Miu and Renka both ran at each other, "Ultimate kick combo!", Renka was just going to kick her, until she stopped, it was a feint! Miu reacted to the feint by using Kouho Haiho the step technique she learned Kenichi, and was now applying herself. And in the middle of it all, Renka putted her hands on Miu's stomach, and slightly pushed. Her aura became visible somehow, and she inserted it in Miu's sweat pores "Double wired Palms, Two!" Miu stumbled back.

Double wired palms was a technique Kenichi had learned from Kensei, but Kenichi's was not even comparable to this. It was like, she mastered it, made it stronger, and then mastered it again! Miu had heavy internal injury. She groped her stomache, she was going to fall. She saw Kenichi looking at the fight.. So it was gonna end this way, huh? Renka getting the boy, she losing.. This would be the end.

Sorry Kenichi-Sorry that it had to end this way.

No, she can't tolerate it! She putted a foot behind her, just before she fell, preventing her from falling. She then ran up the wall with dazzling speed, thus doing Fuurinji Sakasa Hitoudory while still doing Kouho Haiho she then jumped so high, that she was above Renka's head.

"I won't give up on mine Ken-", she stopped mid-sentence.

She pointed her toes on Renka's head, and started rotating so fast like a drill, that it pierced Renka's head. Her KI flared so high that it became physical, it was like a drill that was drilling Renka's head.

Renka fell on the ground, her eyes shocked from the pain. And her hair down. "No!", Renka stood up. Her eyes lively and strong, she was officially mad. Until her eyes losed its life, and started to get smaller, till she fell on the ground.

"Miu won", Kenichi whispered. On the inside he was mad though, who was this Ken guy she wouldn't give up on? The bastard! "No she hasn't.", the elder said. "Even though she's up, she should actually be down. Why? Because she's unconscious."

Kenichi's eyes widened, as he looked at Miu's liveless eyes.

"Her feelings are forcing her body to fight to the limit.

Kenichi felt that something forced him to smile. "I thought i was the only one with such determination.", he said. "Don't get cocky.", said Sakaki, appearing from nowhere as he smacked Kenichi on the ground, effectively killing Kenichi. Sakaki sweatdropped when he saw Kenichi's spirit fly out of his mouth .

"I thought he would be strong enough now to not feel a playfull slap! Please forgive me!", he explained to the elder.

"Just don't worry about it.", Akisame said, catching the spirit with one of his inventions, pulling it out with his bare hands, and pushing it back in Kenichi's mouth.

"Heh?!", Kenichi shouted.

Meanwhile, Miu was dreaming about her fight with Renka. She had learned this from Kenichi. Though other martial artists also did it, she only knew one person who did it: Kenichi. Her final attack, shall be a mix of all her attacks. But this time not as a combo, hell no, it will be in one attack.

Kouho Haiho, the first technique Kenichi knew, because she had teached him. The stepping method of Baghuazang, which Kensei taught her, you know, when she didn't knew he was a pervert. Fuurinji Sakasa Hitoudory that she used to run up walls, for her aerial attacks. She would do this while doing Kouho Haiho, so that she dodged all the attacks when she might be attacked during the run. And of course her ultimate technique, Fuurinji Kouhou Yoku. Which was the drill

Fuurinji Ran, Sutepu, Kicku!

Was its name.

She won..

And for some reason, she also felt she won Kenichi's love, despite not knowing she already did.

Five years later.

Miu gave Kenichi a present. "Is this.. My birthday present?", Kenichi asked. Miu nodded shyly. He opened it, and saw a heart of chocolates. Miu hoped he would get a hint. He looked at her.

"Thank you Miu!", he shouted, hugging her. Obviously not getting it.

Miu sighed.

Thor looked at Miu, and heard what she did.. She liked Kenichi? She never showed signs that she did.. Well, neither did Freya with her.. Which means..

"Freya.. To tell the truth.. I love you..", Thor said. Looking at her, with truthful eyes.

Freya blushed, and smiled, which made Thor happy. "Thank you.. But.. I already like someone else, your a little to big for me to handle.", she said, trying to say it on a manner that didn't make Thor said.

It is a year later. Everyone is twelve, and has grown stronger then they were at full age. But despite that, their Yomi counterparts are at full ages, started at full ages, and ended much more powerful.

Kensei and Shigure came back. "Apa-Apachai! Weird bold chinese man and Shigure have come.", Apachai informed the elder. Kensei sweatdropped, weird chinese man? But what hurt him the most, was that bold comment.

The elder entered the scene. "We've got information that will rock your world three times! Its such good news.", Kensei said in a normal voice, which sounded weird like hell.

"Sho.. Has been captured.. By the Yomi..", Shigure said, before Kensei could say anything.

"How is that good news?!", Kenichi shouted.

"Simple, we don't need to search for him anymore.", Akisame said, stroking his mustache.

"But, he's captured by Yomi! The world leaders!", Kenichi shouted once again.

'We only need to break him free, easy done.", Sakaki shrugged it off.

"Just let it go.", Tanimoto said. He felt like he and Kenichi were the only normal one's..

He still disliked Kenichi though.

"Yeah, succes breaking him free!", Takeda said, walking away.

"Haha, your funny.", Apachai said.

"Heh?", Takeda asked.

"You guys are going with us."

"We are doomed!", Kenichi started to panic, effectively making others panic, creating a big chaos. Mind you, they were children for too long. But some people just disliked some others, and did some bad things. Kisara tripped Miu,, while she wasn't looking. Tanimoto did some internal damage on Kenichi, of course, when he WAS looking, hurts more.

Takeda resisted the urge to slap Renka's ass. He really needed to see the docter about this, maybe he had a disease. He thought day and night about sex -with Renka-, it was scaring him.

"Who just spanked me?", Renka said. Takeda whistled innocently while looking the other way.

"We're going tomorrow, we already tracked the base, it only has a few masters, most of them are those children's from Yami or Yomi.", the elder said.

"So, lets rest today, its time for breakfast though.", Akisame said.

The children ran to the living room, looking at a lot of food.

"Tanimoto, could you pass me the salt?", asked Kenichi.

"I am not so hungry.", thor said standing up. Feeling tears build up.

"Of course not, i would never give it you."

"Why not?"

"Thor, how could you not be hungry? Your eating so bad ever since we became kids!", Siegfried

"Because i don't like you.", Tanimoto said coldly, which hurt Kenichi.

Thor glared at Siegfried. "Just shut up! I hate you! I am just trying to become less big!", Thor pushed the table on the ground an ran away crying.

Siegfried was shocked, weren't they best friend?

He was hated by him..

Siegfried felt depressed.

"What just happened, i'm going to kick his ass!", Kisara shouted, kicking in the air.

"Calm down Kisara.", Ukita said.

"No!", she said. Dashing off to Ukita, until she tripped on Freya's Bo.

"Touch him, and i'll kill you.", Freya said, with a killing intent that matched Miu's when she was seventeen.

"I'll touch him alright."

So, may the Sho rescue arc begin. Did i already mention that it was going to be darker? That some people have personality disorders, which, if you looked closely, you would notice.

If not, i'll just tell you:

Thor: Anorexia

Takeda: Sexual addiction


Kenichi: Generalized anxiety disorder

And that will come bite them in the ass either this arc, or the next one.