and levitating the trunk and broomstick towards her, she bent down resting a hand on Remus and holding one to Jubilee. No sooner had Jubilee taken hold of Rogue's hand had the world spun away from her. About ten seconds passed before Jubilee came into contact with something hard, she landed on her knees and was having trouble from crying out in pain, she opened her eyes in time to see Rogue and Remus land hard on their feet a few metres away from her, Remus was leaning heavily on Rogue, who was struggling with the trunk and broomstick she held under her right arm.

"Where are we?" Jubilee managed to ask, she looked around and saw they were in a street lined with tall houses,

"Outside my old house." Rogue said, placing the trunk next to her and dropping the broomstick next to it,

"And where is your old house?" Jubilee asked, still looking down the street,

"London." Rogue replied, before moving toward a grubby looking three storey house, helping Remus along with her, Jubilee could only stare after her in shock.