Emily smiles as she walks into Hotch's office. "Morning, Bossman. I know I told you on Saturday but here's my official release back to half-days at work." She hands him the form from her doctor.

He takes it, smiling. "So, would those be normal half-days or BAU half-days?"

Emily grins. "Depends on if you all are on a case or not. Let's just play it by ear."

He nods. "Deal. Two weeks?"

Emily nods. "Yep. Then another check up and if my body is close to where it should be he'll clear me for full days in the office. If I've exceeded his goals he'll give me the full clearance to travel, too."

Hotch nods. "Good. Emily, take your time. I'd rather have you completely healthy a couple months down the road than back too soon and unhealthy."

Emily smiles. "Thanks, Hotch. I'll promise you the same thing I promised Jen and our kids: I'll do what's right for me because that's what's right for them. I won't rush back."

"Good to hear. If you need anything from me, let me know."

"Will do. Thanks."

When Emily returns to her desk she finds Morgan sitting on the edge of it. He flashes her a brilliant smile.

"Welcome back, Em."

She smiles. "Thanks, Derek." She looks at the wall of her cubicle and sees the letter she had pinned up after receiving it from The Puppet Master. "I really wish I could toss that in the shredder but I guess it needs to go in the official file."

Morgan smiles. "Actually, the original is already in the file. I put that one up there because I knew you'd want to destroy it."

Emily laughs and rips it down. "I knew I loved you for a reason."

He walks over to the shredder with her and she feeds it in. "Good riddance, you bastard. Who knows who now?" she says to the paper.

Morgan claps her on the shoulder and heads to his office. Emily goes into the kitchenette to get a cup of coffee. She finds JJ and Garcia in there talking in whispered tones.

"Morning, PG."

"EMSTER!" Garcia gives her a big hug.

Emily rolls her eyes. "Pen, you just saw me on Saturday."

"I know but you weren't here! And, well, it's just different."

Emily studies her a moment, then turns to Jen. "You told her, didn't you?"

JJ grins and shrugs. "She wheedled it out of me."

"Oh good grief, Jen, you've been talking to her for less than 5 minutes. How much wheedling could she do?"

Garcia taps the brunette's shoulder. "I'm just that good, sugar. Congrats."

"It's not a done deal yet. Got a few months to go before it happens."

"Still, the thought is there. Can't wait!"

She bounces out to her lair. Emily raises an eyebrow at her wife. JJ shrugs. "What can I say: I'm so excited about this, Em."

Emily smiles and pulls her close. "Me, too. I can't wait to walk through every step of your pregnancy with you this time. Side by side, not from afar."

"I can't wait either. Once you are back up and doing fine we'll take the steps. I love you, Emily."

"I love you, too. Now, let me get a coffee so I can get to work on my half-day."

JJ grins. "How many files are you going to sneak home?"

"As many as I can, baby," Emily answers with a grin. "As many as I can."

JJ laughs as she returns to her desk. Emily finishes getting her coffee and starts back to her desk. She pauses a moment to look across the bullpen. Rossi is in his office on the phone. Hotch is in his office scribbling furiously on some paperwork. Morgan is staring at his computer screen, twirling a pencil as he contemplates something. Reid is flipping pages of a case file, immediately soaking in every word and detail within them. JJ is looking at her computer, most likely checking email.

"Damn it's good to be home," Emily whispers as she heads to her desk to start another week at the BAU.