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After Byakuya left the Squad Six building to inform the clan of their upcoming addition to the family, Renji attempted to fill out a few more papers, but the redhead found that he just couldn't concentrate on that at all. He was so worried about his lover that he felt nauseous. He knew the Kuchiki Clan would never do anything to hurt Byakuya and he was fairly certain that even if they tried the sixth captain wouldn't have any trouble defending himself, but Renji just wished that he could have gone with his lover for moral support at least.

The lieutenant lets out a long sigh. There was nothing he could do now. Byakuya had left the office fifteen minutes ago and was probably almost there by now. Renji rubs his eyes before standing up from his desk. He supposed the thing to do would be to tell the squad that he and Byakuya were expecting a baby. He knew most of the squad would be happy for them and for the ones that weren't happy…well, let's just say that they had the good sense to keep it to themselves. The tattooed shinigami knew the squad had been worried about their captain for a few months now. They didn't have any clue as to what was going on and he'd heard a few of them talking. He knew some of the squad members thought that Byakuya was going to die and had some sort of terminal illness. Well, it was Renji's job to set them straight.

He takes a deep breath and slowly lets it back out as he makes his way to the training grounds of Squad Six. After a few minutes of calling everyone to the same place, he finally has them all in earshot to tell them the news, "I've called ya all here to tell ya somethin' real important. I know a lot of ya are concerned about Captain Kuchiki and I'm here to let ya all know that he's gonna be just fine." The redhead licks his dry lips and tries to ignore his heart pounding ridiculously hard in his chest, "I don't blame ya for being worried and confused. I would be too if I didn't already know what was goin' on. For those of you who are new, the captain has been very high strung lately…well, more than usual and he's been very…emotional, not to mention he threw up in the bushes on more than one occasion." Renji swallows the lump of nervousness in his throat before continuing, "The captain doesn't have some sort of terminal illness and he isn't gonna die…Captain Kuchiki just happens to be…pregnant."

There is a long moment of silence before the whole squad breaks out into nervous chatter. Renji didn't know if they were happy or upset or both. He saw people whispering to their neighbor and some of them were shaking their heads, but then again most of them were smiling and looked very relieved to know that they weren't losing their captain to some disease. Finally, Renji clears his throat to gain their attention again, "I know that this is strange and some of ya probably don't like this at all, but this was the captain's choice. He wanted a baby and he wasn't tricked or forced into it." The red haired lieutenant stiffens his resolve before finishing his little speech, "I'm sure all of ya know by this point in time that Captain Kuchiki and I are in a…a serious relationship. This means that the captain's baby…is mine." He clears his throat again, "So…um, if there ain't no questions then I suppose you guys can get back to training…oh and all questions should be addressed to me. The captain is under enough stress without havin' to answer questions. Is that clear?"

The tattooed lieutenant hears a chorus of 'Yes, sirs' and a few 'Congratulations, Lieutenant Abarai' before the squad resumes their training. Renji lets out a relieved sigh. That wasn't as bad as he thought it was going to be. Now, if only the Kuchiki Clan would be as accepting then they would be alright. He makes his way back to the office and once again attempts to finish his paperwork as he waits for Byakuya to return. Unfortunately, his plan to distract himself didn't work at all. All he could think about was Byakuya explaining their situation to the clan. He was very sure that the Kuchiki Clan would not like the idea of their Clan Leader being pregnant with some Rukongai orphan's kid. The clan hated him and always resented the fact that he and Byakuya were even together. Renji was sure the clan hoped they would break up one day or Byakuya's habit of bringing home Rukongai strays would diminish through the years, but now they were stuck with Renji for good even if he and Byakuya did break up because the baby would always be half his no matter what clan he belonged to.

The sixth lieutenant is quickly pulled from his thoughts as the door to the office opens and his raven haired lover walks into the room. Byakuya is silent as he walks to his desk and sits down with a tired sigh. The captain closes his eyes and places one hand on his head where he begins massaging his temple and the other hand rests on his stomach protectively. Renji tries his hardest to let his older, pregnant lover rest and relax, but the suspense of the situation is just too much to bear and he finally speaks, "Well, what happened? Is everythin' okay?"

Byakuya opens his eyes slowly and finally rests his gaze on Renji, "The clan is not happy, Renji. They are delighted in the fact that I am finally producing an heir they just are not happy that I am the one carrying it. They are neither happy about the fact that you are the father, but…" The nobleman shifts in his seat to sit up more which seems to be a monumental task considering how much bigger his stomach was, but he manages it, "But, because the baby is a boy and he does undoubtedly have Kuchiki blood they are willing to accept him into the clan and allow him to be the next Head of the Kuchiki Clan should I pass away." He gives Renji a serious look before speaking again, "They are willing to overlook the fact that you are the father if you will agree to one thing."

The redhead swallows loudly before opening his mouth, "What do they want?"

"They want you to forgo giving our son your surname and allowing him to be called by the name of Kuchiki." Byakuya notices the confused look on Renji's face and continues, "That only means that the baby will have my surname and not yours. That does not mean that you will be non-existent. Your name will appear on his birth certificate, family trees, and all legal documents. The clan is willing to recognize you as the father and allow our son to be accepted if you agree to this."

Renji is quiet for a moment as he thinks about everything his lover has told him. Finally, the younger shinigami nods with a smile on his face, "Sure, I'll agree to that. He's still my son no matter what his name is and if it'll make the clan accept him then I got no problem agreein' to that."

A rushed breath of relief escapes Byakuya's mouth at Renji's words, "I am so relieved to hear you say that."

"Did ya think I wouldn't agree?" He stands up and makes his way to his lover's desk, "I just want what's best for our kid and if this is what's best then that's what I want."

Byakuya stands up and embraces his scarlet haired lover, "I do not know what to think about anything anymore. I have never been more confused in all of my existence. I would have never imagined that being pregnant could be so stressful."

Renji chuckles softly as he continues to embrace his captain. He rubs the raven haired shinigami's back with his large hand to try and help soothe him, "I'm sorry that ya feel stressed, but the good news is that the squad knows and they're happy for us."

"That is good news. I knew I could count on you to tell them." The two men are silent for a long time and Byakuya seems to just melt happily into Renji's arms before breaking the quiet with his voice, "You know, I would not mind a bit of stress relief here on the desk if you could lock the door."

The redhead's breath hitches in his throat when he hears Byakuya's words and he pulls away from the embrace, "Are ya sayin' ya wanna have sex?! Cause if ya wanna have sex then I am so game for that."

"Sex is most definitely what I want." A sly smirk appears on the noble's face as he swipes his arm across his desk knocking all his neatly stacked and finished papers to the floor, "Now, lock the door and take your clothes off."

Renji immediately heads to the office door to lock it as Byakuya begins undressing and pretty soon after returning from the door the lieutenant begins stripping as well. Once they're both naked, Renji can't help but stare at his lover's protruding stomach and smile. He'd never seen his captain with the least little bit of fat on him and the sight was new and interesting, "Ya know, I never really noticed how big you were gettin' under all those clothes."

A rare insecure expression flitters across Byakuya's face at Renji's words, "Does it…turn you off?"

"No!" Renji's brown eyes widen at his lover's words, "Nothing about you turns me off. I'm so horny right now that I can't think about anything but screwing ya."

"That's good." A sideways grin takes the place of the sly smirk on his face, "Then lay down on the desk on your back."

The tattooed lieutenant doesn't argue as he climbs onto the desk's surface and lies down. He can feel the coolness of the desk against the bare skin of his back and shivers a bit. His shivering is soon put to a stop as his equally nude lover climbs onto the desk as well and straddles his hips, "This is so fuckin' hot ya know? Fuckin' ya in the office on a desk is on my bucket list."

"Is that so?" The noble leans down and captures Renji's lips with his own and initiates a rough, desperate kiss. When the kiss ends, the captain gives his younger lover a very rare smile, "I hope the fact that I am pregnant does not ruin your little desk fantasy."

Renji reaches his hands behind Byakuya and cups the noble's ass cheeks in his hands before giving them a playful squeeze, "Oh, nothing could ruin this," The redhead moves one of his hands closer to the middle of his lover's ass and one finger finds its way into the captain's anxious hole, "Fuck, it's been too long, babe. Yer so tight that I can barely get my finger in there."

"I do not care about that." He lifts his ass up from Renji's lap and balances on his knees as he positions himself above his lieutenant's throbbing cock, "I want this too badly to wait."

"But, Byakuya…are ya sure?! It's been months since we last…" Before the redhead can finish his sentence, he feels Byakuya's calloused hand grip his cock and guide the head into his entrance and Renji only thought it was tight around his finger. The tattooed shinigami holds his breath and has to forcibly restrain himself from grabbing Byakuya's hips and forcing him the rest of the way down his length. The heat and tightness was just so good after going so many months without, "A-are ya…o-okay?"

The nobleman's breath comes out in shaky pants as he slowly descends down the rest of Renji's length until the redhead's cock is fully sheathed within him, "I…I am fine…I just need to…get used to it again."

Renji nods as he places his hands on Byakuya's hips and almost bites a hole in his bottom lip when his lover begins lifting his body up until only the head remains inside the tight passage. When Byakuya slides back down they both let out a groan of satisfaction at the feeling it brings them after so many months without. Renji allows his lover to establish a rhythm before helping him bounce up and down his shaft with the help of his hands on the noble's hips, "Ah hah…fuck, yes! Y-ya feel…so fucking good! I love…you!"

The sixth captain never slows down his frantic riding and places his hands on Renji's chest to allow for more balance as he picks up his pace, "I…I am not…ah…going to last long…t-touch me, Renji."

Renji can hear the sweaty skin of his back squeaking against the wood of the desk and the squelching sound of Byakuya's insides being pounded with each downward motion. The redhead knew he wouldn't last long either. It had been far too long since they last made love and all their tension was just too much. The lieutenant does as his lover asks and grasps Byakuya's bouncing length in his hand to begin stroking him in time with the up and down bounces of the noble. When Byakuya lets out a loud cry Renji knows the noble had managed to nail his sweet spot against the head of his young lover's cock. With Renji's hand working its magic along with the abuse to his sweet spot the nobleman cums with a blissful sound, spraying his lover with his essence. The lustful sounds escaping his lover's mouth and the tightening of his Byakuya's hole around his cock makes Renji cum soon after, filling his lover with his own release. The sixth captain collapses onto Renji's chest not caring if it's covered in cum and lets out a content sigh.

Renji is the first to speak after they catch their breath, "Wow, what got into you today?"

"I have been so stressed lately with all the things I had to do and all the people we had to tell that I was just too distracted and nervous to become aroused." Byakuya sits up allowing Renji to leave his body before stepping back onto the floor, "I suppose now that most everyone knows about it and we know everything is going as planned I was more at ease and felt like having sex."

The redhead sits up as well and slides off the desk to retrieve his clothes, "So, are we gonna be having regular sex from now on or are we gonna continue this once every few months stuff?"

"I feel better about our situation now so I suppose we will have sex on a regular basis." The noble takes a step toward his clothes and winces, "But, I do not think it was such a good idea to not prep."

The lieutenant shakes his head, "I tried to warn ya."

Byakuya ignores Renji's statement and redresses himself, "We have to start thinking of a name now and we still have to tell Rukia that we are having a son before informing the rest of Seireitei."

"Yeah, I know." Renji straightens his ponytail as he continues talking, "Maybe, we can invite Rukia over for dinner tomorrow and tell her."

Byakuya nods as he carefully sits back down at his desk, "Yes, that sounds like a good idea."


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