Chapter 2: The Quest for da Dick

Jake felt pretty butthurt for Finn and his problem, but he wasn't going to let himinterrupt his sex time. No one messes with Jake's orgy parties. He did, however, even in the middle of his fuck, notice Finn walk out of the closet and leave, looking pretty butthurt himself. After seventeen hours of intense, hardcore fucking and the death of Tiffany (he couldn't handle LR's horn up his bunghole) the orgy came to a close.

So, after his sex buddies left, Jake began making one of his explosive dildos the size of one of his everything burritos. As he finished encrusting it with diamonds and putting the cocaine in (so when it explodes everyone gets high), there was knock on the door.

Jake quickly dumped the nearest objects into the dildo, including: smaller, sharper dildos, salt, AIDs, and Humper the herpes covered Rabbit. He closed up his explosive everything dildo and went to the front door. He opened it up to find Finn's favorite prostitute, Flame Princess.

"Jake, is Finn here?" FP asked wearing absolutely nothing.

"No. And even if he was, its not like you could fuck." Jake said, resenting the naked whore in front of him for burning his pimpin' partner's dick off.

"I know. That's why I've come. I know where we can get Finn new whore rod." she said.

"You fucking flamming cunt. I'm getting real tired of your shit, burning off my main hoe fuckers cock, you aids in fested crab!"

"Finn's the best I've ever fucked. I need him to be inside of me AT ALL TIMES! And YOU are gonna help me get him the bigass dick he deserves!" she yelled in a horny rage at the thought of Finn's cock.

"OK, fine. What do we have to do?"

"We have to pass the sexual trials Mt. Hardon. There we'll find the Iron Dick, also know as," she gave a sexual shudder of pleasure,"the Punisher."

"Alright! Sounds mathematical! I'm so ready to fuck mountain bitches!" Jake shouted.

Together they grabbed sexual devices and equipment to aid them on their sexual adventure. Soon they were off to find the legendary Iron Dick, the Punisher, so that Finn could one day fuck again.