A/N: This is a a facebook Challenge. 200 words exactly. All crack.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Supernatural, its all fun.

The true story of why the Zombie apocalypse wasn't stopped.

A teaspoon of spider legs.

45 hairs from a virgin.

Stir under a full moon, counter clock wise 13 times.

The recipe was simple enough for most, Cass had been given the order of stopping the Zombie apocalypse. He had asked Dean to help him out. Seeing there were things that Cass had no idea of how to get his hands on. There was a cave in Madagascar that had some evil looking spiders. The teaspoon sounded easy enough. Getting the legs to only be in the teaspoon was another thing. Should they cut up the legs?

Dean had been on the mission of getting the hair, but when he showed up. His hands were empty. Cass looked frustrated at him. Growling, "One thing, I ask for one thing, and you show up empty handed." Dean just shrugged as he answered, "I've got what you asked of me." Cass raised an eyebrow and looked at Dean. Before he could do anything Dean was pulling the hair out of Cass. The angel got so furious, he vanished. The Zombie Apocalypse was never stopped, this is the real reason why.