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Overall Summary

A/U – Castiel has waited centuries for Dean Winchester to be born, he just never expected the man to be his bond mate. It's Castiel's job and right to keep Dean safe so he can fulfil his destiny but Castiel isn't the only one after Dean. There is another and he won't stop until Dean is either his or dead.

Chapter Summary

Someone is always watching…

Overall Romance

Castiel / Dean Winchester

Chapter Romance

None yet but be patient it will come…

Chapter Thirteen

He couldn't have planned this any better if he had tried, the scene he had just had the good fortune of witnessing would make his job so much easier to accomplish.

It never ceased to amaze him just how stubbornly stupid and arrogant the race humans were. They believed with everything in them that they were at the top of the food chain, they believed that they had control of everything which occurred on their world and yet they didn't. Instincts of being hunted still lay in every one of them ready to come to the surface given the right motivation.

Personally he preferred it if his prey fought back at first, it made the eventual breaking of them so much more interesting and satisfying. Their despair was like nectar to him.

The chosen one would taste the sweetest out of all those he hunted in the past, he could just tell.

The sensible thing for Dean Winchester to do would be to stay by Castiel's side and have the Angel heal him up to full strength before he followed him into the fortress the Angel called his home, a place where he would be unable to enter, unable to even get near to. The chosen one would have been safe with the Angel. Even if a miracle had occurred and he had somehow gotten past the security system, the wards and the elite Angel guards to reach Dean he would never have gotten past Castiel, especially a pissed off Castiel at that.

The Angel was the strongest of his species currently on Earth. He knew him well, he had seen him fight and he had faltered. The Angel was violent, he was cold hearted and deadly in the midst of battle, he could take a look at any situation or battle and know exactly what to do to ensure they won and have the balls to do it regardless of the cost. In short the unassuming man on the opposite side of the street from him was everything that a warrior of God should have been and more. That was why he had been chosen out of every Angel for the task at hand and yet the chosen one still believed somehow that he would be safer without him.

That somehow he was better then an Angel of the Lord was.

If he was a fair man of course he would remember that Castiel had not told Dean who he was, the chosen one believed his temporary companion to be human like him. It was a foolish move on Castiel's part but he had always preferred taking things slowly, easing humans into believing what he was as though he believed their tiny fragile minds would be able to deal with it if he did it that way.

Perhaps it was true, perhaps it was not.

He had come across many humans in his time, even humans who he did not hunt and he was always struck by one similarity between every one of them. They had all been handed the chance for greatness and they had all failed to achieve it. Instead building meaningless lives which they believed meant something.

Humans could have been so much more then they were, they could have been warriors, they could have had strength and knowledge and yet they wasted it all

It was enough to make him angry when he allowed him self to think about them all. It was pathetic. The whole pointless human race was pathetic. All of them except him.

He turned his gaze away from Castiel to look at the chosen one, his eyes focusing on the man's soul where it gleamed like the sun beneath his meat suit, a slight smile coming to his face. The Angel had made this so much easier for him, injuring Dean for him, weakening him. The Chosen one was stubborn, refusing aid from the one who had hurt him, he was running from the only protection he had because the fool had chosen to listen to his tainted brother rather then his own instincts.

If it had been him in Castiel's position then he would have knocked the two humans out by now, leaving the tainted one on the floor to be discovered by someone else and taking Dean with him and yet Castiel did nothing, he merely watched the chosen one with eyes that revealed nothing. The Angel must have had a plan in his mind because he knew that Castiel would never allow heaven's most precious asset to just turn and walk away from him but what was it? What was his master plan? Was it something which would make his own mission more difficult to accomplish?

He breathed out noisily, his hand tightening on the china mug he held. It cracked under the pressure of his grip though he failed to notice it. The same way he failed to notice the hot liquid leaking over his skin or the uneasy looks he was receiving from the humans seated around him.

He slowly licked his lips as the chosen one stepped away from Castiel, one hand cradling his damaged shoulder.

When all of this was done he would have to thank Castiel, perhaps send him a fruit basket like humans did with a little note, just so the Angel knew that he had failed in his most important task.

The injury would make it so much easier to grab the chosen one and bring him directly back to his master as requested. He was slightly disappointed though, he had been hoping for a little work out that afternoon.

He rose slowly to his feet, moving his neck side to side and smiling slowly when the bones cracked loudly, the sound making the humans around him flinch away from him. He placed his cup lightly on the table, picking up his jacket and slipping on as he walked towards the gleaming black impala he could see parked in the distance.

The smile lingered on his face.

It was days like this which made him happy to be alive.

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