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The elder shinigami smiles again as she points to a certain area on the monitor, "If you'll both look right here." The two parents-to-be look where directed as Captain Unohana begins talking again, "Your baby is a healthy little boy. The two of you should be very proud to know that everything is going just as it should be." She zooms in on the picture and points out the very reason why the baby is a boy to them, "Here is the evidence of your son's gender right here."

Renji swallows loudly as he squeezes his raven haired lover's hand gently, "Ya hear that, babe? We're havin' a boy just like ya wanted."

Byakuya only nods and isn't quite sure he could speak if he wanted to. There were few things that left Byakuya speechless and not knowing a single thing to say, but the sight of his and Renji's son left him feeling completely wordless. He eventually only manages to squeeze Renji's hand back in return as his free hand reaches up to outline the small shape of their baby on the monitor.

Captain Unohana smiles again as she removes the wand from Byakuya's stomach making the picture disappear. She notices the parents-to-be's horrified expression and immediately begins reassuring them, "Not to worry. I saved the image on the machine and I will be happy to print a copy for you." She hands Renji a cloth to help the sixth captain wipe the gel off his skin as she turns to the machine to begin printing their picture.

The redhead begins cleaning his lover's skin with the cloth and still has a huge grin on his face as he whispers to Byakuya, "Aren't ya happy? Ya aren't sayin' much."

A smile finally forms on the noble's face as he looks at Renji's happy face, "Of course I am happy. I am more than happy. I do not really know what to say. All of this seems to be happening so fast." When his ruby haired lieutenant finishes cleaning him up, he pulls his robe back down, "Nine months sounds like an eternity when you first hear it, but we are almost half way there to our baby being born."

Renji leans in and gives his lover a quick kiss on the cheek before responding, "Don't get nervous on me now, Byakuya."

"That is easier said than done." He places a pale hand on his stomach with another smile.

Captain Unohana finally turns her attention back to them as she hands them each a copy of the picture, "Here you are." She smiles again before giving them a serious look, "I think that the two of you should consider informing everyone of your new addition within the next few weeks. It won't be long before you can't hide the evidence under your clothes."

The two shinigami nod in understanding and Byakuya is the one to speak, "We understand, Captain Unohana. Renji and I will discuss this later."

She nods and gathers up her things, "Very well, I'll leave the two of you alone. Let me know if you need anything." Byakuya and Renji nod and give the fourth captain their thanks as she finally leaves the manor.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" The tattooed shinigami gives his lover a curious look as the captain sits up to place his feet on the floor.

The nobleman stands up with a slight groan before walking toward his shinigami clothes and his captain's haori, "I am going to change back into my clothes and then you and I are going to Squad Six to do our job."

Renji frowns as he watches Byakuya change clothes, "Ya mean ya really wanna go back to squad duty after such a cool experience?"

"Baby or not, Renji, we are still the top two members of the squad." He pulls on his captain's haori before turning to look at the redhead, "Not to mention, we have a lot to prepare in the squad before the baby arrives."

The lieutenant finally nods his agreement, "Yeah, yer right. I guess I just got too excited about it all."

Byakuya smiles again as he makes his way to his younger lover, "You have every right to be excited." The captain places a soft kiss to the redhead's lips before grabbing his hand, "Shall we go then?"

"Yeah." Renji grabs his lover's hand in a more comfortable grip before the two of them leave the manor and walk hand in hand to Squad Six.

After a few hours of work, Byakuya puts his pen down and lets out a sigh making Renji look up from his own work to give his captain a curious look, "Is somethin' wrong?"

"Renji, there is something we need to talk about." The dark haired captain gives his lover an apprehensive expression before continuing his speech, "Do you recall me telling you that once we found out the gender of our baby that the clan would need to be informed of our choice to have a child?"

The redhead puts his own pen down and gives Byakuya a confused look, "Yeah, I remember." Renji gives his lover what he hoped was a reassuring smile, "We can do that whenever ya want to."

Byakuya lets out another sigh, "I need to speak with the clan alone. I know you want to go, but I just feel that they would listen better if it were just me."

"No way!" Renji stands up from his desk and places his hands angrily against the desk's surface, "It's my baby too and I don't want ya to be alone. I wanna go with you…ya know, fer support."

"And, I very much want you there, but…" He clasps his hands in front of him nervously as he speaks his next words, "But, the clan still is not very happy about our relationship and I do not know how they will react to the news of our having a child together." He gives Renji a small smile, "Please, try to understand that until you are accepted as part of the clan you cannot attend meetings and other important clan related things." He holds his hand up to silence the redhead when he sees that Renji is about to interject again, "Besides, someone needs to tell the squad. I am sure they are very confused by some of the happenings that have been going on around here."

The tattooed man's angry expression melts away and is replaced by a somewhat proud expression, "You want me to tell the squad?"

Byakuya nods, "Well, as you say, it is your child too and I would very much like for you to tell the squad." When Renji doesn't say anything the sixth captain continues speaking, "Unless you had rather I tell them."

"No, I'll tell them." He nods proudly at his new assignment, "You have enough to deal with and I'd be happy to tell the squad."

"Good, then perhaps at the end of squad duty you could inform them." The nobleman stands up and pushes his chair under the desk, "I should get going if I am going to tell the clan before the day is out."

Renji swallows hard and makes his way to his lover, "Yer goin' now?!"

Byakuya nods, "Well, yes, that was the reason why we talked just now."

"I love you and don't let that stuffy clan get you down." He squeezes his lover tightly and he can feel Byakuya's ever swelling belly pressed between them.

The captain embraces his lieutenant back with a soft chuckle, "I love you too, Renji." Their embrace ends and Byakuya gives Renji another asking expression, "Would you also inform Rukia that she is to be an aunt to a nephew?"

The redhead's lips form a large smile, "Sure thing. I bet she'll be really happy to hear it."

"Thank you." Byakuya stands on his toes to breach the small height difference between them and kisses his lover on the lips, "I will see you this evening."

Renji nods, "Good luck." The noble returns the nod as he leaves the office. Renji lets out a nervous sigh as he feels his lover's reiatsu getting farther and farther away, "I hope they don't ruin his good mood."

As Byakuya leaves the Squad Six building, he can still feel Renji's tumultuous reiatsu and he knows his red haired lover is worried for him, but it wasn't as if the clan were going to murder him. He was the head of the clan after all and all the elders could do was disapprove and that would accomplish nothing considering this was the only heir they were going to get out of him. The nobleman lets out a quiet sigh as he decides to make a quick stop at the thirteenth captain's house before making his way to the clan.

When Byakuya finally makes it to the thirteenth captain's home, he notices the captain's two third seats standing in front of the door. Kiyone spots him first and begins calling to him, "Hello, Captain Kuchiki, are you looking for Captain Ukitake."

Byakuya finally makes it to the door where he addresses her question, "I am." He attempts to look around the two squadsmen, but they never move an inch from the door, "I was under the impression that he would be off work today as usual."

Sentaro places a rough hand over the short blonde's mouth preventing her from speaking as he takes Byakuya's next question, "Captain Ukitake is unfortunately suffering from an attack of his illness."

Kiyone eventually pushes the man's hand away from her mouth to finish his sentence for him, "The Captain was sent to Squad Four early this morning."

"I see." The noble looks back and forth between the two boisterous third seats, "And, the baby is with the sitter I assume."

Sentaro once again silences the petite woman by standing in front of her, "The Captain didn't want Miss Emiko to be upset by his absence and she is staying in Squad Eight with Captain Kyoraku."

Kiyone finally struggles to the front again, "Did you need us to leave a message with Captain Ukitake?"

"No, that will not be necessary. I was only visiting for a friendly chat." The sixth captain begins walking away from the two arguing third seats, "Please, give Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyoraku my well wishes."

The blonde woman has Sentaro in a head lock as she speaks to Byakuya once again, "We will, Captain Kuchiki…oh, Captain Kuchiki?!"

He turns back to look at her with a questioning look in his eyes, "Yes?"

"Don't take this the wrong way, but there's something different about you." Before she can elaborate Sentaro breaks out of her hold and pushes her to the ground.

The larger third seat begins speaking with Kiyone still on the ground, "You look different, but not in a bad way."

"Of course you look good." She stands up and continues talking, "You have a kind of glow about you."

"A glow you say." A small smirk appears on the sixth captain's face, "I thought for sure you were going to tell me I was getting fat." When the two third seats stop wrestling and give him horrified looks he continues teasing, "Do you not think so?"

The two rambunctious third seats speak in unison, "Of course not, Captain Kuchiki!"

Kiyone eventually breaks away from Sentaro with a concerned look on her face, "Why would we think that, Captain?"

Byakuya shakes his head, "Oh, no reason. I have just noticed my clothes fitting differently is all. I have pressing business and I must be going."

The dark haired noble turns away from them and begins walking away before they can respond. He'd had his fun and now he would have to get serious in order to tell the clan his news. He also supposed he would have to wait to tell Captain Ukitake that he was having a son.


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