This poem was written after reading the second and third chapters from the Book of Revelations in the Bible, the Word of God.

Eyes to see, ears to hear,
A heart eager to understand:
God grant me these, I pray.

Your Word, my favorite book,
You, Lord Jesus, my best friend,
I said as a little girl.

I've strayed, like Ephesus,
Not in deed, but in heart.
Lord, bring me back to You!

In grade school, I was the 'teacher's pet'.
I wasn't like my classmates.
I was almost friendless until college.

But even then, and to this day, I've had You!
If the quality of a person's friendships determined wealth,
Then, like Smyrna, I've never been poor!

I've strayed from you,
But I've not denied you.
Still, it's true I've messed up.

I've let cruel things of this world
Stick around, like Pergamos.
Purify me, please!

I've gotten better at being 'good',
But still I've let sour fruit
Burn my mind, like acid.

Lord, cleanse me and help me;
Help me hold tightly to the goodness,
The sweetness of Your fruits, as in Thyatira.

I tell people that my faith is
The focus of my life. But is it really?
Am I dead inside, like Sardis?

Wake me up, Lord!
Wash me white again,
And let me truly burn for you!

I've tried to obey, Lord,
But I'm weak on my own.
I've sinned, but I'm 'only human', right?

No! I am human; I do make mistakes.
But Your Holy Spirit is in my heart,
Guiding me, guarding me, like Philadelphia.

Your Word is on my heart, but sometimes I ignore it.
I say I trust you wholeheartedly, but soon after,
I make a stupid decision because I think I know better.

Like Laodicea, I'm lukewarm. My burning passion for you
Is cooled by indifference and foolishness.
Your punishments show you love and care about me.

You stand at the door and knock.
Here and now, I'm opening that door wide
To let You fully into my heart.

Revelations 1:3 says those who read or hear the message in this book and do what it says will be blessed. May God also bless those who get something out of this and act on it.