A/N: Yes, I know there's a bit of a time jump at the start of this one. All I ask is that you just trust me and know I'll eventually fill in the blanks from Point C back to Point A. Enjoy the ride!

Over a month in the hospital and another mandatory 2 months off from work while she continues to heal. Emily is going stir crazy and she's only 3 weeks out of the hospital. Her right arm has healed. Her stomach has healed. Her head has healed. Mostly. Sure she still gets headaches but doesn't everyone?

She stares at the ceiling of her bedroom as JJ walks out of the bathroom ready to head to the BAU. The blonde smiles at her restless wife.

"I envy you."

Emily rolls her head over and glares at the beauty. "Why?"

"You get to spend all day at home with Rocky and Henry while I head into the office to read up on killers, rapists and other assorted sickos." She sits down beside her wife. "Try to play a game of hide and seek for me."

"JJ, can't you please bring a case or two home for me? I'll write it up and you can resubmit it like you did it."

JJ rolls her eyes. "And that would go over so well if I get called to testify."

"Oh. Right." Emily sits up. "Don't get me wrong, I love our kids. I really do. But I need work, too. Please talk to Hotch for me. Maybe I can do half days or something? Please, JJ!"

JJ sighs. "Em, you know if he could he'd have you back at the office or working from home." She strokes a hand through her wife's hair, feeling the area that had been shaved so a shunt could be inserted to drain the pressure on the brunette's brain. "Em, you nearly died. Twice. Please just…listen to the doctors for once? I don't want to bury you, too."

"Stop with the fucking guilt trips about funerals," Emily says with irritation. "I'm sick of that shit. The doctors say I'm good as new."

"Bullshit! The doctors say no stress, no hits to the body, no strenuous activity."

"That's was two weeks ago when my cast came off. Yesterday they said I could get back to physical activity. If I can exercise and can drive I can do paperwork. It's fucking ridiculous that I'm stuck at home, JJ!"

JJ stands. "I'm not having this argument again. I'll see you this evening." She starts out of the room, hearing Emily drop back onto the bed. "Em…I love you."

Emily sighs. "I love you, too. Still pissed at you, though."

JJ smiles. "At least you're alive to be pissed at me."

Emily just rolls her eyes as JJ leaves.

Down in the kitchen, JJ kisses both of her children. "Henry, you going to take care of Mama for me today?"

Henry nods. "Love Mama! Wok help, too!"

JJ smiles. "That's good. She'll need you both today, Little Man. She's pretty sad."

Henry frowns. "Sad?" JJ nods. Henry sits up straighter. "I make happy."

JJ kisses him again. "I'm sure you will. See you tonight, Henry. I love you."

"Love Mommy!"

JJ kisses Rocky again. "Love you, too, Rocky."

"Wok love Mommy," Henry says for his sister.

JJ smiles and heads out for the day.

Two hours later Francesca walks into the master bedroom. Emily is still in bed staring at the ceiling.

"Henry and Rocky would love to see you, cara."

Emily shrugs. "Not feeling social today."

Francesca slaps Emily's shoulder. "It is NOT social to spend time with your children! Since when do they have to suffer because you are having a…a…petrie party!"

Emily sighs. "You mean a pity party. I'll be down after lunch. Just let me stew here for a while. Please, Francesca."

Francesca studies her. "If you are not down after lunch I will turn you over my knee, cara."

Emily can't help but smile. "Understood."

Francesca kisses Emily's forehead. "I love you, Emily."

"I love you, too, Francesca."

The nanny hands Emily the newspaper and leaves. Emily opens it up, deciding to check soccer scores before reading the news. She wasn't really up for serious news just yet. As she is looking at the box scores from Europe an ad catches her eye. She smiles as she traces her fingers over it.

"Beautiful. I haven't had something like her between my legs in years. The curves, the sensuality, the raw power." Emily bites her lip. She quickly closes the door to the bedroom to make sure Francesca doesn't over hear as she dials the number in the ad. "Hi, I was calling about the ad you have in the Post sports section. Is she still available?" She listens a second. "Great. Can I come by today to meet her?" She chuckles as she listens again. "Oh, something tells me she'll be coming home with me. I know just how to handle her." She listens again. "Great. See you soon."

Emily hangs up. For the first time since she woke up in a hospital in Phoenix she feels like she is coming back to life. She calls for a cab and quickly gets dressed. She sneaks downstairs to avoid Henry. When she sees the cab pull into the driveway she eases out the front door. She texts Francesca that she's going out.

She quickly gets in the cab and gives the driver the address. Time to go meet the new love in her life.