Based on the book, "As Dead As It Gets". I wrote a Hannah Montana version of this story, but I felt it seemed more fitting for Ally. This whole thing is in Ally's Point of View, as her ghost. Sorry if its a bit confusing. I don't own the book plot or the characters.

Have you ever noticed that things seem so EASY for other people?

I closed my eyes and thought about the past. Trish, she ALWAYS was able to get jobs super easily. She was the worst worker, yet she somehow ended up working as a full time manager. She gets paid about a thousand bucks per week, for doing absolutely nothing, besides bossing her clients around. Dez, the goofy stupid red head...yet he became one of the most successful video makers in America. Austin, he had it made. He was now a famous singer. He sang at Times Square. He got signed to many record deals.

I was happy for all of them. Everything came easy for them. I was PROUD. Especially of Austin. I loved him. Notice the past tense? Loved. Yes. I, Ally Dawson, LOVED Austin Moon. But things changed in less than an year.

Trish, my bestest friend since kindergarten started hanging out with the 'cool' kids, the people I hated the most. No more Ally Dawson. Slowly, we drifted apart. Suddenly, she became one of the people who would bully me at school. It hurt bad. It was like pouring salt on my wounds.

Dez, the silly dizzy red head I once had as a friend, apparently, success went to his head as well. At school, he also hung out with Trish and her group of friends. To my surprise, they started dating, and NEVER told me. He, too, also began to drift apart from me. He never helped nor supported me when Trish and popular crowd made fun of me.

The worst was Austin. In less than one year, I have made him a famous pop singer that everyone loved and admired. We were the best of friends. And I was in love with him. He fooled me into thinking he was in love with ME, however. He left. No good bye, no hug. He just walked out of my life, despite we still go to the same school together. He never acknowledged my existence. He didn't need me anymore. He simply hired a bunch of new song writers to REPLACE me.

Trish, Dez, and Austin stayed together in Team Austin. They had never even noticed that I was drifting away from them. I was never cool, but that's what they had loved about me. Or so I thought. They used me. I hate them to this day.

I walked through the wood. The wind began to pick up, but despite the cold air, I felt nothing. I saw an abandoned blue sweater by a tree trunk. I closed my eyes and thought about the clothes I used to wear. I was always old fashion, skirts that went down to my knees, my hair was always straight and proper. I then thought about them...

They have all the cool clothes.

I remembered walking through the hallways. I watched as Trish posed for people as they admired her outfit. Dez even started wearing normal clothes. He wore 'cool' clothes, since apparently according to him, thats what all the 'cool' video producers wore. Austin was the worst. He acted like a diva! Everywhere he went, he had a wardrobe person carrying around as his clothes. What he wore was obnoxious. It was always shiny, or just stood out, but in a 'cool' way. Girls would swoon over him all the time now. It made me sick. I remembered how those three would always make fun of the clothes I wore, but I never said anything. Regret.

I walked past the abandoned sweater. On this very day, two years ago, they abandoned me. Altogether. We just stopped communicating. I had no friends throughout the Freshmen and Sophomore year of high school. They had become successful without ever thanking me, or even acknowledging me at all. Instead, they turned all their attention to the popular crowd, the people I hated and despised the most. And they knew it.

They know the right people.

Once they became a success, boom! Good bye Ally Dawson. Whose Ally Dawson? It caused me a great deal of pain, but I never show that in front of my enemies. Yes. Enemies. Not even partners. Partners share with each other. When Austin became famous, he didn't even tell anyone that I had written his songs.

They get invited to all the BEST parties.

I'm probably the only person in the whole school who NEVER gets invited to parties. I was the nobody. No one noticed me. No one helped me in the hallway when I dropped my books. No one ever saw me.

And I'm just left here on the outside.

I walked even further into the woods. I could hear a priest, somberly speaking. I could see people dressed in black. I could see a coffin. I walked closer and climbed up a tree. I hung on a branch just above the coffin. I saw my body in the coffin. Yes...I'm dead. I was hit by a car just a few days ago. Right outside of the school. Right where everyone could see. It was never intentional of course, just a dreadful fate.

The minute I felt the car hit me hard, I felt my body freeze up, and I felt a huge shock of pain, but only for a second. I felt my body floating into the air. I couldn't hear anything, or see anything. I don't even feel anything, so I relax, knowing that the pain won't come back again. When I wake up, I find my self in a cloud like place, in a Utopia. A beautiful paradise, like what artists draw as their vision of heaven, only it was much more beautiful.

I walked back to Earth however. I wanted revenge. I wanted them to suffer all the pain I have suffered. I may have been dead, but all the memories still lingers.

They'd be perfectly happy if I never even existed.

And they ALWAYS seem to get EXACTLY what they want.

I smirked when I saw Austin, Trish, and Dez standing in the front. Austin carried a single rose. I watched as he threw it into the coffin. He took a step back and closed his eyes. Trish sobbed. Louder then anyone there. Why? You bullied me. You became my enemy in less then one day. I watched Dez put his arms around Trish as he, too, sobbed. I laughed at the irony of it all as Austin broke down, crying hysterically.

You guys wanted me dead, why are you crying? For two years, you left me. All three of you. You never answered my calls, texts, or emails. I looked at the rest of the crowd. My mother and father stood there, watching the scene. My parents were the only ones who ever saw my pain...but never did anything about it! Absolutely NOTHING! I hated them after an year as well. No one loved me, I loved no one.

I jumped down from the branch and walked among the crowd. They can't see me. No one sees you when your a ghost.

I walked up to Austin, who was crying, non-stop.

"I hate you Austin. What happened to the friendship we had? What happened? I thought you had loved me. I thought you cared about me." I said directly to him, knowing he can't see or hear me. Yet, he suddenly looks up, as if he knows I was there.

I surveyed the crowd. I wanted to yell. I wanted to burn this funeral down. I wanted to yell, "Happy now? Happy that Ally Dawson, the nobody, is dead?"

Austin stood up and looked around. He knows I'm here, but I have nothing to fear.

I casually walked to my grave, the place where they would bury my coffin. I looked on the grave stone:

R.I.P. Ally Dawson

November 29, 1995- November 28, 2012

You will be dearly missed.

I looked at the the date I died. For two years, no one celebrated my birthday, even my parents forgot about it. No surprise parties or anything. Just myself, all alone.

I go insane. I scream and kicked the gravestone. I would be dearly missed? Yeah right. This world would be perfectly happy without Ally Dawson. I pick up a hammer near by and smash the gravestone. It broke into many little bits of rock. I drop the hammer as the crowd comes to see what the noise was. Everyone gasps when they see the the smashed gravestone. They don't know who did it, nor will they ever find out. To my surprise, I see Austin, looking directly at me. No, he couldn't see me. It was not possible. No one else notices his strange behavior except for me.

I just stared back at him, pure hatred in my eyes. He just stares back, his eyes widened. I whipped around and walked swiftly away from the sight. To my annoyance, I hear some follow. My walking turns to running as I run past the trees.

"Ally!" I hear. I stop when my name is called. I don't turn around, for I already know who it was.

"Ally?" he says again, as if trying to get my attention. He walks closer to me.

I turn around to face him. I don't say a word. I just give him a cold stare. He looks at me, looking sad, but a little happy at the same time.

"Ally..." he whispers. I backed away from him slowly, and he takes notice at this. "Ally, please. Please don't go." he begs softly. I hear behind him, people calling his name.

"You better go Austin. People are calling for you." I see that he is aback taken that I have spoken, but comes closer.

"Please, I love you so much Ally", he says softly to me. How dare he lie to me! How dare he try to play around with my heart like that! I hated Austin Moon!

I angrily run off again, hiding behind a tree. He comes after me, but falls and trips. He sobs and screams out loud. "I'm sorry Ally Dawson! I had always loved you!"

I watched as people came to get him, trying to calm him, surprised at the way he was acting. He claims he saw me, but people think he was losing it. Trish and Dez look sadly at him.

"We all miss Ally. It's ok", Trish says, trying to sooth him.

Austin shakes his head furiously. "No, I saw her. I saw her ghost. She hates me. It's my fault. I should have told her I had loved her, but I was an idiot", he screams, shredding leaves angrily.

Trish and Dez looks at him worriedly. I just watched the scene. I felt no sorrow, no forgiveness. I wouldn't forgive. Ever.

I watched as the crowd slowly gathers around, watching Austin go crazy.

They'd be perfectly happy if I never even existed.

And they ALWAYS seem to get EXACTLY what they want.

I raised a knife.

But not this time.

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