I'm trying something new, this is a AU fic. The characters are close to canon as possible, but a few of them happen to be werewolves too. This is my first time writing AU, so I hope you like it.

No, I don't own any of the characters from Person of Interest. I sure wish I did!

Chapter 1

Joss Carter felt like a going for a run. It was a beautiful evening and her son Taylor was off with friends and wouldn't be back until later, so she might as well get some exercise. She threw on her running clothes and headed for the park around the corner. She started jogging through the various pathways, taking no particular route, just going where her spirit took her.

In the middle of the park was a small hill that overlooked a grassy lawn area. As she reached the top of the hill, she looked down and saw a pack of Wolf People in their wolf form racing across the grass. She stopped, she had never seen a pack in this park before and they were so beautiful, just running and obviously enjoying themselves, that she wanted to watch for a few minutes.

While many so-called "normal humans" were scared of the Wolf People, Joss was not one of them. Oh, she had heard the stories growing up of Wolves going insane during the full moon and killing indiscriminately, but during her police and military careers, she had never seen a single case where a Wolf went berserk during the full moon. She knew the stories were just fairy tales.

Wolves had highly developed protective instincts and military and law enforcement careers appealed strongly to them. Joss understood that, she had similar protective instincts though she was not Wolf herself. During the course of her own military and police careers she'd had many occasions to work with Wolves. She had found that they were good people to have on your side in a fight. From what Joss had observed first hand, they weren't any more violent that regular humans.

Joss had often wondered what it would be like to be a Wolf. She had wondered what it felt like to feel the power of the Wolf as she ran, and to be able to morph into another creature. She knew that on rare occasions a willing human could be turned, but she had never known a Wolf well enough to ask about it.

Truthfully, she was not sure she would do it if the opportunity presented itself since so many people were prejudiced against Wolves. Too many people still believed those old stories of Wolves as blood thirsty killers, and many Wolves felt compelled to hide the fact that they were Wolf from friends and neighbors. She knew of several people who had turned their backs on friends they'd had for years because they found out their friends were Wolf. Political careers had been ruined by the revelations that the politician was Wolf. Things were slowly getting better for the Wolf People, but there was still a long way to go before they had complete acceptance from the rest of the population.

As she watched the pack run, she became aware of a large Wolf with salt and pepper fur on his neck and back, obviously the Alpha of the pack, staring intensely at her. She didn't feel he was any danger to her, he was probably just watching out for his pack by keeping an eye on the stranger. But the odd thing was that she felt this Wolf was not a stranger to her, there was something familiar about him, but she could not quite place it.

Joss gave him what she hoped was a reassuring smile and jogged off, leaving the Wolves to their run. It was time for her to be getting home anyway, it was dark and Taylor would be home soon.

She took the shortest route to the park exit closest her home, but the path took her through a thick stand of trees and brush. Mentally she kicked herself for being caught out so late, alone, in a secluded spot. She was a cop, she should have known better.

Her worst fears were realized when she turned a corner and found a man holding a knife standing in the middle of the path in front of her. He snarled at her and demanded her money. The man was thin and ratty with wild eyes, probably a junkie looking for money for a fix. He looked desperate, and she was unarmed and had no money. She had a feeling this was not going to end well for her.

"Hey, you don't want to do that," she said to him, trying to be calm and reassuring. "This is not a good idea."

The knife wielder started to advance on her and she got ready to defend herself. Then from behind she heard a low and deadly sounding growl. The would-be mugger stopped, scared, and then ran off. Joss turned slowly and saw the large salt and pepper Alpha standing there. Damn, this was a big wolf; made bigger by the fact that his hackles were up and his ruff was standing straight out. He was showing every tooth in his head in the scariest snarl that Joss had ever seen.

But as soon as the assailant ran off, the Wolf looked at Joss, and she swore it smirked at her. He wagged his tail, turned and disappeared into the vegetation off the path. Joss was entranced; the gorgeous Wolf had saved her. Now she was sure she knew him, she just had to figure out how.

Over the next several weeks, Joss thought about the big Alpha often. The fact that she could not figure out why he was so familiar to her was bugging her a lot.

But Carter did not have time to think about that now; she had a hostage situation to focus on. A murder suspect that she and Fusco had been chasing for over a week now was holed up in his ex-wife's house, holding his three small children hostage, while holding half the NYPD at bay.

Carter was crouched down behind a bush, hoping the hostage negotiator could work his magic and that this would end peacefully, but every instinct she had was screaming that it wasn't going to happen. The suspect's ex-wife's body was one of the most badly beaten she had ever seen in her career. This was one angry, violent man and he had nothing left to lose.

"Would you like some help, Detective?" Said a very familiar, soft, sexy voice at her ear.

Despite the circumstances, Joss couldn't help but smile a tiny bit. Having John Reese around made her feel darn near invincible, and she sorely needed that now.

"John, I'm glad you're here!" She exclaimed. John looked surprised. He had probably been expecting a sarcastic quip, but Joss didn't have time for their usual banter now. "I take it Finch already briefed you on the situation?"

"I know one of your suspects is holding his kids hostage." John growled low in his throat. Joss knew that John got very, very upset when someone messed with children.

"John, this guy is one of the worst I've seen in a long time. He's a true sociopath. You should have seen how much damage he did to his ex-wife's body. He literally beat her face to a pulp."

He nodded. "So, you think this guy will kill his family rather than surrender?"

She nodded. "That's what he says, and I believe it. He's got a long violent rap sheet and he's looking at life without parole or the death penalty if he surrenders."

"OK, I'm going in," John said grimly.

Joss grabbed his arm. "How will you get in without being seen? This place is surrounded!" She whispered urgently.

John smirked. "Trust me." And then he was gone.

A few minutes later, someone over the police radio reported. "I see a movement in the yard…Oh, wait, it's just a big dog."

Joss looked around the bush, and saw the shadowy form of a canine nosing around the yard of the house. To the other officers on scene it may have just looked like a large dog, but Joss knew better, she recognized that big canine. It was the salt and pepper Wolf from the park. She was stunned, John was a Wolf! That explained a lot. Suddenly, she understood how he survived the gunshot wound from Snow's partner, and why the big Wolf was so familiar to her. John was a fucking Wolf. And he'd never told her.

Carter was the only cop stationed on that side of the house, so she was the only one who saw Reese slide through a basement window. A few minutes later she heard a shot.

"Move in! Move in!" She heard the SWAT Commander screaming over the radio. The SWAT team broke down the front door and rushed in to find the suspect disarmed and out cold. When questioned, the young children insisted, "the doggie did it."

A few minutes later, Carter got a call from Finch. "Mr Reese would appreciate it if you would find the bag with his clothes under the hydrangea in the backyard, and meet him at the location I text you."

Carter found the bag containing the familiar dark suit and white shirt and drove to the address Finch sent her. It was a small house, neatly kept; Carter assumed that it was one of Finch's many properties that he and John used as safe houses.

The lights were off as Carter walked up to the front. John, in his Wolf form, came bounding around the corner of the house. Carter saw him and let one corner of her mouth quirk up and she shook her head. How the hell did he manage to smirk in Wolf form?

"Brought your clothes." Carter showed him the bag. He wagged his tail in thanks and then started pawing a rock that was partially hidden under a verbena that was planted by a corner of the house. Carter picked it up and discovered that it was one those fake rocks meant to hide a key. She took the key out and unlocked the front door.

Once inside, John led her to a bedroom. She put the bag on the bed and then left the room, closing the door behind her. She wandered out into the living room, idly looking at the books on the shelf when John came out of the bedroom in human form a few minutes later, tucking in his shirt. He looked so damn good that Joss barely restrained herself from asking if he wanted help.

John walked over and stood next to her. "I'm guessing you have some questions," he said softly.

She turned to face him, sounding a bit more irritated than she meant to. "Ya think? Why didn't you tell me you were a Wolf before?"

John sighed. "Wolf People have to be very cautious who we reveal ourselves too. I needed to be sure about you first. Then I saw you the other night watching us, and you weren't afraid, you actually looked like you were admiring us."

"I was. I like Wolves. I've worked with a few in my time. I like watching you run around in your Wolf form. I take it you're the Alpha?"

John admitted that he was. "I was born a Wolf, not turned."

"No mate?" Joss shocked herself, the question popped out before she thought about it. She hoped it came off as light and teasing.

Carter could not read the look he gave her just then, but he did look rather sad. "No. Given my job, and my rather long list of enemies, it's hard to find someone willing to fit into my life. Who would even want to try?"

Silently, Joss thought to herself, I would.

But, instead of saying it out loud, Joss turned and pretended to look out the window so John could not see her face. She swallowed hard at the thought of John having someone else for a mate. A lot of emotions welled up inside of her, and she was confused as to what she should do next.

She had realized she had deep feelings for the man next to her a long time ago, but she'd been reluctant to tell him that she cared for him; afraid he would laugh at her, or worse; never talk to her again. She figured that CIA agents didn't appreciate it when their assets got all mushy on them. Now things had just gotten more complicated. She wondered if John would even consider a non-Wolf for a mate? She couldn't think of a way to ask without revealing her feelings to him.

John was looking at her intently, trying to gauge her reaction to this new development. Finally, he could not wait any longer. "Joss, does this change how you feel about working with me? Being around me?" He asked softly, almost tentatively.

Joss turned back to him and smiled what she hoped was a reassuring smile. "No John, this doesn't change a thing. I still feel exactly the same." She did not add the last part, that part she was thinking; I still love you.

John looked relived. "I'm glad." He brushed the back of his hand over her cheek, "I would miss my back up."

Back up? Was that all she was? She looked down at the floor so he couldn't see how much that hurt. "Always John, just call."