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Hello again! I'm back with another mpreg fic. This one is a somewhat sequel to "How Do You Choose?"(Shunsui and Jushiro) but you don't have to read that one to know what's going on in this one. I'll put some helpful notes at the bottom of this chapter for those of you who aren't interested in the aformentioned fic. if you are interested then please go and read it. It would make me super happy, but for now here is chapter one of this fic. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

Renji lies on his back on his boyfriend of three year's futon with his hands behind his head. Byakuya, the mentioned boyfriend, lies beside his redheaded lover as the two of them desperately try to catch their breath after an intense love making session. The raven haired noble moves in closer to his lieutenant as he rests his head on Renji's tattooed chest. The redhead places his arms around the pale shoulders of his captain with a content sigh before finally catching his breath and speaking, "Ya sure are bein' quiet, Byakuya. Is somethin' wrong?"

"There is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately." He rubs Renji's sweaty abs with his delicate hand and lets out a hesitant sigh, "I think it is too earlier to mention it to anyone just yet."

The tattooed shinigami's red eyebrows come together in slight confusion from his lover's words, "What do ya mean by that? Ya can tell me anything."

Byakuya halts the hand rubbing Renji's abs and sighs again, "I know that, but this is something that I need to think about alone for a while."

"Does it involve me?" He swallows down the lump of hurt in his throat at the thought that Byakuya couldn't discuss what was on his mind with him.

The noble removes his head from Renji's chest and turns his back to the redhead as he moves to his side of the futon, "Let's not talk about this now, Renji."

The lieutenant sits up with an angry expression on his face, "So, it does involve me?!" He places his hand on Byakuya's shoulder and forces the raven haired man to look at him, "Did I do somethin' to embarrass ya or are you afraid I'm too stupid to understand what ya wanna talk about?!"

"It is nothing like that, Renji." The sixth captain sits up as well and gives his lover a defeated look, "If you really want to discuss something of this magnitude right now then I suppose we can, but I think it should wait until another time."

The redhead crosses his arms over his chest and lets out a loud huff of air, "I just don't like you keeping things from me. It's like ya don't trust me and it's like ya don't want my opinion."

"Very well." Byakuya takes a sip of water out of the glass beside the futon before continuing, "I have been thinking about my lack of an heir to the clan. I'm not getting any younger and it doesn't look as if Rukia will be meeting any young men to produce any offspring with any time soon." He wets his lips with his tongue before speaking again, "I'm with you now and I could not be happier…meaning that if I were to have an heir with anyone, it would be with you." The captain looks into Renji's brown eyes to make sure his lieutenant is still paying attention, "I did not think that type of thing would ever be possible, but as we all know, Captain Kyoraku and Captain Ukitake have a beautiful daughter with the help of Squad Twelve."

The redhead makes a T with his hands and begins shaking his head, "Time out, Byakuya. Are ya suggesting that we have a baby like Captain Kyoraku and Captain Ukitake?"

"I did not think that is ever what I would want, but I am trying to be open minded." He looks down at the sheets of the futon as he gathers his thoughts and only looks back up at Renji when he's ready to continue, "I just feel like the clan would accept the baby more readily if it were my child through blood rather than adoption." He notices his lieutenant's shocked expression and lets out a frustrated sigh, "This is why I did not want to discuss this with you just yet. I knew you were not ready to talk about something so…monumental."

Renji runs a shaking hand through his crimson locks before finding his voice, "I don't think you're thinkin' this through. Captain Ukitake almost died and their baby was in Squad Four for a whole month before they could bring it home. Not to mention, yer the Squad Six captain and I'm the lieutenant…which means the whole squad will be put out while we're getting used to a pregnancy and a new baby. I don't think we should do this."

"You are the one who isn't thinking, Renji." The nobleman clenches his hands into fists. He hated arguing with his lover, but Renji was so adamant about things, "Do you think that I would not take steps to have the squad taken care of before we did this? Also, Captain Ukitake almost died due to his illness…an illness I do not have. That also means that our baby wouldn't be in the same danger as their baby for the same reasons." Byakuya turns his face away from his scarlet haired lover to keep his disappointed face from being seen, "I know you are young, but I just thought that maybe you would consider this or at least think about it because you cared about me."

A frown appears on the tattooed man's face, "I do care about you, but this is a big decision and it's one that I don't think we should decide so suddenly."

"I am not asking you to decide now." The noble's mouth forms an angry line, "If you recall, I told you I did not want to discuss it at all, but you insisted."

Renji lets out an exasperated breath, "Because this is important and you were just gonna mull over it all by yer self without my input!"

The captain's black eyebrows shift making him look even angrier than before, "I am a grown man and I do not have to run everything by you before I think about it!"

"No, ya don't have to run everything by me, but this is a kid we're talkin' about." He points to himself as he speaks his next sentence, "A kid that would be half mine and I just think that if this is gonna be a reality then I need to know about it."

Byakuya slings the cover away from his naked body and leaves the futon in search of a robe, "Obviously, you are not mature enough to even talk about a baby much less have one." The raven haired shinigami finds his robe and pulls it onto his pale body, "I'm glad we've had this discussion, because it lets me know that I should never have thought that I could have a family with you."

The sixth captain begins walking toward the bedroom door and Renji turns toward him with a puzzled expression on his tattooed face, "Where are ya goin'?"

Without turning around Byakuya answers his lover as he places a delicate hand on the knob, "I will be sleeping in one of the guest rooms. Do not disturb me."

Before the redhead can object or try to talk Byakuya out of leaving, the furious noble is already out the door, slamming said door loudly behind him. Renji lets out a breath of frustration and falls back onto the futon with a heavy heart and a queasy feeling in his gut. He hated it when they fought, but he didn't know how to fix this. A baby was a big deal and he wasn't sure if he would ever be ready for that kind of responsibility.


Okay, here are the helpful hints: If you're going to read "How Do You Choose?" this may spoil some things for you, but if not then read away.

1. This is how the male pregnancy is even possible...

The male that will be carrying the fetus has to get a lozenge made by Captain Kurotsuchi. The lozenge is ingested and forms a temporary womb until the pregnancy is either terminated or carried to term. The lozenge also forms a blank egg waiting in the artificial uterus to be fertilized. The effects of the lonzenge last for a week and the results are more potent the sooner fertilization takes place after the lozenge is ingested.

2. Also, this fic takes place about a month after "How Do You Choose?" This makes Shunsui and Jushiro's baby about 5 months old at the beginning of this fic.

3. If you don't read "How do you Choose?" I will fill you in on some things...

Shunsui and Jushiro's baby is girl and her name is Emiko. She has black, curly hair with Shunsui's eyes and Jushiro's pale skin.

Once again, thanks for reading and I will update as soon as possible.