I know I had mentioned about an interest in publishing a new fanfic in the latest chapter of my other fic but this wasn't what I had in mind at that time. Even so, I had always enjoyed high school romance whether it was an AU fic or a novel right off the bookshelf.

Pairing wise, you guys know the drill!

AceLu, MarcoSanji and more to be added once I think of something. Of course, I would consider any suggestions given!

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Ace's POV

"Good morning, everyone. We now bring you to our program 'Teenagers Everywhere'. I'm Greta."

"And I'm Hazel."

"Alright! It's already seven in the morning and I'm sure every students out there are getting ready for school. How was your weekends? I was having fun with mine that I was dreading for the Monday Blues. But don't we all. Do you agree, Hazel?"

"Yes, of course but we hardly have a choice, do we? But at least our students has something to look forward to in another brand new day of school. Unless you hadn't finished your weekend homework, of course." Laughter.

"I certainly hope that everyone had finished their homework. I remembered that whenever I didn't hand up mine back in highschool, I got scolded really badly."

"I'm sure it works the same for everyone else Greta. Thank you for listening to our talk. Now, we shall move on to-"

"Ace!" I heard Luffy calling out before he pounced on me from behind and almost made me lose my balance. While he was enjoying hanging off my back, I had to try my best not to pay too much attention at the fact that his chest was flat against my back while his arms and legs were wrapped around shoulders and waist respectively.

"Luffy," I called back and reached my hand to Luffy's head to ruffle his unruly hair. "Good to see that you're finally ready. Are you going to let go or am I going to have to carry you to school like this?" I asked jokingly.

Something that Luffy would take seriously.

"Really? I want Ace to carry me to school!" Luffy demanded.

"Not today, Lu. I have a lot to carry for classes so you'll have to get down for now. Did you remember to bring your lunchbox?"

"Of course I did," he replied and still refused to get off. "You said that you would carry me to school like this."

"I was kidding, Lu."

Luffy only gave a small grumble in response and pressed his cheek against mine, probably hoping that I would buy it. And I would've bought it if I wasn't reminded that I indeed had to much to carry to be giving piggyback rides. I turned my head and pressed my lips against his cheek. "Tomorrow, okay? I promise."

Finally, my back felt lighter.

I reluctantly picked up my bag along with a few art materials (the huge canvas was what prevented me from carrying Luffy) and switched off the annoying radio which I have no idea why I decided to listen to it in the first place. School is intolerable but I had to tolerate it for the sake of Luffy or rather, for the both of us who happened to be our 'loving' grandfather's grandsons. I forced up a smile at the prospect of going to school but I do it for the sake of an attempt to make Luffy's day brighter, and the both of us left the house.

As usual, we met up with one of Luffy's group, Usopp, along our way and continued our journey towards the unthinkable horror.

Why do I hate school that much?

That's because I had a lot of problems with it.

What kinds of problems?

One which was that I had to attend it.

But there are joys to it too!

Yes, I know there are. Luffy is also in it but that's about the only thing.

Now, no matter how much people try to convince me that school wasn't all that bad because we get to meet up with friends and stuffs, I'm not buying that shit. First of all, I spent my days in school having to stare at the executives committees while they tried to talk my brains out more frequently than a well-behaved student should deserve. I think they were still trying out that whole intimidating thing so that I would stop adding numbers to my records. They higher it goes, the more I get to hear them talk. Lovely.

But to my defense, /most/ of said executives committees in the school were so damned biased that I often wondered how the hell could they even get the job? Since I still have a lot of time until we reached our destination, let me make a list for the people I hate (because it's just so many that I would feel accomplished by the end of the day). No, I'm so not using it as an excuse to rant. Let's start with the three crackpot musketeers: The Heads of Department.

Let's start with Mr. Akainu.

I have a lot of problems with this guy. Firstly, it didn't take a genius to realize that he was a man of bias-ness and not a man of 'Absolute Justice' as he claimed. But hey, the reason why he had hated me on the very first day was because I am apparently the son of an infamous and mentally unstable runaway criminal so I guess it might be a point. And the reason why he hated Luffy was simply because we live in the same house. Absolutely genius! Someone get a brain transplant for that guy. I don't know if it's possible but do try. If all fails, at least the world would get rid of one of it's imbeciles. Pushing away my fantasy, have I mentioned that the guy tried to get Luffy and I into as much trouble as possible? No? Hold onto your panties, guys because I'm going to tell you that he was the only person who tried to get me involved with the police when all I did was score good grades two years in a row. And he tried to make it more of a crime by accusing me of cheating.

That guy. That fucking guy.

Now you've met the first idiot on the list, let's move on to the next before I start bolting my way back to home.

Mr. Kizaru. In case you're wondering, no, he didn't do anything personal to me yet other than calling me and my other bunch of friends 'monsters'. How perceptive of him. And here I am being tempted to tell him in his face (which looked like it was ran over by a few trains and airplanes) that his perverted tendencies would get him into more trouble with the police than me passing my tests. Seriously, did anyone notice how he looked at Marco's ass? My best friend's ass? As if it wasn't enough, he didn't make it discreet that he actually wanted to smack it. When I told Marco about it, he looked absolutely horrified and disturbed. And I totally don't blame him. Mr. Kizaru was damn lucky that Marco was a teacher instead of a student or else he would be brought for questioning for being a pedophile while being a 'role model for the youth' on a single call.

Leaving Marco's biggest problem aside, here is our last man on the list: Mr. Aokiji.

Alright, I have to admit that I don't have any problems with him since he hadn't treated Luffy or me badly yet. Actually, he was more on the neutral side and perhaps just couldn't be bothered to see the both of us as threats. On the other hand, he treated one of Luffy's friends well so I'm half-way convinced that he was the only one who wasn't a complete scumtard. What could I say? I'm hard to please.

Aside from those morons, the teachers in the school were reasonably fine.

Marco, my best friend who was around four years older than me, was one of the school's youngest teacher (that explained why Kizaru found his ass smackable) and happened to be our homeroom teacher. We had been neighbors for quite a long time now and he often came to our house with his parents when we were young. Before I knew it, he became my most favorite teacher in the school. I thought that he would be more interested in working for the bird wildlife parks with how he had a whole room of books on birds in his house. Of course, he had a bird for his own too. It was a round, bright blue colored bird which I felt tempted to squeeze it in between my pointer finger and thumb to see if it would burst. But that would place me on a permanent ban from his house and his lovely fridge.

Drats. We're here and I hadn't gone through one-fifty of the list yet!

"I'm going to class now," Luffy said and I felt tempted to pull him into my arms so that I could drag him to mine. But we all know that it couldn't happen. Dammit.

"Alright. I'll see you at lunch," I replied and kissed his forehead before giving them a wave of goodbye.

Magically, when Luffy was out of sight, my mood turned sour instantly as I dragged my feet to class.

"You're only ten minutes late," Marco reminded.

Had I really been walking that slowly? Luckily, Marco understood my pain and simply told me to get back to my seat before continuing onto his science lesson.

Nothing to do here. Time for a nap.

After I woke up, I realized that Marco's class was about to end. Bummer. Marco was the only teacher who would allow me to sleep in class and the fact that I knew all about his embarrassing secrets from his haircut to his toes had nothing to do with it. I imagined that it must be a difficult job trying to keep me out of trouble and please me at the same time.

"That's all for today," he announced after the first bell rang.

"Hey Marco," I called out as the students began shuffling their way out. "Any luck with Mr. Kizaru?"

"Don't bring him up, yoi," he grumbled while still desperately wanting to avoid the fact that one of the Head Departments was after his ass. And I wasn't helping much. "Ever since you mentioned it, I can't believe how blind I was when I started to notice his looks."

"The 'I want to do more than just slap your ass' look?"

"Is the 'more than just slap your ass' part even existent?"

I gave him the most serious look I could muster. "Possibly."


As his best friend, I patted his back consolingly while making a note mentally that I would never stop bothering him about it.

"You're never going to let this go, aren't you?" Marco asked accusingly.

Damn, how did he find out? "No?" I replied with the most innocent smile I could come up with… only that it was difficult because I somehow know that Marco already knew nothing good would come out of that smile unless I'm bringing Luffy breakfast. "I wouldn't warn you of Mr. Kizaru if my goal was to make fun of you. I would've just encouraged him to do it."

"It's a good thing that you didn't, yoi. You should head to your class before the next teacher comes up to me for your tardiness."

"But you always cover up for me," I complained.

"Which is what I can't always do. Put in some effort in helping me here, yoi," he replied in exasperation.

"Fine, fine," I say that with great reluctance. "Are you going to join us for lunch today?"

Marco shook his head in response. "I have work to do and I can't get too friendly with students in school or else someone would think I'm being bias."

"And no one has a problem with Mr. fucking Akainu being bias," I grumbled under my breath.

"I did, if it makes you feel better."

"Why don't you bring it up to the principal since he would most likely believe you because you're the only sane teacher in this whole fucked up school. Not only that, you're one of his adopted sons," I reasoned.

"You should know that he couldn't just fire someone off because a student has a problem with him, yoi."

"Alright but I'm surprised he hadn't fired Mr. Kizaru for wanting to smack your ass."

Marco groaned at the topic. "That's the last thing I want him to know about, Ace."

"Why? It might save your ass and virginity."

"Ace!" Marco was blushing red now and I couldn't tell whether if it was from embarrassment or anger. I'll just take both then. "Just drop the topic and get on with your next class or else you're not touching my fridge until next week," he threatened.

Okay, that definitely worked and before someone could say my name, I'm already on my way to the next class.

"You're late, Portgas," Smoker (who is living quite well to his own name) snapped when I finally come into view. "I don't care what reasons you have but I'm going to make you do fifty pushups. Get on it."

Stupid PMS-ing, grouchy, retarded freak.

"I don't have to read your mind to tell that you're insulting me, Portgas. Hurry up and get a move on!"

Damned psychic bastard.

When the next few consecutive classes was finally over, it was finally lunchtime and I could get to see Luffy again so that I could survive the rest of the day in school.

You guys probably know this already but I'm in love with Luffy. No shit, really.

And the maddening part about this whole thing was what I only realized it after I made a pact to become sworn brothers with that guy. I mean, just how stupid could I get? I just made Luffy think that we're going to be brothers for life and wouldn't consider for something more than that. But even so, I doubt that Luffy's greatest expertise would be romance. There was this girl who was having a not-so-secretly crush on Luffy and made it a point by sending him wedding proposals (which I gallantly burned most of them) which Luffy would never accept. And if throwing a pair of undergarments at a guy who still didn't take a hint then I'm not sure what else could.

But the most ironic part was that the girl hated men as though they were a bunch of cockroaches.

That would like saying you hated a packet of chips except one particular chip even though it tasted the same as the other fucking chips.

Did that even make any sense? If it did then tell me because I am dying to know what kind of sense did that girl use!

"Ace!" Luffy called out to me and before I knew it, I was being pounced on again. Glad that I had completely forgotten whatever I was thinking about that made me crush the lunchbox in my hand in the first place.

"Hey Lu." I chuckled and spun him around before setting him onto the ground. "Where are the rest of your friends?" I asked when I noticed only Usopp and Sanji were there.

"The marimo is still sleeping in class and Chopper is helping out with the nurse again. Nami-chan said that they would be joining us soon," Sanji explained.

I nodded before the four of us went to our usual spot on the rooftop to have our lunch.

Before Luffy transferred, I usually had lunch with my usual bunch of group. We still hung out, of course, but after I had been told that two particular perverts were after Luffy's behind, I felt it necessary for me to guard my innocent little brother at all times. I couldn't bear the thought of either one of the perverts were to get their hands on Luffy and lock him up somewhere so that they could do what I had been holding myself from doing for all these years. I aim to love Luffy, not to deflower him.

I could always leave it to Sanji to take care of him since he was the most reliable one out of the group but Sanji couldn't be committed to be there all the time as much as I would. Zoro was strong as well but by the time he found out where Luffy might be held at, he'd be way too late. Usopp and Chopper couldn't even do ten pushups worth of Smoker's standards. Nami… I wouldn't trust her if the perverts happened to have a load of cash in their hand and Luffy in the other. I could trust Robin and Brook too but they happened to be teachers with commitments of their own too.

"Did you get into any trouble today?" I asked with no hint of concern laced in my tone at all. I would love it if Luffy caused some ruckus around and I wouldn't worry because I would definitely get him out of it. Or at least plead Marco to.

"No, not really. Kidd hadn't bothered me ever since we had that last fight," Luffy replied.

That was one of the perverts that I was warned about! Another was Trafalgar Law who was slightly better but a pervert nonetheless. I don't think I could take thoroughly investigating and experimenting on Luffy's body a way other than the obvious.

"That's good. How about you guys?"

"Mr. Zeff hadn't been going easy on the lessons as ever," Sanji replied simply but all of us know that he still loved his lessons. Especially Luffy and I who had the privilege of tasting his perfect cooking whenever Luffy called him over. Because I was a good neighbor, I would call Marco over to share the joy.

"I pulled a recent prank of tomato bomb on Mr. Akainu and didn't get caught," Usopp said proudly.

I love that guy.

"Did you get this reaction?" I asked while trying to stifle my laughter so I could talk.

"He was furious. We could even hear him cursing outside the class and swearing to kick you out of the school," Sanji replied.

For some reason, whatever shit happened in school, it would always be my fault. But I would be more than happy to take the credit if it was Mr. Akainu who got humiliated for it. "He had been going on about that ever since I entered in this school," I reassured.

"If Ace gets kicked out, gramps would be angry," Luffy pointed out.

"Don't worry. I know how to handle him." Which was funny because if I really did, Garp would never had forced me into a school whereby he was a discipline master in. "Just make sure that you don't run into him when you're causing trouble."

"But wasn't gramps mostly in the Principal's office for breaking down walls?" Point taken.

"You guys have the weirdest grandfather," Sanji commented and I felt inclined to agree.

"We're both lucky that the grandfather decided to let his grandsons survive on their own because it's only manly to do so," I supplied and rubbed the back of Luffy's head affectionately. Even though it meant having only myself to look after Luffy, Garp had never said anything that made me felt a huge load had been taken off my shoulders in my entire life. "It was one of the most sensible decisions he had ever made."

"I suppose so but wouldn't it be heartless for someone to force children to survive on their own? Especially when they're studying," Usopp asked.

"It's alright. I can manage taking on a part time job and grades at the same time."

Luffy pouted which obviously meant that he hadn't been happy about it and hoped that I would do something about it. "Ace spent less time with me ever since you got a job."

"I'm sorry, Lu. But I promise that I'll spend as much time as I could with you," I reassured.

And god bless when the time comes because Shanks wasn't the most reasonable employer when he was in a party mood, which he always liked to involved his employees in and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. But at least he took care of Luffy and I from time to time when we were young.