Big Boys Don't Cry


Cheeky's Weekly Drabbles - Write about Canon Parent and Child.

The Emotions Competition - Jealous - Letter N

Prompt: Let's Get Going (144)

"Let's get going, Neville."

The six year old boy looked up from the chair in between his parents beds, "Just five more minutes, Gran, please."

Augusta Longbottom gave a nod and returned to her seat at the end of her son's bed and Neville continued to sit between his mum and dad quietly. He wanted to make it so his parents would talk back to him and sometimes it made him sad to just sit and talk at them.

"I drew you a picture, Mummy. It's of you and Daddy and me, oh, and Gran's in there too." Neville leant forward to his Mummy; Daddy was asleep. His voice went quiet so his Gran couldn't hear.

"Gran can be a bit scary sometimes but she looks after me and I love her very much," he whispered, "I hope you can come home soon."

The five minutes were finally coming to an end and Augusta led her grandson to the door. Neville waved goodbye but like always neither of his parents waved back. He smiled sadly, his hand slipped into Gran's as they walked down the corridor towards the lifts. Neville wanted his parents to come to. On their way to the lift he saw a man with a little boy about his age. The Daddy was tickling his son.

Neville scowled, he wanted his Daddy to do that or his Mummy. His parents were too sick to even leave their beds. It wasn't fair; everyone else parents weren't sick. Everyone else parents could go home with their children.

The lift door shut the ward from sight, he couldn't help be upset that he couldn't have his parents back like everyone else. He sniffed, and angrily wiped a tear from his cheek with the sleeve of his shirt. Gran said that big boys don't cry and he was a big boy.

But Neville was a big boy who wanted his parents back.