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Since it's my birthday today I decided to treat myself by writing the below chapter and putting it up, hopefully you'll all enjoy it as well, the plot is beginning to take off now… yay!

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A/U – Castiel has waited centuries for Dean Winchester to be born, he just never expected the man to be his bond mate. It's Castiel's job and right to keep Dean safe so he can fulfil his destiny but Castiel isn't the only one after Dean. There is another and he won't stop until Dean is either his or dead.

Chapter Summary

We need to talk…

Overall Romance

Castiel / Dean Winchester

Chapter Romance

It's starting...

Chapter Fifteen

Dean frowned, shifting his head on the pillow and sighed out loud.

Was it really time to wake up already? Surely he had at least five more minutes until his alarm clock went off, summoning him downstairs to make breakfast for Bobby and Sam.

He groaned out loud. That stupid ass rota which Bobby had insisted on making when it became clear to the older man that Sam and Dean were pretty much moving into him was the bane of Dean's existence. Dean supposed that making a fry up twice a week wasn't exactly a chore for him but still, he was giving up valuable sleeping time, sleeping time he seriously needed, to feed Bobby and Sam and they rarely even thanked him for his efforts god knew that his cooking was the only cooking which was actually edible.

Giving it up, Dean forced his eyes open with a sigh, staring up at the smooth white ceiling above him, his eyes narrowing slightly in surprise. The last time he had seen Bobby's ceiling it had been cracked and in desperate need of a new coat of paint, there was no way that Bobby would have done it yet, not with everything which had been going on it the world recently, painting a ceiling in a room which Bobby didn't even go into anymore would have been the last thing he did and Dean knew that neither he nor Sam had done it.

He pushed him self up, looking around him with wide eyes as he realised that this room was not his room at Bobby's. The walls were painted a pale greenish-blue which Dean found surprisingly relaxing to look at. The floorboards were polished and a rich brown in colour which perfectly matched the colour of the furniture in the large room. He glanced down at the green-blue duvet before he pushed him self off of the mattress, coming to his feet slowly and he glancing down at him self with a raised eyebrow.

Where the hell was he?

The last thing he could remember was the sound of his arm breaking from the sheer amount of pressure the stranger by his impala had put on him, the same stranger who took out Sam with two moves and then Castiel had appeared seemingly from nowhere. Dean felt a shiver go through him as his mind replayed the scene in slow motion to him. Castiel had been beautiful to watch in action, terrifying but each move had been smooth and graceful in a way that Dean, even in the midst of his shock, had been unable to tear his eyes away from. Then Castiel had approached him, whispered that everything was going to be okay within his mind and touched him. After that everything went black.

He frowned, slowly lifting his arm in front of him and staring at it through narrow eyes. He should have been in agony from the combination of his dislocated shoulder and broken arm but he felt nothing at all, not even when he slowly rotated his arm in a wide circle, it was as though nothing was wrong with him. If anything he felt freaking fantastic, better then he had done in months. If he was on some kind of pain killer then he seriously needed to find out what it was called and take some with him.

Dean glanced out of the window, the sky was dark with a large moon providing light for him, the view showed a large garden backing onto trees making Dean wonder whether they were somewhere near a forest though where that forest would be was beyond him.

Licking his lips nervously Dean headed towards the door, his shoes and socks were gone leaving him bare foot though he still had his jeans and t-shirt from earlier on, god knew where his shirt had gone though. He opened the door and slowly moved out of the room, his gaze moving around the long corridor, thankful that it was empty, clearly whoever house he was in, had made the decision that Dean didn't need guards outside his door. A fact which made Dean's life twenty times easier.

He needed to find Sam and get the hell out of there, there must be a car outside which he could hotwire to get them back to the main road, then it was just a case of finding out where they were and high tailing it back to Bobby's to try and figure out exactly what had happened to them, hopefully by the time someone realised they were gone both him and Sam would be long gone.

He hesitated outside the first door he came to, staring at the smooth wood before he slowly opened it, peering into the room. It was empty inside. He closed it quietly and moved across the corridor to the next one and tried the same thing again only to find him self again confronted with an empty room.

"You won't find him on this corridor Dean Winchester." A soft feminine voice said from the side of him. Dean froze his hand on the handle of the door as he twisted his head to the side to see a small woman, a few years older then him self sound in front of him. She had long blond hair swept up into a messy ponytail and blue eyes which were currently looking at him as though he was something to order off of the menu. Dean's eyes narrowed as he straightened, letting his hand fall from the handle as he turned to face her fully.

"I don't know what you're talking about" he remarked, crossing his arms over his chest as he adjusted his position slightly so he was in a more defensive stance. Her eyes dropped to his feet for an instant before coming back to meet his gaze as Dean continued to speak. "I was just looking for the bathroom, you know where it is?"

"The bathroom is down the hallway" she stated. "Though we both know that you do not need it" she waved a hand towards the staircase. "Castiel desires your company, follow me."


Dean sucked in a breathe looking around him with sharp eyes as he realised with a sinking feeling that he must be in Castiel's house. The sneaky bastard must have brought him here after everything which happened which must mean that Sam was definitely somewhere in the house as well. Castiel had promised Dean that there would be room for Sam and Dean trusted Castiel's word. He didn't know why exactly but he did. If Castiel said that Sam would be here then it meant that his brother would be. Dean just needed to find him

"Where's Sam" he demanded, taking a step towards the woman who merely looked over her shoulder at him.

"He is safe" she replied serenely. "Castiel will be happy to answer your questions" she said "Please follow me."

She turned from him and made her way down the stairs not bothering to look back to see if he was following her. Dean hesitated for a moment before he made a sound of annoyance, running his hand through his hair.

Damn it! He needed to find Sam but god only knew where Sam was, Dean hadn't seen much of the house but he was already getting the impression that the place was large and no doubt well guarded. There was something in the air which placed Dean on edge almost as much as it comforted him. If he wanted to find Sam then he needed to speak to Castiel.

Setting his shoulders, Dean walked down the stairs, keeping his head up and ignoring the fact that he probably looked a state. If Castiel wanted him to look decent then he should have provided Dean with clothes to change into.

The woman was waiting for him outside of a room; a slight smile came to her face as she nodded her head to him, almost as if she was bowing to him.

"Please stay here Dean Winchester; I shall inform Castiel that you are here"

She entered the room, closing the door behind her leaving Dean standing in the corridor. He glanced down the end, his eyes narrowing slightly when he spotted two men standing to attention outside a door, from the way they were standing and the look on their faces Dean would have placed them as guards of some description. He wondered briefly what they were guarding. Was it Sam? Could his brother be in that room?

He took an automatic step towards them, almost shivering under the combined stares which flickered over to him, his confusion rising when both men bowed to him just like the woman had, before they turned to stare straight ahead again, acting as though Dean wasn't standing there watching them intently.

Something was going on in this house and he didn't like it one bit.

The door opened again and he turned to it, watching as the woman came out again and held the door open for him.

"You can go in now Dean" she stated. "I am Rachel, if there is anything you need then please let me know and I shall get it for you. It is important to us that you are comfortable here." She smiled at him, the movement stiff and awkward as though she wasn't use to the action. He frowned, glancing away from her to the open doorway before he breathed out and stepped into the room, not bothering to look behind him when he heard the door click indicating that Rachel had shut it behind him.

His eyes flickered around the room taking in the shelves of books and the roaring fire, he took a step towards it automatically, realising with surprise that he was actually chilled, his t-shirt providing little protection against the cold air. There was a large desk in the middle of the room, a desk which was as dark as the furniture in the room he had woken in. The walls were a dark red. He found the whole effect strangely uncomfortable.

The room was empty though.

Dean reached up and rubbed at his head, realising for the first time that he was alone in his mind; he bit down on his lip, feeling uneasy as he rubbed his hand up and down his bare arm as he took another step towards the fireplace, bending down in front of it and holding his hands out to it.

He needed to find Sam.

"Hello Dean"

Dean made a startled sound, coming to his feet and swinging round so he was facing Castiel. The other man stood in front of him dressed casually in a pair of black slacks and a white shirt, the top two buttons unbuttoned showing off a glimpse of pale skin. Dean stared at him for a moment before he spoke.

"Where is Sam?" he demanded, crossing his arms over his chest.

"He is safe" Castiel assured him, walking over to the desk and leaning against it, his eyes never looking away from Dean's. Dean's own drifted shut for a moment when he felt the familiar touch to his mind, his body slumping down in relief, the uneasy feeling disappearing as though it had never existed in the first place.

"Safe where exactly?" Dean retorted, forcing him self to stand up straight, his eyes narrowing slightly. "All I keep hearing is that he is here and that he's safe. Well if that's the case then show me. Bring me to Sam now" Dean demanded. Castiel tilted his head slightly to the side.

"All in good time Dean" he responded calmly, "There's much for you and I to discuss with each other."

"There's nothing to discuss" Dean replied, taking a step towards the other man, anger building in side of him. "I want Sam and I want him now and then we're going to walk out of this house and you're not going to stop us Cas."

"I have no intention of stopping you" Castiel said calmly. "Because neither you nor Sam are going anywhere. As I said Dean there is much for us to discuss, if after everything I said you still want to leave then we can discuss it."

Dean growled.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" he burst out, his eyes widening when Castiel suddenly moved, standing directly in Dean's space, his hand reaching out and grabbing Dean by the back of the neck stopping Dean from any attempts at moving, not that Dean could. His body had frozen at the contact, shocked by the desire in him to lean his head against Castiel shoulder and stay there.

"I am the person who saved your life Dean" Castiel hissed, his blue eyes flashing in the fire light in a way which made Dean's mouth go dry. "I am the person who saved your brother for you. I am the person who will keep you safe from harm. You will respect me Dean and you will accept me."

Dean's mouth parted in surprise, gasping when Castiel's hand tightened at the back of his neck.

"Have I made my self clear Dean" Castiel stated quietly, his voice rough and husky in a way which made Dean shiver. He licked his lips, watching when Castiel's eyes dropped down automatically to follow the movement before they lazily moved up to meet his gaze again. Dean swallowed and spoke his voice low.

"Respect is something you earn Castiel, not something you demand" a flicker of surprise came to Castiel's eyes as Dean continued to speak. "I'll listen to what you have to say to me because you saved Sam and I owe you for that and then I'll make my own decision." He made sure he was looking directly into Castiel's eyes, trying to ignore the fact that they were so close to each other that Dean merely had to lean forward to fasten his mouth to Castiel's. He forced him self to remain still so he didn't give into the temptation of feeling whether Castiel's lips were as soft as they looked. "You don't own me and you never will" he promised not sure why he was telling Castiel this. "I will always own myself."

Dean reached up and wrapped his hand around Castiel's wrist, tugging at it, thankful when Castiel loosened the grip from his neck allowing Dean to take a much needed step away from the other man, putting distance between them.

For an instant they stared at each other across the room before Dean broke the silence.


Author Note

Happy birthday to me :D

I hope you enjoyed it