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I hate Kizaru! He's mean and he keeps bullying Ace. He's ugly too! He-

Oh! Meat!

"I don't really like hospital food but I suppose you would eat any kind of meat," Ace commented after shoving a piece of meat into my mouth.

Actually, the wasn't that nice but I'll still swallow it because it's meat. I prefer the meat that Sanji cooks most. He could turn anything nice! Except for vegetables because they were never and will never be nice! Why does Marco get to eat Sanji's food? Whenever I tried to make a grab for it, Sanji would give me this scary glare and said something about me not being a patient. How do you become a patient? I want to be a patient so that I could eat the meat that Sanji cooks too! Even Ace get to have a small share of his own. This isn't fair! Right, Meat-King?

Shishishishi, Meat-King agreed with me.

"I thought that something like this would happen when Kizaru said that he wanted to visit or rather, something worse," Sanji mumbled after Ace explained everything to him. "Sorry about that. I should've been more persuasive in letting Luffy carry out the task instead."

"Don't be," Ace reassured. "If Luffy were to take the food, he'd finish it before it gets here."

Ace always finds out about my plans!

"I-I won't do that."

"I can already see that you're lying, Lu."

"So, what do you mean by 'something worse'? I don't like Kizaru bullying Ace but what else would he do?" I asked curiously. I just got even more curious when Ace, Sanji and Marco gave a sigh. Hey, why did they just think of me as an idiot?

"Something that Marco wouldn't want to handle," Ace said in a playful tone and patted my head.

I could see Marco rolling his eyes. Ever since Kizaru left, he hadn't talked much even when Ace was making some weird bird jokes about him. Usually, Marco would've scolded Ace or do some really cool wrestling moves on him. Marco shouldn't like Kizaru, right? Everyone hates Kizaru because he is an ugly bully. Very ugly. And I don't like the way Kizaru kept staring at Marco's butt. And Ace didn't either when I told him about it during the first day of my school. I wondered if Marco had done something naughty and made Kizaru want to spank his butt (Ace told me that it's what Kizaru wanted to do and I should stay away from him).

It's kind of hilarious and fun!

But then again, Sanji had always been staring at Marco too, just not his butt. He hadn't been talking to girls lately whenever I see Marco walking by our class or when he happened to teach us. He still acts funny around Nami and Robin but something seemed weird. Does Sanji hates Marco? But Sanji always brings Marco food after our cooking class and even made for him meat porridge today (which, he refused to share with me. Hmph).

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my forehead.

"Are you alright? Your head suddenly grown warm. You aren't thinking too much or anything like that, right?" Ace asked in concern... although he sounded like he was teasing me at the end of the sentence. "Try not to think much about it."

"Does Sanji likes Marco?" I asked.

Marco and Sanji started to cough really loudly. I could understand. The smell of the hospital really stinks.

"What? I thought you already knew that he does," Ace replied with a smirk.

Something flew over my head and before I knew it, Ace's head was back against the pillow and the bowl made a huge sound when it crashed onto the floor. And there's a really huge nasty bump on Ace's head! Did Kizaru come into the room again?

"Don't say stupid things," Sanji said in a low, scary tone.

"You asked for that, yoi," I heard Marco grumble.

Ace suddenly got up. "Not fair, it was Luffy who mentioned it," Ace exclaimed and pulled me closer to him. "But I'm still glad that you didn't throw it at Luffy too. You shouldn't be throwing the bowl at me anyway! What if it hits Lu instead?"

See? He's a nice big brother!

"You're really an idiot," Marco said.

"Don't worry, Ace. Meat-King will protect me," I reassured.

"Screw that squirrel!" Ace took Meat-King away from me and started to hug it really tightly in his other arm. Even though Ace says a lot of things about Meat-King, he seemed to like it a lot. They get along so well! I could hear him telling Meat-King about death, cancer and Akainu's breakfast though. "He's too weak to protect you."

"Then Ace will protect Meat-King?" I asked happily.

"Hell no!" Ace growled and tossed Meat-King away.

"Wah! What are you doing?"

Ace didn't let me leave the bed and tightened his grip instead. I needed to know if Meat-King was alright. I could hear a thump just now and I hope that it wasn't Meat-King. To my relief, Meat-King appeared at the end of the bed afterwards and I stopped Ace before he could play with him again. Ace always play such dangerous game and I don't want Meat-King to get hurt. Last time when we were young, Ace almost drowned me in the riverbank during the time when I was still staying with Marco. Where did he learn to play these dangerous games anyway? I don't like water!

"You're mine," I could hear Ace murmur close to my ear.

I couldn't help but giggle. "Of course. Ace is my one and only big brother too," I replied and snuggled against him. "Why is Ace sighing?"

"No reason, Lu," he reassured and patted the back of my head again. "How about staying in the hospital for a night? I'll bring you down to eat something better and you can keep me company at the same time."

"Oh god, no," Marco said from the other bed.

"You're just jealous because you don't have a cute little brother," Ace taunted.

"I'm just worried for my well-being since I know I'm not going to get any sleep when I'm in the same room as the both of you," Marco retorted. "You're worried about leaving Luffy alone at home, yoi? He's a big boy now and he knows how to take care of himself."

"Luffy is still young," Ace argued.

"I'm big and strong!" I protested.

Instead, Ace laughed and ruffled my hair again. "There you go, talking silly things when you're tired. Did school wear you out today? I hope Akainu wasn't giving you a hard time when I wasn't around. I swear if that lava-chicken does anything to you, I will cook his breakfast so nicely that he dies from it."

"Don't worry. He didn't do anything to me. He seems pretty happy though."

"I would know why," Ace grumbled before smiling down at me again. "So you're going to stay?"

"Yep, of course!" I replied and I could hear Marco groaning.

This is going to be a very fun night, shishishishishi!

When Sanji said that he was going to go, Marco told him that he's going to accompany him to the exit. Ace hadn't been moving around much either since he said that the nurses wouldn't allow him to. For some reason, they were okay with Marco going out.

After we managed to sneak out with Meat-King, Ace brought me to buy food and went to a secluded place instead of eating at the cafeteria there. He said that he didn't want to bump into any nurses but it wouldn't matter since we always managed to run away from anyone. It has been a long time since Ace held my hand as we walked. I like it when Ace holds it because it feels really warm! I wonder if Ace felt the same way. My hands are kind of small compared to him...

"Luffy? You're not thinking about silly things again, are you?"

"Huh? Silly things?"

"Never mind." Ace smiled at me and opened his bento box. So did I. "Say, do you remember when I told you about Sabo?"

Who is he? The name sounds like of delicious. Kind of like soba noodles...


"Luffy! Don't tell me you forgotten it already." I gave him a confused look which seemed to make him sigh. "I mentioned him to you during that time we got lost, remember? I wanted to tell you more about him since he's... the only other friend I had."

"Oh! The one that you kissed!"

I laughed when Ace fell over again, almost dropping his bento box at the same time. I don't know why he did that but it's always hilarious to watch him do that. My friends kind of does that most of the time whenever I answered their questions or tell them something.

"Do you have to remember that, of all things? And no, I didn't kiss him! It was that accursed squirrel!"

"Hey, don't blame Meat-King," I defended and held Meat-King close incase Ace tried to play more dangerous games with him again. And he really looked as though he was about to take Meat-King away from me.

Ace finally gave up and shook his head. "Forget about that stupid squirrel. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about him, yeah? We're not dating or anything like that, the kiss was accidental. You see, before I met you, he was close to me. We didn't have a great start but we both wanted to get out of the town."

"Get out of the town?"

"Yeah. I didn't like it here and the people here didn't like me either. I was always fighting and it was suffocating. Sabo felt the same way and after I realized it, we decided to work together. We needed money so we did all we could do, steal. We couldn't get any jobs either since Sabo wanted to keep a low profile for his own too. I didn't know why but I assumed that it was the same reason as I," Ace explained.

"So where is Soba?"

"It's Sabo," Ace corrected before continuing. "We were going along pretty well until we met a gang named Bluejam. He was hired by Sabo's family to bring Sabo back. That was when Sabo told me that he was a noble. I didn't care who he was and I made it clear to him. For some reason, he was still concerned and chose to return to his family in the end. I thought that he was better off with a house to live in and a family around. Until now, I didn't hear any news about him."

I nodded and ate my meatball. "So... where is Soba?"

"You keep asking the same question, Lu. And it's Sabo. Geez, I wonder if you're really listening sometimes." Yes I am! "And I have no idea. All I know is that Sabo's family isn't very happy with me. Sabo should know of this, I think."


"I don't want to involve you, Lu. I'm afraid that they would start shifting their attention to you too once they realized how close we are. The nobles are pretty stupid so they wouldn't think of doing something like that yet. I have a feeling that Kidd was just messing around with me," Ace grumbled out the last part.

"Why would he want to do that?"

Ace shrugged. "I don't want to know. Just stay away from him... and if possible, every other bigger males in the school."

"Eh? Why?"

"You might get eaten up by them," Ace teased while pulling my cheeks.

"Owowow. I won't. I'm strong," I complained and rubbed my cheek. Ace always loved to do that.

"Uh huh." Ace finally let go of my cheeks before they started to really hurt. Geez, I wonder if they are red now. "So, do you understand, Luffy? Sabo isn't my boyfriend or am I interested in him in that way. We're just old friends."

Ace already said that so many times.

"Yep, I understand!" I answered again before suddenly clicked in my head. I felt as though I was forgetting about something important for quite a long time now. "By the way, who is this Soba guy? He sounds kind of delicious!"


"Waaaah! I'm sorry! Stop pulling my cheeks! Ow ow owowowow!"

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