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The Rebellion


They did it, Yami won. The world is now ruled by, Yomi, its like a group full of dictators. The strict rules, bring fear in every citizen, as breaking one of them, immediately means killing. There are no normal schools, every school, is a martial arts school. Stealing, killing and kidnapping and stuff, are even encouraged! This is unacceptable! Shinpaku alliance. Akisame got some water of the spring of youth. It made the Shinpaku alliance twelve year olds again, so that Ryouzanpaku and ally's can train them again, and so they can infiltrate in their schools. The difference is, they need to learn everything.. Again! Watch them grow and develop in another, perhaps better way, while rebelling against Yomi. For once, its good to be a delinquent. KenxMiu, and more couples.

Chapter one: The start.

Shinpaku alliance was standing in Ryouzanpaku's hot spring, who had been edited to a underground base. They broke off Ryouzanpaku. The masters who didn't support Yomi, were all there. " They should be defeated! For all chubby man!", Thor shouted loudly. "Shut up, fat guy, or they'll hear us.", Tanimoto said. Thor growled, and was just going to attack him, until the masters came. Siegfried just nodded, he could hear the greatest melody ever.

And it wasn't the first time he heard this melody, this was the melody, of a rebellion!

"Who of you, would like, to relive your youth?", Akisame smirked. Everbody looked at each other. "I'd rather not, to be fair.", Kenichi said, he knew he was weak when he was young. Tanimoto shoke his head, he had no fun childhood either. "Relive youth?", Freya asked. She spun her pole using only two fingers. "Sakaki knows an alchemist, and he got a potion, from the fountain of youth.", he said.

"Akisame-sama, you should know better then believing this is real!", Miu said. "Just try it out.", he said. "You will remember anything, just your body will be back to a twelve year old state. Which means, muscle memory dies to, but don't worry, you'll be trained personally by Ryouzanpaku!", Kensei said, as he then jumped out of his hiding place, where he had made many pictures of Kisara, Miu's and Freya's panty's.

Shigure then entered the scene to, from the roof. "It.. Will be... Fun.", she whispered.

"And i didn't believe you when you said Ryouzanpaku was crazy.", Takeda laughed, while facing Kenichi. He walked to Akisame, who handed him the potion. "Relax, what could go wrong.", he said. James Shiba looked smugly at Akisame, while Akisame gave him twenty dollars. "I told you, mine student would go first." Takeda drunk a little bit of it.

He felt a sensation in his body, similiar to when having sex, but then over his whole body. He felt like his whole body was vibrating, until the pain kicked in. "Ah!", Takeda shouted, as he fell on his knee's, while closing his eyes, and biting his teeth, hoping that the pain would go away. It was an intense burning sensation, like he was repeatedly being stabbed by a knife that's on fire. It did stop after a while, but he just felt exactly the same as he did, before he drunk it. " Nothing happened.", Takeda said.

"Uh, actually, your much smaller.", Kenichi pointed out. "And much cuter!", Renka said shamelessly, making Takeda blush. Everybody did the same, and felt the same experience. They all became six year olds.

"Yeah, much to young for my tastes.", Akisame pointed out. "Well, lets just train them until they are 12, while searching for information about defeating Yomi.", Elder pointed out. "Kensei, Shigure, you two are the best match for finding information. I would send Loki with you, but he's a child now.", they looked at each other. They both nodded.

They left quickly.

"So what is this training going to be?", Kisara said, while kicking in the air, to test her strength and speed now, which were reduced. "Well, everybody will be trained by every master. Only, most people will be trained more by specific people. Like Kensei, who will train Hermit and Renka more.", the elder explained.

They nodded.

"There are eleven disciple's, and six masters, who also need some rest. So everybody will be trained in groups of four, we will put up a schedule on the wall. Look at it every morning, to know with which master your training today.", Akisame said.

"Yup, six since i will be training you too, in mine own style. Only one time per week though.", the Elder said.

They all went to sleep, since they had a lot ot think about. While Ryouzanpaku and master allies were gathering.

"So, we should train them to have fun, and still be motivated. So a group of close friends, should be best.", Akisame said. "Apachai agree's!", Apachai shouted. "Hmm, Kenichi and Miu, unconditionally, Kenichi is extremely motivated by Miu. Renka should be motivated by Kenichi. Thor is motivated by himself, which i find freaking awesome. Siegfried interacts well with Thor.", Sakaki said. "So... That makes... group one..", Shigure said.

"That Judo guy loves Kisara, and Freya loves Ukita, they should motivate each other. But who motivates Kisara?", Kensei asked. "Kisara isn't sure about her feelings with Ukita. So that should be motivating her to. Since Loki doesn't really talk to them, he could fit there in, but we should train him individually to, his spy skills could come in handy. Takeda is the type that isn't motivated by his crushes, but actually try's to talk to them, so he should be in here. Tanimoto doens't really like Kenichi's presence. Kenichi would just try to talk to him, so he should be here to. ", Akisame said.

"That's group two! Apa Apa~!", Apachai shouted. "So we're done!"

"We should also train them in team battles, since they probable could beat up the stronger people together, so the team can be send on missions, a little bit like Naruto, but then with more people.", laughed Kensei. "I suppose.", said the elder. "After two years, i'm going to take them to a camping trip, all of them, should be fun!", the elder smiled.

Group 1:






Group 2:







The day later.

Shinpaku alliance woke up, and immediately went to check out their schedule. Kenichi was happy that they were with Miu, Renka blushed when she saw Kenichi's name there, she still couldn't choose between Takeda and Kenichi. Thor just shouted something about chubby and stuff. Miu was genuinely happy that she was with Kenichi and Takeda, they were both good friends. Siegfried started singing a song about friendship, being indifferent.

Freya smiled, when she saw she was paired up with Ukita, Kisara smirked a bit, but didn't say anything. Ukita looked at Kisara, so he was paired up with her, huh. Nice. Thor looked at Freya, he noticed how she stopped looking at the list when she saw that she was paired up with Ukita. She was smiling..

This was exactly the reason he hadn't confessed yet.

Group one looked at each other. "Yup, for the first three hours, your paired up with me!", James Shiba suddenly appeared, he was big, but nobody had seen him enter, because he did it with such speed.

Kensei didn't run, he just sneaked up on them, making it look like he just came out of the ground. "Group two huh, looks promising."

Next chapter!

The training begins! While Kensei and Shigure find some shocking information about Yami.