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After leaving Captain Ukitake's home, Byakuya makes it back to his own manor as quickly as possible without using flash step considering it still made him nauseous. In fact, the sixth captain managed to make it back a few minutes before Renji walked in from squad duty. Byakuya quickly explains his plans for inviting Rukia over for dinner to his lover and then disappears into the bedroom to get ready after informing Renji to invite her over. The redhead lets out a sigh of frustration because it wasn't like Byakuya to make spontaneous plans like this, but considering Rukia was his lover's sister and his best friend, he sent the petite shinigami a message through hell butterfly. It didn't take long for her send a reply informing him that she would be happy to join them for dinner and would see them then.

The tattooed lieutenant knew exactly why Byakuya wanted Rukia to come over. It was to inform her of her soon-to-be aunt status. Renji agreed that she needed to be told, but the thought of telling his best friend that he had impregnated her older brother was a little unnerving to say the least. He continues fretting about her visit as he makes his way to the bedroom and when he enters, he notices Byakuya standing beside the closet completely naked and soaking wet. All this meant was that the noble had just finished bathing and was now deciding on something appropriate to wear for his sister's visit, but Renji found it incredibly sexy.

It had been a month and a half since they last made love. He knew that it wasn't just Byakuya being uncaring of his needs, he knew it was because the sixth captain still felt nauseous most of the time and he was always tired, but the redhead couldn't deny the fact that he was ridiculously horny. He eventually looks away from his naked lover and clears his throat before speaking, "I told Rukia about yer dinner invite and she said she'd be happy to join us."

The raven haired nobleman turns away from his closet to look at Renji and nods, "Thank you, Renji…is it alright with you for me to tell Rukia our good news so soon?"

"Of course it's alright." Renji gives Byakuya a smile, "She is part of the family and she needs to know." Byakuya nods again and turns his attention back to the closet, "I'm gonna take a shower before she gets here." The noble only nods again to let Renji know he heard him and the redhead makes his way to the bathroom. He needed a shower anyway to wash away all the grime and sweat he'd acquired by helping the squad train, but he also needed a very cold shower to wash away the boner he'd acquired while daydreaming about fucking Byakuya into the closet.

The two shinigami finally manage to get dressed and sit together as they await Rukia's arrival. Byakuya can't help but notice Renji's uneasy reiatsu and feels as if he should reassure his lover somehow, "Renji, are you sure you are okay with telling Rukia? We do not have to do it today if you are uncomfortable at all. This is your news as well as mine."

The crimson haired soul reaper grabs Byakuya's hand and squeezes it softly in his own hand, "I'm fine…really. I'm just a little nervous is all. This is a big deal and I'm just anxious."

The captain gives Renji a small smile of understanding, "This will be good practice for us. We will have to tell everyone else soon enough and it will not be as easy as telling Rukia."

"Don't remind me…I'm already queasy just thinkin' about it." He leans in and kisses Byakuya softly on the lips and he wishes he could do more to the noble than just kiss him, but luckily one of the servants enters the room to inform them of Rukia's arrival pulling him from his dirty thoughts.

Renji pulls away from Byakuya and they both stand, but before they leave the room there in to make their way to the dining room Byakuya looks at him, "If you think you are queasy then how do you suppose I feel? I only hope that I do not vomit in front of Rukia during the middle of our dinner." Renji chuckles when he sees the noble's rare smile of joviality. They once again connect their hands as they make their way to the dining room and sit down.

Shortly after the two of them are seated, a servant enters the room with Rukia in tow and pulls the diminutive woman's seat out for her. Rukia thanks the servant and sits down. The servant nods and just as quickly as she entered the servant leaves the room. Before any type of conversation can begin, the food is brought into the dining room and placed before them on the table. There is plenty of shifting and moving going on and until the servants leave the room the pregnancy discussion would have to wait. Finally, the servants leave the dining room and all is quiet again until Byakuya speaks up, "I am very pleased that you could join us this evening on such short notice, Rukia."

"It was no trouble, brother. I'm actually glad you invited me over. I haven't come to visit in quite a while." She gives them both a grateful smile as she takes a sip of her drink.

Byakuya also takes a sip of his own drink before responding, "I hope our invitation has not hindered any type of squad duties you need to attend to."

She shakes her head as she begins filling her plate with food, "Actually, Captain Ukitake didn't give me any outside assignments for this evening." A curious look appears on her face, "It's as if he knew you were going to invite me over or something."

"Well, that was considerate of him." Byakuya begins filling his own plate and Renji does the same.

Renji knew now whose idea it actually was to invite Rukia over. Now it made sense why Byakuya so suddenly wanted to invite Rukia over and tell her. Renji smiles to himself at this discovery and realizes that Captain Ukitake is too nice for his own good. The redhead finishes making his plate and finally addresses his best friend, "So, how have ya been, Rukia? I heard ya just got back from the Living World about a week ago. How was Ichigo and the gang?"

Renji and Rukia both notice the noble visibly bristle at the mention of Ichigo, but Byakuya doesn't say a word as Rukia begins answering Renji's questions, "Ichigo is still as stubborn as ever and he never listens to anything I have to say. He always thinks he knows so much, but I've got news for him…one day he's going to wish he hadn't made so much fun of my drawings and that he actually listened to the importance behind the drawings!"

Renji smiles at that because he knew just how much Ichigo loved to make fun of Rukia's little illustrated bunnies, "Okay, so Ichigo is Ichigo…and everyone else?"

Byakuya tries to listens to the childhood friend's conversation, but the only two bites he'd taken of his food were playing havoc with his stomach. He decides that perhaps he should slow down and just drink some more water. He really didn't want to lose the content of his stomach at the table much less in front of Rukia. The sixth captain takes a few sips of his drink, but soon discovers that it only made things worse and a very uncomfortable groan leaves his mouth against his will.

Renji and Rukia halt their conversation to stare at Byakuya and Renji speaks up first, "Hey, babe…are ya alright?"

The raven haired shinigami gives Renji a horrified look and the redhead knows exactly what's wrong, but Byakuya answers as calmly as ever, "I apologize for worrying the two of you, but it is nothing to worry about. I just swallowed my food down the wrong way."

Rukia, however, doesn't look convinced with her brother's excuse, "Are you sure, brother? You don't look like you feel very well."

Byakuya looks at Renji as if asking for permission and the redhead nods. The nobleman returns his gaze to Rukia, "Actually, Rukia, there is something that Renji and I need to tell you."

"What is it?" A worried expression springs to her face, "Are you okay? Is something wrong with you? Are you sick?"

"Rukia, calm down." The captain smiles softly to reassure his worried sister before speaking again, "The news we have to tell you is not bad news." Byakuya takes in a deep breath and as he lets it back out slowly, he grabs Renji's hand under the table, "As you well know, Renji and I have been in a relationship for almost four years and it is only natural for couples to want to express their love through the creation of…offspring."

The petite woman looks back and forth between her brother and her best friend as Byakuya's words slowly sink into her brain. Suddenly, her eyes widen and her small hands come up to cover her mouth as she gasps, "You two are having a baby?! I'm so excited! How far along and is it a boy or a girl and have you thought of a name?! I don't know what to do! I'm so excited!" She jumps up from her seat and makes her way to the other side of the table to hug her older brother, "I never thought this would happen! I'm going to be an aunt!"

She lets go of Byakuya and wraps her arms around Renji, but continues to try and jump up and down, "Calm down, Rukia…I'm glad yer happy, but if ya want yer niece or nephew to have a dad then ya need to stop huggin' me so forcefully."

Rukia finally releases them both, but doesn't return to her seat and continues to bounce up and down, "Tell me everything! Can I touch it?!"

Byakuya watches in amusement as his sister continues to exude excitement, but he still reflexively brings his hand down protectively over his stomach, "There really is nothing to touch just yet, Rukia. Have a seat and we will discuss this in more detail."

The raven haired female's cheeks suddenly turn an embarrassed shade of pink as she makes her way back to her seat, "I'm sorry for my overexcitement, but this is just too amazing."

Byakuya waves her embarrassment away as he begins discussing his pregnancy again, "I am only six weeks along and you among only a handful of other people know about our news. I am very happy that you are so excited, but I will have to ask that you not tell anyone just yet. Renji and I would like to wait a few more weeks before going public with the news. Captain Ukitake already knows meaning you do not have to keep it from him, but please do not tell anyone else."

Rukia makes the motion of zipping a zipper across her lips and nods, "I will not tell anyone. I promise, but I want to know everything you find out from now on."

Byakuya nods, "I will be sure to keep you informed on all the important matters."

The tattooed lieutenant finally decides to interrupt the siblings conversation, "We're really glad that yer happy about this, Rukia." He looks at Byakuya for a moment before continuing to speak, "We haven't told the clan yet."

The nobleman frowns, but nods all the same, "Renji and I are certain the clan will not be happy with our decision to have a child in this manner."

Rukia crosses her arms over her chest and frowns as well, "That's not fair! They should just be happy that they're getting an heir."

"You know how strict the clan can be, Rukia." Byakuya once again grabs Renji's hand in his as he continues talking, "The clan is still not completely happy with the fact that I have taken another man as my partner, but we can only hope that they accept our child." The room is quiet and the food is forgotten, but the silence is broken when Byakuya stands up, "I'm not very hungry, but the two of you should finish eating. I am going to the bedroom to lie down, but I am sure Renji would love to entertain you, Rukia. Good night."

"Good night, brother." Rukia and Renji watch as the nobleman leaves the dining room and the two shinigami are quiet for a while as they finish eating their dinner.

When dinner is finished the two friends make their way to the living room to sit down and talk. Rukia begins the conversation, "Wow, Renji, I can't believe you went and knocked my brother up."

Renji laughs at how utterly unsophisticated Rukia's statement sounds, "Jeeze, Rukia. Don't say it like that! Ya make it sound dirty."

She giggles at his blushing face, "But, seriously, how does all this make you feel? You're gonna be a dad! That is so weird to think about."

"It is weird to think about, but I'm actually really happy about it." He lets out a sigh, "I didn't think I would be when Byakuya first brought it up. I didn't really want to have kids just yet, but he really wanted it and just the fact that he wanted it so bad kinda inadvertently made me want it more."

Rukia smiles at her best friend's words, "I think you'll make a wonderful daddy, but I really hope my brother isn't a totally strict mommy."

"Maybe bein' pregnant will soften him up a little." Renji gives Rukia another smile, "He already seems pretty fond of Captain Ukitake's baby so I'm sure he'll be great mom to his own kid."

The two of them are quiet for a long time as they just enjoyed being able to spend time together. Finally, Rukia stands up, "I'm actually kind of jealous of you and my brother. I wish I was having a little baby and I never thought I'd say that."

"Well, I hope yer future kids learn how to draw better than you otherwise Ichigo will have a new person to torture about their drawing." Renji laughs as Rukia playfully hits him on the arm.

"My drawing is perfectly fine! You and Ichigo just don't have good taste." She walks to the door and begins slipping her shoes on, "I need to go and get some rest. I'm sure Captain Ukitake will make up for my not having an assignment tonight by giving me something difficult to do tomorrow."

Renji stands up as well and hugs her, "Alright, see ya later then."

"Yeah, see ya." She leaves the manor and soon flash steps away.

The redheaded soul reaper closes the door and begins making his way to the bedroom. He was really glad that Rukia was happy for them, but he was not happy that he had to sleep next to Byakuya all night, but not get to have sex with him. Perhaps, he should take another cold shower before bed.


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