It was Halloween in Angel Grove. The teens were in class when Rocky decided to try and make Adam jump. So he crept up. "BOO!" he said. Adam wasn't interested. "That wasn't scary," he claimed. But Rocky wasn't giving up. Later in the park, Adam was having his lunch. Rocky made this tiger puppet and sneaked over. He put the puppet in front of Adam. "Nice try Rocky," went Adam. The next thing that happened was that a monster jumped out at the gang. He tried to get them, but Tommy quickly said, "It's morphin' time!" The gang morphed and jumped into action. Unfortunately, Kimberly spotted Rocky trying to make Adam jump. "Rocky, please stop that! We're fighting a monster here." Rocky instead fought the monster but it was Adam who got rid of it (and he also made Zedd cross!). They went back over to finish their lunch. Adam said, "Rocky, stop trying to make me jump. You nearly got us all killed so it could make Zedd take over the earth!" "Sorry. I've learnt my lesson." said Rocky. But when Adam wasn't looking, he slipped away. He got a toy spider (he wasn't keen on it either) and slinked up. He put the spider in front of Adam. Adam jumped! Rocky was laughing his head off. "See, I knew I could make you jump!" he grinned.

The End