Disclaimer: I do not own Fushigi Yugi or Ranma…ranma do do do do do (sings happily)

A Day in Science Class

Ashley: Konnichiwa Hayley-chan!

Hayley: Hello Ashley-ko!

Ashley: I want to go home for lunch but I have to edit. I'll go to the AV room and if Becca doesn't show up I'll go home. I have a yummy lunch for today but I might not be able to eat it.

Nyan Nyan: Fix fix, cure cure!

Nyan Nyan 2: Fix Taiitsu-kun's face!

(Nyan Nyans are sent into orbit by Taiitsu-kun)

Ashley: Konnichiwa Taiitsu-kun!

Taiitsu-kun: (Nods) Ashley, Hayley-san.


Ashley: Chichiri!!! (Leaps out of her chair and latches onto the monk)

(The whole class goes silent and watches Ashley hold onto nothing, they can't see her friends)

Hayley: Ahhh! (at the appearance of all these anime characters)

Hayley: (turns to class and says…) She's not crazy folks, she's just good ol' Gaw. No da!

Oi! Seiko-chan (aka Ashley)!

Ashley: Tasuki!!!(gets him in a bear hug)

Class: (watches Ashley sitting on top of her desk hugging the air)

Mr. Van Rees: Ashley what are you doing?! You are disrupting the lesson!

(Taiitsu-kun appears to just Mr. Van Rees)

Mr. Van Rees: Ahhh!!! Sand throwing old hag!

(He faints, class is stunned)

(Taiitsu-kun disappears)

(The ground rumbles and breaks open)


Ashley: Ryoga!!! You're in Orangeville Canada!

Ryoga: Oh…where's that?


Hayley: (looks down and sees a cute little anime cat at her feet)

Tama-neko: Meow! (makes peace sign)

(A loud banging and a crack appears in the wall, it explodes)


Ashley: Shampoo, Konnichiwa!

Shampoo: Ashley can speak? Shampoo no understand.

Ashley: I can speak in my world just not in yours.

(Hayley looks at the classroom. There is a hole in the wall and floor, the teacher is unconscious on the floor, the class is silent and confused, Ashley is grinning from ear to ear and is latched onto Chichiri and Ryoga, Tasuki is discovering Bunsen burners and chemicals, Shampoo is yelling at a duck that just appeared *Moose*, a cat is doing charades, and there are a whole bunch of little blue haired girls floating around the room along with purple bubbles.)

Hayley: Holy Shit…this could only happen here.