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At thirteen weeks (three months and a week), Byakuya's morning sickness ended quite abruptly. He actually woke up one morning and didn't feel the need to expel all the food he'd eaten the day before and when he met Renji in the dining room for breakfast he actually ate a normal meal that stayed down the entire say. Everyone could tell that the noble was in a better mood and the squad was especially happy because they were still in the dark about the whole pregnancy thing anyway. All they knew was that their captain had been very ill and moody for the past three months. Now, the only problem they had was their lieutenant being in a mad mood. Renji's mood, however, had nothing to do with morning sickness, the tattooed redhead was irritable due to his three months with no sex.

Renji had read in all those books Byakuya kept around the house that the mother was usually more horny and Captain Kyoraku had told him the same thing, but his lover just…wasn't. The sixth captain never asked for sex and he never flirted in the bedroom anymore and even when Renji tried to initiate things the noble would quickly tell him that he wasn't in the mood. The crimson haired soul reaper hoped the chastity belt mode would break soon because he felt as if he would explode if he had to go five more months with just his hand for company.

That night, the lovers are lying together in the futon with Byakuya's head resting on Renji's chest and the redhead's arm cradled around his lover's body with his hand resting lightly on his very small bump of a belly. The nobleman can sense Renji's frustrated reiatsu and doesn't want him to send his frustration into the baby with his hand so close to their little family addition, "Renji, is something the matter?"

Renji is suddenly pulled from his inner fantasy of fucking Byakuya into next week at the sound of his lover's voice and clears his throat before speaking, "Nah, nothin's wrong. Why are ya askin'?"

The sixth captain shifts a bit to be able to look at Renji's face, "You just seem frustrated is all. You can tell me if something is bothering you."

"I don't know, Byakuya. It's nothin'…really." He places his rough hand on the noble's face and smiles as he smooth his hand along the skin, "I'm just tired."

The raven haired captain pulls away from Renji's touch and gives him a concerned look, "Your reiatsu does not feel as if you are just tired." Byakuya lets out a worried sigh before speaking again, "Are you angry with me?"

Renji sits up a bit on the futon and gives Byakuya a shocked look, "No, why would I be angry with ya? Yer actually easier to live with now that the morning sickness is gone. I'm not mad."

The pale shinigami looks down at the futon knowing something is bothering his fiery haired lieutenant, but doesn't know how to get him to talk, "I know something is bothering you, Renji and I thought that you would trust me enough by now to tell me when you are not feeling like yourself."

"It's not that I don't trust ya. It's just…" The lieutenant lets out loud sigh and shakes his head, "Ya know what I'll just be honest with ya…I'm horny." He runs his hands through his red hair and almost laughs at the expression on his captain's face, "I know ya thought I had some deep dark secret that was botherin' me, but that's all that's botherin' me. I'm so horny that I can't even be civil to the squad. They think I've turned into a demon."

Byakuya blinks a few times at Renji's bluntness before letting out a small chuckle, "So that is why the squad has been avoiding you for weeks. I thought they were trying to get out of training."

"So…does that mean we can have sex?" Renji gives his lover a hopeful look before frowning at Byakuya's shaking head, "Of course not."

Byakuya returns the redhead's frown with one of his own, "I am not trying to be neglectful of your needs, but I just cannot find any interest in having sex and it is not you." Byakuya notices the little boy pout on his lover's face and continues his explanation, "You are still very attractive and I do not want to have sex with anyone but you. I do not know how to explain the way I am feeling. I just do not feel aroused at all. I am very sorry."

"Do ya think it'll be like this the whole time yer pregnant?" His pout gets worse as he tries to discuss it with his lover.

The captain shakes his head again, "I have no way of knowing that, Renji, but the books do say that some mother's do not crave sex when they are pregnant. Regretfully, I feel as if I may one of the ones who does not crave it." He leans into the lieutenant and kisses him lightly on the cheek, "I am terribly sorry that things turned out this way. I do not wish for you to be unhappy."

Renji lets out a heavy sigh and nods, "Yeah, I know ya don't…I understand." The ruby haired soul reaper lies back down on the futon, "We can just go to sleep then."

Byakuya doesn't settle into the futon with Renji and clears his throat making the redhead look at him, "Just because we cannot have sex does not mean that I cannot do something else for you."

The tattooed man sits up so quickly that Byakuya almost falls off the futon before righting himself, "Really?! Do ya mean that?! Like what?! What would ya be willin' to do?!"

"Renji, please try to calm yourself." The noble places his hands on the ties of Renji's sleeping clothes and begins untying them, "I can do whatever it is you wish of me as long as it is not sex." The elder shinigami successfully removes Renji's sleeping clothes and positions himself between the tattooed legs of his lover where he places his course hands on the redhead's thighs, "I can use my hands or my mouth or both if that is what you want."

Renji can already feel the blood rushing to his groin as Byakuya rubs his thighs and gives him his options, "Both of those would be nice, but…you can do whatever ya want."

"If both makes you happy then it is both that you will get." Byakuya smiles as he sensually licks his lips bringing the lieutenant's cock to full hardness before lowering his lips down around the swollen head of his lover's leaking arousal.

The nobleman sucks on the head of his lover's cock for several seconds before moving his lips farther down the shaft with a hum. The redhead threads his hands through the black strands of Byakuya's hair making sure his captain doesn't go anywhere and he lets out a moan as the humming vibrations travel down his member, "Oh, th-that feels so…nghh…don't st-stop."

He pulls the raven locks gently as Byakuya slides his tongue up the underside of Renji's shaft and then teases the slit with the tip of his tongue for a few glorious seconds before lifting his mouth from his lover's cock. He quickly wipes his mouth with his hand and then begins pumping the rigid flesh with his calloused hands causing the redhead to close his eyes with a groan, "Is this helping your frustration at all, Renji?"

"Yes…I-I love ya…so much!" The tattooed shinigami bucks his hips into the pleasure giving hands to gain more friction and speed, "I…I'm not gonna…ah hah…last long…use yer m-mouth…ugh, some more."

The sixth captain nods and removes his hands as he replaces them with his mouth. Renji immediately begins lifting his hips into the warm, wet mouth of his lover and Byakuya allows it by opening his throat a bit more to accommodate him. The lieutenant places his hands on the noble's head once again and lets out a loud moan as Byakuya speeds up his own movements. Just when Byakuya is sure the younger man is almost done, Renji stops bucking his hips and calls his name in question, "Byakuya?"

Renji releases the captain's head and Byakuya lifts his head to look at his lover, "Is it not to your liking?"

"No, it's all really great, but…" His cheeks turn bright red rivaling his hair with how red they are, "Do ya think that maybe…well, do ya think that you could not…swallow this time?"

Byakuya gives him a very puzzled expression before finding his voice, "Pardon?"

Renji scratches his head as his cheeks turn an even brighter shade of red, "I just mean that…well, the baby eats whatever you eat and…well, that's kinda weird and it grosses me out a little bit thinkin' that our baby is…you know."

The nobleman laughs at Renji's concern and finally answers him, "The things you think about." He chuckles a bit more, "I had already considered that…now, perhaps we can continue?"

Renji nods simply because he finds that he's too embarrassed to speak, but his embarrassment soon leaves him as Byakuya places his hands around Renji's shaft again and begins pumping at a fast pace. It doesn't take long for the redhead to cum at the rapid pace of Byakuya's stroking and he lets out a loud exclamation of pleasure as he spills his seed out onto Byakuya's hands and regrettably the noble's face. When he comes down from his orgasmic high, he notices the mess and immediately begins apologizing, "Oh, my…I'm sorry!"

"It is quite alright, Renji." The sixth captain begins wiping his hands and face on the corner of the futon sheets, "I am surprised it was not more considering how long it has been."

Renji blushes a bit, but doesn't mention the fact that he'd been handling it himself for quite a while, "Yeah…um, are ya sure ya don't want me to do anything fer you?"

Byakuya shakes his head as he settles back down beside Renji, "I am not the least bit aroused, but you were very appealing."

The tattooed redhead settles down beside Byakuya and wraps his arms around his lover, "Thanks fer that by the way. I'll let ya get some rest now."

"You do not have to thank me, Renji." Byakuya takes in the smell of his lover and smiles, "I should have helped you out before now."

"I love ya."

"I love you too."

The two shinigami soon drift off to sleep hoping they would both be in a better mood tomorrow and as Renji closes his eyes he thinks that maybe Byakuya's pregnancy wouldn't be as terrible as he once believed it would be.


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