Abby was hanging out with her friends at the bar after their show. They had

recently gotten a new singer and she wanted to see if she was any good; she was.

The girls got to talking and Abby was curious to find out more about her.

"Stacy, where's your boyfriend? Doesn't he get jealous when you are put gigging

at the bars with all these guys around?"

Stacy smiled and said "no man in my

life. Been there done that, too many losers always trying to change me. Besides,

my heart belongs to someone from long ago."

"Really? How long ago? What

happened that you aren't with him?"

Stacy kinda got a bit of a far off look

while telling Abby about the one who got away. Her past was playing in her mind

as she told Abby all about him. They knew each other since they were pre-teens.

He was quiet, shy and really smart...pretty much a total nerd; but so sweet with

the most amazing eyes she had ever seen. He had the most adorable smile and was

always there for her when she needed him. He believed in her dreams and knew

she could do anything she put her mind to. But most of all, when he hugged her

everything melted away and nothing else seemed to exist but the two of them.

One night really stuck out in her mind. It was Becky O'Neil's birthday party and

they were playing spin the bottle. It stopped on him and they shared their FIRST

kiss. Abby heard this story before. She remembered when another friend had told

her about the one he let get away and the birthday party and the kiss. It was

all she could do to hold back what she knew. She needed to keep this to herself;

for right now anyway.

The next two weeks seemed to go by so slowly. Abby was practically bursting with

the secrets she was holding. She had to time this just right for her two

friends. Work was pretty slow; which only made things harder when everyone

pretty much was making small talk to pass the time. It was Friday and the team

was getting ready to go. Ziva looked at everyone and suggested going out for

drinks. Abby knew this was the PERFECT opportunity to set her plan in motion.

Everyone agreed to meet up. Abby called Stacy and told her she was on her way to

come get her and that she needed to look good! The group was already on their

second round when Palmer noticed Abby wasn't there yet.

"Does anyone know where

Abby is?"

Just then she walked in, waved and said "McGee I got a surprise for


Tim stood up and before he could say anything, Stacy walked in. He could

hardly believe what he was seeing. She still looked pretty much the same as she

had all through high school. She was petite, roughly a foot shorter than him

with long, wavy brown hair and big grey eyes. Tony saw the look on McGee's face

and followed his gaze to see what he was looking at.

"Wow McDreamy, you act like

you've never seen a woman before. Close your mouth before you start eating


Ziva jabbed him in the side with her elbow; "Tony, I think he knows her.

Can't you see how he is looking at her?" she whispered through her teeth.

"Stacy, is it really you?" is all McGee could manage to say.

Stacy's eyes welled

slightly with tears as she gazed upon the man Tim had grown up to be. He wasn't

the geeky, awkward kid she knew in high school. He was so handsome now. And

those eyes, he still had those amazing eyes.

Stacy ran over to the bar; "Timmy!"; threw her arms around him and wished she never had to let go.

Ducky and Gibbs exchanged looks as if both were wondering what was going on.

"Look at you, you still look like the girl I was best friends with nearly 20 years


Stacy blushed a little and looked up into Timmy's eyes. She felt herself

starting to get lost when she managed to snap back to reality.

"You look great Timmy! I can't believe it's been so long!"

Abby just stood by with a huge smile on her face. She had really hoped this is how it would go.

Tony grabbed her arm "Who is she and what is going on here; SPILL!"

"Her name is Stacy and she is a friend of mine who also just so happens to be McGee's high school best friend".

"How did McGeek manage to have a best friend as hot as her? I didn't have a hot

best friend like that in high school."

McGee introduced Stacy to the group. They were all a bit curious about his high

school best friend. They had all heard stories about her at one point or

another. McGee had always said how pretty she was, but Tony never thought she

would be such a natural beauty. The rest of the evening was spent drinking and

laughing as Stacy told story after story about her adventures with McGee. The

two of them seemed like they were complete opposites, but yet complimented each

other so well. He was the quiet, reserved one. The computer geek. She was the

wild child, the rebel. They fit so well together; always finishing each other's


Gibbs watched the two of them and he started reminiscing about when he was

courting Shannon. He didn't need anyone to tell him about the feelings they were

"hiding" from one another. Anyone watching them could see it, how could they

be so blind? They hung on each other's words and even though they were laughing

and joking with everyone else; it was almost like they were the only two in the

room. These two were soul mates; there was no doubt about it. To anyone who

didn't know them, they would probably think they were high school sweethearts

who married right after graduation.

The night was starting to wind down. Last call was announced and everyone was a

bit sad that the evening was coming to an end. They all were having such a great

time. Stacy fit in with the team so well. You would never know she met most of

them for the first time just a few hours ago. She had background in profiling,

investigating and forensics, so even when the team was talking shop she was able

to keep up with the conversation.

Gibbs started thinking she might even make a valuable addition to the team.

She was basically a criminal profiler. She could take different aspects from a

crime scene to figure out pretty much exactly what kind of suspect they were

looking for. He wanted to talk to Vance about maybe bringing her on as a

consultant. The only "problem" he could see in all this was Rule #12-never date

a coworker. He did know that McGee would be able to stay focused on the job, so

he thought he might actually allow for an exception.

McGee offered to bring Stacy home. He looked forward to the time alone with her.

The group said their goodbyes and told Stacy they really hope to see her again

soon. McGee and Stacy got to her apartment and spent a little while longer

talking in the car. It was late and they were both tired, so Stacy said she

should get inside. They hugged and Tim asked if he could kiss her goodnight. He

had barely gotten the words out before she grabbed his face and pulled him in.

Their hearts were both pounding so fast; making them feel like they were 13


"Can I see you again tomorrow? I'd like to maybe take you to dinner and spend

some time alone catching up with you."

"I'd really like that Tim. Goodnight. Call me and we'll set up a time."

"Goodnight Stacy. Sweet dreams."

"Of course, I'll be dreaming of you, Timmy."

Stacy got out and walked into her apartment building. McGee sat in the car for a

few minutes smiling to himself and trying to wrap his head around what just

happened. He couldn't believe Stacy was back in his life. He missed her so much.

He hoped this time he would be able to tell her how he really felt and they

would be more than friends. He finally drove home and went to bed feeling

happier than he had in a VERY long time.

Stacy got into her apartment and felt like she was floating on a cloud. The boy

she loved so long ago had grown into a handsome, successful man and he was in

her life again. She felt like she had the night of Becky's party. That night

she had gotten her first kiss and that is exactly how she felt again tonight.

She hoped back then that they might become more than friends, but it never

happened. Timmy was her best friend and she was grateful to have him in her

life. She had always wanted to tell him how she really felt, but feared it might

drive him away. This time it was going to be different. After all, he did ask if

he could kiss her goodnight. And they were going on a date tomorrow night. All

seemed to be right in her world. She could still smell his cologne on her

sweater, so she snuggled it as she went to sleep.