Thrilllover39: Alright! Were going on to the music industry, woot woot! Meloetta's Academy for the Gifted Here you go!

Paul: nooooooooooooooo….*Jolts off*

Dawn: I don't get paid enough….*sweating rapidly*

May: enough said…*sweats along*

Misty: …..this the downfall of being a cartoon character…*sweat drops*

Ash: As long as there's food I'm all for it! *gives super thumbs up*

Gary: Pfft, you'll do anything as long as food is involved *face palms*

Leaf: Please just don't get me stuck with this guy for the love of…..*is cut short by Gary hand covering her*

Paul: Alright, I'm back, so…thrilllover39 does not own Pokémon, thank Arceus, otherwise she would do such horrid things to all of us…such as in putting me and troublesome together.

Dawn:…. …..Aww, Paul you no like me?*Pouts*

Everyone:…*stays silent and wait for Paul's answer*

Thrillllover39: Aww, of course he does, see?! *slaps Paul in the back of head and sends him landing on top Dawn*

Gary: Wooooo! Paul you are the man!

Paul: *Glare*…stupid girl…

(Kanto Region/ Cerulean City)

"Like, Misty! A package for you came!" Called Misty's three older sisters, Daisy, Lily, and violet.

"Misty!" they shouted, but it was of no use as the pounding of strong beats on the drums overflowed there Gym.

Just behind the stage curtains sat a teenage red head, her short fiery red hair stuck out through its side ponytail as her fiery jade eyes kept their focus on the drums before them. She wore a pair of blue headphone over her ears as to not disturb her ears from the loud noise.

She repeatedly banged her head against the rhythm she created, her cerulean blue colored drums vibrated to the tunes as her beats got stronger.

She took no notice of her three older sister's swiping the curtain open and revealing themselves, they placed their hands on their hips sweat dropping at their younger sister's intense drumming.

Daisy sighed in frustration strutting her way over to Misty who eyes were now close.

The blonde yanked Misty's headphones off following it after with a flick in the head.

*Klink* rang the sound of Misty's metallic blue drum sticks falling and hitting the floor as she dropped them from being startled.

"Hey! What's the big deal?!" growled Misty glaring at Daisy.

"Like, chill Misty we've been calling you for the past ten minutes, anyways here this came in the mail for you." She continuously and tauntingly waved the red black and green striped envelope.

*Gasp* Misty released upon laying eyes on the letter. She snatched it into her own hands running off.

"Like, what was that about?" questioned Lily scratching her head.

Misty sprinted her way into her room slamming the door behind, she logged onto the PC communicator she had inside eagerly waiting for three familiar faces to show up on screen.

"Hello?" answered the three female's voices.

"Did you get it?!" squealed Misty waving the envelope on screen.

(Hoenn Region/ Petalburg City)

The morning day was soothed out with the beautiful melodies released from the playing Piano.

Playing the large customized red color classical instrument, was a girl with Short cocoa brown hair, it's shape made it seem as if they were pigtails, her cobalt blue eyes were slightly shut as she began swaying with the beautiful tunes she had been creating.

Shine Bright like a Diamond
Shine Bright like a Diamond

Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We're like diamonds in the sky

You're a shooting star I see
A vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I'm alive
We're like diamonds in the sky

Her melodic voice became the air throughout her entire home, overpowering the noise of clicking heels against the marble floor heading her way. Her fingers slid against the keys as if it were nothing, yet she managed to create a lovely sound out of it.

"May, sweety, a letter just arrived for you." announced the brunette's mother.

Upon seeing the Letter placed in front of her at eye level she paused, stopping the flow of music around, she gasped, shooting up from her seat and taking the letter in hands facing up towards her mother whose looks she took after.

"Is that what you and the girls have been waiting for?" answered the older woman.

"Yeah, I have to go see if they got their letters to!" she squealed jolting up the large grand staircase.

Upon rushing inside her room and slamming the door behind shut, she logged onto her own PC impatiently waiting for her friends to pick up.

"Hello?" she answered, then a grand smile formed on her lips upon seeing her besties.

"Did you get it?!" she Squealed jumping up and down waving the letter around. Her squeals were then joined by the other three.

(Sinnoh Region/ Hearthrome City)

"Alright leaf, let's see if we got this song all figured out." Answered a blue haired teen with deep ocean blue eyes.

Leaf, who was sitting on the edge of the bed had long mocha colored brown hair, her green emerald eyes held a sleepy expression as she dozed off.

"Leaf? Leaf…" She Sweat dropped upon seeing one off her best friends asleep, her head was held down as she still held onto her neon nuclear green colored bass guitar in her arms, it had prints of thorny vines and leaves going up the neck of her instrument it then grew at the head into a series of flowers. While on the body it was decorated with black vines and leaves.

"Leaf…I got a sucker." Sang Dawn strumming lightly on the strings of her metallic soft pink colored electric guitar, the body had black flames while on the edge there seemed to be some type of engravement and double signature in white. The neck had prints of black diamond's all across.

"Where!" she jolted up from her seat, her head went whipping from side to side in search of the delicious treat.

"At the store….." she continued singing, strumming her guitar strings fiercely beside Leaf's ear and causing the brunette to jump in fright.

"Should have known." Frowned Leaf falling back on the bed.

"Come on you snorlax, we have to keep working on this song if we want to show it to May and Misty soon." Giggled Dawn throwing herself on the bed too and landing next to leaf who giggled along.

"Dawn! Leaf! Letter's!" announced a gruff Voice.

"Letters?!" they shrieked looking towards one another with a shocked yet exciting look.

"That's what I just said!" growled the grouch voice.

Both teen's bolted from the bed rushing out to their cramped, run down living room, they quickly opened the door revealing their mean old looking landlord, with a pruny face, small height and messy gray hair, they attempted to avoid contact.

"Here" growled the old lady holding out the double letters.

"Oh…my…." Breathed Dawn out.

"…..mew." finished Leaf snatching her letter along with Dawn.

"You girl's still need to pay me for me last month's rent, if I don't get that money and the money for this month, you will both be living in the streets." Scowled the senior landlord narrowing her eyes towards the frowning teens.

"B-but, we still haven't gotten our paychecks from last month's work, please just give us a little bit more time, please." Pouted Dawn placing her hands together and giving her best teddiursa eyes.

"No…" glared the old woman crossing her arms.

"Please, look, we have been working really hard at the café's and restaurant's, we took up three jobs each, can't you at least give us some more time." Pleaded Leaf.

"I'm sorry girls, if I don't get that money soon your both out, good day." Both girls frowned upon seeing their landlord leave; Leaf slowly shut the door noticing Dawn's worried eyes.

"What now?" questioned the bluenette releasing a deep sigh.

"I don't know, looks like this our only hope now." Answered Leaf holding the envelope up.

A smile crept onto their lips as they quickly snatched their jackets rushing out the door.

They ran to the nearest public PC, logging in to reach communication with their other two besties.

"Hello?" they answered eagerly together.

"Did you get it?!" Squealed Misty on the screen waving the same letter they held around.

"Kya! Yes!" thee three Squealed Flashing there similar envelopes along.

"Meloetta's Academy for the Arts, I Can't believe I actually got a letter from THE Meloetta Arts Academy, it's like a dream come true!" Squealed May jumping up and down.

"Moment of truth you guys, let's all open them together." Spoke Leaf taking in a deep breath and earning nods from the rest.

They flipped there envelopes over carefully detaching the Silver wax seal that was shaped like a musical note; they held their breaths pulling out the letter from within.

Laying their eyes on the words inscribed onto the sheet, they read what it said simultaneously, "Congratulations' Misty/May/Dawn/Leaf, you have been recognized as a natural and future prodigious musician due to the entry demo you have issued, we would be absolutely delighted to have student's with such skill and passion for the arts to attend our Academy and study with us. Our institute offer's multiple opportunities for you to attend the music or show industry in the future, we hold some of the best world renowned mentors to give you a helping hand and increase the passion you have for the arts. We do have Scholarships if you have financial Problems which our officer's will be happy to discuss with you about, all your housing necessities will be taken care of by the school as we take pride in keeping each and every one of our student's taken care of, many adventures await you young artist, so won't you come and join us? We hope to see you soon at our "Not so Symphony Kick off Jam."


The Headmaster's of Meloetta Arts.

"We got in!" Screamed Dawn pulling leaf into a tight hug, the brunette hugged back as the two eagerly jumped up and down dancing in joy.

"Look!" Spoke Misty interrupting the joyous moment while she pointed to the remaining Contents within the envelope.

"Its…it's a plane ticket." Answered May shockingly as she pulled out the airline ticket.

"And it's for the academy, located in Nimbasa city, Unova." Announced Leaf reading the directions.

"Well! What are we waiting for?! I'll see you two in Nimbasa!" Squealed Dawn Jolting off.

"Let's get packing!" clapped May logging off her PC.

"Right o! Leafy green is out!" Saluted the dark brunette with a smile as Misty winked and waved logging off.

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