Final chapter

Julie wrote the suicide note as Gabby forced. She confessed to everything, even murdering her own mother. Julie said goodbye to he father. She hoped he would recognize that she had written this under duress, start asking questions. But either way it was becoming unlikely that Julie would survive the night. Julie was crying and begging for her life, but to no avail. Then Gabby and Julie both heard a noise. Gabby grabbed Julie's arm to prevent her from running and put the gun to her head. It was Susan, she was wounded but still she now had Bree's gun.

Susan: Let my daughter go or I will kill you.

Gabby: Come any closer and I'll kill her.

Susan: You do and I'll kill you.

Gabby: True. Let's reach a compromise. I admit I was going to kill Julie and frame her for the murders. What about you?

Susan: You're going to frame me?

Gabby: Why not? Write a suicide note confessing to everything, then blow your brains out. I'll have no need to kill your daughter. After I complete the murder of Carlos and get all that money, I'll even give half to Julie as hush money. She'll be secure for the rest of he life.

Susan; How do I know you won't kill her anyway?

Gabby: You don't, but it's the only chance you have. Because if I go to prison I will kill your little girl while you watch.

Julie didn't trust Gabby. She knew she was dead either way. Gabby's attention was divided between the two of them. When her grip loosened Julie knocked the gun from her hand and ran away. When Julie was away Susan shot Gabby several times until there were no more bullets left in the gun. Susan and Julie hugged. They were now the only two survivors of this massacre. Susan still needed medical attention, and they had a lot of explaining to do for the police. But they'd made it.