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After Thatch made it out of my house with my bottle of shampoo in his hand, I was finally able to relax. Why did he come all the way to my place to borrow a fucking bottle of shampoo anyway? The mansion is huge and I doubt they would run out. Even if they did, Thatch wasn't shameful enough to not get one of pops's maids to get it for him. I had a feeling that he didn't just break into my house to get that shampoo bottle. If his purpose was to try and make a move on my student, I shall have a slow talk with him over the phone later I'm done with my work. Doesn't that guy care about getting himself into trouble?

I don't care about the government myself but at least I know shit will happen if I get myself arrested. Now that Ace and Thatch, the two biggest blabbermouths in the world, knew about this, I'm afraid my freedom is soon to be restricted. How did I ever consider including in my life, is the question that will forever haunt me.

On the other hand, Sanji looked a little unnerved. It's the thirteenth time I had to remind him of the same solution to a few questions and he looked as though he was spacing out rather than focusing on what he should do – Not getting his ass kicked by Zeff.

I have to admit that the guy packs a real, hard kick when he wanted to.

"Sanji," I called out again.

"Huh? Oh sorry, I was trying to figure out this problem."

Right, I didn't buy that.

"The solution to this is the same one that I have been repeating for more than ten times. Don't get distracted, yoi. Are you sure Thatch didn't say anything weird or funny to you?" I asked and set my pen down on the desk. Because that guy would even try to make a move on female police officers.

"N-No, I'm sure that he didn't," Sanji tried to convince me but it wasn't working very well.

"We can't continue if you keep spacing out, yoi. Be serious."

I saw Sanji winced and I wonder if I had been too harsh. "You're right. I'm sorry about that... shit," he cursed and ran his hand through his hair. "It's getting uncomfortable for me. Can I smoke?"


"I can't concentrate well without smoking," he argued.

"Then I'm sure you wouldn't want to know that smoking is prohibited in the examination halls," I countered. "We've been through over this, yoi. I'm not happy with your habit of smoking and I wouldn't encourage you to do so."

"It's just... I have a lot of things on my mind and I need something to get my mind off it. Studying is just not enough."

I looked down at his hands which was twitching quite badly. How much of a smoker is he? No matter what, I doubt he could stand up to Smoker, a well-known PE teacher of the school and also a chain smoker. I sighed and tried to think up of ways to get him to calm down. As much as I discourage smoking, I could see how much it's a torture for smokers to not smoke when they needed to. Especially when it comes to teenagers, they could end up in a pretty shaken up state.

When I noticed Sanji's face, I was surprised that he was looking really stressed out. He was fine just this morning. I don't know whether if it's because of Thatch or the fact that he couldn't take out his cigarette but if it's the former, my brother was not going to live through the talk I have for him tonight. It was a mistake to tell him that I had to tutor my student today.

"Alright. Just one, yoi," I said.

Sanji's face brightened up slightly at that and took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth. "Thanks."

When Sanji lit up the cigarette, I have to try and block out the smell from my nose. After having Phoenix perched on my finger, I guided him to my room and nudged him to fly over to it. It's a smart bird so it usually does what I wanted it to do. I never put him in a cage either since he never tried to run away (I wouldn't stop him if he did) and I'm not fond of keeping birds or anyone in cages due to some bad experiences. I would rather not think of that now.

"Feeling better?" I asked, feeling slightly nauseous at the smell.

"Much better," Sanji replied with a smile.

"I'm going to wait until you finish smoking before we continue. In the meantime, why don't you tell me what's on your mind? You were fine today morning and that's why I suspect Thatch has something to do with it, yoi."

"I was just surprised to know that you have siblings. I mean, you seemed like an only child," Sanji said.

"Because I live alone? Yeah, people have that impression of me sometimes. Even Ace was surprised when he found out that Thatch was my brother, yoi. Did he tell you about my other brothers?"

"No, but he did tell me about your sisters," Sanji replied and looked as though he was hesitant to speak and I wasn't sure if I wanted to know. "Two chicks called Haruta and... Whitey."

I paused.

Thatch told him about Whitey?

He better be fucking ready to say goodbye to his hair. I have a good idea of why he would want to tell Sanji, of all people, about Whitey. When Thatch told me that he knew about Sanji's crush on me, I had a feeling that he wasn't just going to do nothing. I'm not afraid of people knowing about Whitey but I didn't want to involve Sanji in my love life more than he already had. I wouldn't want Thatch to get involved even more. For the past few days, I've been having enough trouble trying to get rid of Sanji's confession and kisses off my mind. Nothing in my life tried to make things easier for me, I swear.

"He did, huh... Forget about it, yoi," I said simply.

Sanji kept his expression calm and nodded anyway. I was grateful that he didn't press the issue on further because honestly, it wasn't my favourite topic. "I don't really care much about it either. I don't find trouble with women."

"That's good."

"But I haven't given up on you."

I frowned at that. I didn't want him to get upset or giving him false hopes. Although Sanji wasn't bad, there were too many things that would give him trouble if we were to be in a relationship. "Why? I already told you why we can't be together."

"You did but I said that I didn't care," Sanji said firmly. "I know that I'm selfish. However, if I were to give up on you now, I... won't be satisfied. I won't let it hinder my schoolwork and if this troubles you, I guess I could keep myself away."

"Do you think it's possible, yoi? I'm your teacher and you're my student. We will see each other everyday. I apologize if I'm being harsh but I need you to give up. The relationship is just... not possible, yoi."

Sanji bit on his cigarette and looked as though he was about to blow up. I know that it's difficult to control one's self but I don't want him to be disillusioned that everything would go well. Everything wouldn't go well. First of all, it was against the laws to have a teacher-student relationship. Not only would I get fired and possibly jailed, Sanji would get expelled and might even face the scrutiny of society. He is still young and he didn't need to go all out in destroying his future. And it's because of the fact that he is young that he couldn't think straight and tended to get himself into unfavorable situations no matter how clear the results showed.

I could tell that Sanji was serious and insisted on being stubborn but I wouldn't accept it. There was just too much risks for us to simply overlook and do whatever we pleased. As much as the fact that we've grown closer over the past few weeks, I couldn't find myself accepting him because of all these restrictions placed on us.

I knew that Sanji is a good person. Even before he confessed, he had been making lunch boxes for me from time to time. Although the teachers wouldn't suspect anything since it was common for a student to bribe a teacher through minimum ways for good grades, it would grow more obvious if Sanji got careless and slipped up. Even if my pops is the principal of the school, there was only so much he could do to prevent things. Laws are one of those that were out of his control.

As I've said before, I don't give a damn about the government or the society but I'm sure that Sanji wasn't ready to face any of those. The feeling of having peers judging him could be enough to drive him into suicide. And I was already damn worried about his habit of smoking so frequently.

"Stop thinking about this anymore, yoi. I'm being serious too. This is too dangerous for not only yourself but me too. Sanji, I want you to focus on your studies and think of nothing about this issue anymore," I said firmly.

"If it will put you in danger then I'll try. I have one thing to request before that. Could you kiss me again?"


"Just one more time. This is difficult for me too so I'll just ask this one last favor out of you before I... try to give up," Sanji muttered and started to scoot closer towards me. "I really need this."

I closed my eyes and let out a small sigh. I'm not sure if I should give into him this time. But since he agreed to put himself out of this mess, I suppose I could fulfill this request. This was becoming difficult for me too.

When I opened my eyes again, I placed my hand on the back of Sanji's head and urged him forward until our lips met. Ever since our last kiss at the bottom of the cliff, I was trying too hard to resist myself from getting curious. I was confused and wanted to find out more about him but I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be able to keep myself away. Sanji was irresistible. His kindness, his devotion, his stubbornness and everything took me in. It's been a long time since I've been attracted to someone.

And it's the first time I have to let it go.

The next few days, Sanji and I hadn't been talking much except for anything related to studies. It was for the better, I assured myself as I continued to live through the day like nothing happened. Even when Thatch tried to get some information out of me, he didn't get past easily when he started calling me an 'old fart'. I may be young but Thatch always said that I acted like an old man. If acting like a ten year old for an adult makes you young, I'm better off being called old.

Ace had been bombarding me with questions too, seeing how Luffy had already told him about Sanji's recent weird moods. I only knew about it through Ace and didn't know how to feel at the fact that Sanji was probably going through the same thing as I am. Or perhaps, even worse. If I had given to Sanji's affections on that day, what would be the outcome now? All I could think of are the negative results that would come to hurt Sanji. Although Ace and Luffy wouldn't mind, I wasn't sure about the rest of their friends. Would they come to accept it just as easily? Ace and Thatch were the only ones who knew about it.

Everyday, I had to face one of their questions. Thatch told me that it wasn't healthy for me to keep things bottled up but there was nothing else I could say. What was there to convey? There was nothing between us and that was that. Sadly, Thatch didn't take it the same way as I did and I would be glad if Ace were to at least try to make things easier.

"Marco!" Thatch called out and I dreaded the conversation that would follow. "Seen Sanji recently?"

"Yes, Thatch. He was present in class this morning," I replied dryly.

"I mean, have the both of you gotten back to normal?"

"We're pretty much normal now, yoi."

"Don't give me that horseshit. The both of you are avoiding each other! I miss stealing the food that Sanji makes for you every afternoon, man. But seriously, you look like you're going through shit."

Wow, I never knew Thatch could tell. Maybe if he'd help me out a little then I would feel a lot better. "Yes. And I would appreciate it if you stopped bringing this topic out."

"Come on, man. I don't want to see my little brother bring so depressed," Thatch said but I took it as a bag of bullshit anyway. "Even though you outright rejected him, you guys could go back to the way you used to be. Like, friends?"

"You don't understand, yoi. It can't work out that way at this moment."

"Why? I don't think it would be difficult for you," Thatch pointed out.

I winced. That was true. I could ignore my own feelings better than most people and pretended as though nothing happened. That was the main downfall of my past relationship. Instead of tackling it head on, I chose to drop everything and hope that things would return to the way it was. When it did, I had no problems with speaking as always but this sort of thing often leads pain to the other party. As Sanji was still a teenager, I didn't want to hurt him anymore than I already had. He didn't need my insensitive ways in his life. As much as I wished for things to go back to the way it was, I knew he needed time.

Unlike me who could forget about everything as long as I wanted to. It always made me feel as though I was being cold and didn't give much care to the situation at all while it probably gave others that impression too.

"Unless you have feelings for him too. Marco, I know you for years."

"Haven't you thought that maybe he needed time too, yoi?"

"Why would you care?" Thatch retorted and I paused. "If you didn't care this much about him, you wouldn't be neglecting your work in order to give him the luxury time. You have been asking Ace or Luffy to pass messages to Sanji. You wouldn't go out of your way to make sure that you wouldn't hurt him with your presence. You would've just talked to him like nothing happened."

"I talk to him too," I argued back.

"Yeah. Only when you needed to call out for his name during roll call. Do you even call him out to answer questions?"

I groaned when I realized that I was stuck. It was impossible to argue with Thatch. But as much as he was right, I didn't want to pursue this issue anymore. The more I think about it, the more I wanted to take back my words from before and that was the last thing that I would want to do. Whenever I see how distracted Sanji was during my class, I couldn't bring myself to shake him out of it and bring his attention back to me again. If I did, I'd see his pained face again. He was struggling and so was I.

"Thatch, let's drop it."

"You're just escaping."

"You know what will happen, yoi. I can't just... go along with it so easily. This is difficult for me too. As much as the both of you don't give a damn about the laws, I do about his future."

"Do you think he cares?"

"He have to, yoi."

"You're not his mama, Marco. Even if you rejected him, what makes you so sure that his future will be secured? Stop fooling yourself. You're not making things better for him. If he knows that you have feelings for him too, what do you think he might feel?"

I don't even want to think about the possibility.

"As long as you and Ace keep your mouth shut, I won't have to worry about that."

"You're being childish!"

"I am being childish?" I repeated and narrowed my eyes at him. "Look, we're arriving at your class and I don't think you have enough time to afford to walk me to mine. We will have this conversation next time, yoi."

Thatch rolled his eyes and I could tell that he must be resisting the urge to smack me in the hallway. I was being stubborn, much to my own surprise. I usually didn't get bothered about arguing over matters. Luckily, he understood that I was right and didn't argue with me any further. But I had a feeling that he wasn't just going to let this topic drop. I know him better than anyone and when it came to being stubborn, even I in my current state couldn't hope to win him.

When Thatch opened the door to his class, a familiar name rang into my ears. It was then, I realized that Thatch was going to teach Luffy's class at this time. I glanced into the window and saw Sanji with a long pink hair female student, Jewelry Bonney, standing in front of his desk.

"Sanji! Please go out with me!" she shouted.

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