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At six months, Byakuya was considerably bigger, but when Captain Unohana was questioned about it the fourth captain merely told him that everything was fine with him and the baby and some people just gained more weight than others. Byakuya was also still putting off the baby shower even though Renji had pleaded with him almost every day to set a date. The redhead had to stop the nobleman from buying everything they needed as well to keep from offending anyone when the baby shower would finally take place. They had however painted the baby's room a more pleasing color and gotten a few toys and clothes. Everything seemed to be going just fine and the parents-to-be couldn't be more thrilled to know that everything in their little family was okay.

Byakuya had been more tired lately which Renji was getting used to and he often made the trip to Squad Six alone because the captain just couldn't make it to squad duty. This morning just happened to be one of them. Renji gets out of the futon to find that Byakuya is still fast asleep. He knew the reason why his lover was so sleepy was because it took him hours every night to find a comfortable position to sleep in and he just about always slept in because of it. The lieutenant showers and dresses before the noble even stirs, "Renji, what are you doing up so early?"

Renji chuckles softly before answering his lover's question, "It's not early, babe. It's time for squad duty. I didn't wake ya up cause it took ya so long to fall to sleep last night that I figured ya would wanna sleep in."

The raven haired shinigami nods and nuzzles his face back into the pillow, "Do you have to leave already?"

Renji pulls his crimson hair up and secures it with a hair tie before turning around to see his lover face first into the pillow with the cover over his head, "Yeah, I'm gonna grab a quick breakfast and then head out." He hears a grunt of affirmation from Byakuya making him smile, "If ya need anything just send for me."

"Okay." The sixth captain shifts his position to be able to look at his younger lover from underneath the covers, "Tell the squad that I apologize for abandoning them."

The tattooed shinigami makes his way to his lover and kneels down beside him, "The squad understands and no one thinks that ya abandoned them." He gives the noble a chaste kiss and smiles, "I'm going now, okay? I love ya."

Byakuya returns the smile and nods, "I love you also."

Renji stands up again and begins walking toward the bedroom door, "Oh, be thinking about when ya wanna have the baby shower."

He hears Byakuya groan, "Must you always bring that subject up and ruin my morning?"

"Well, if ya would just make a decision then it wouldn't have to be brought up all the time." He opens the door and leaves the bedroom knowing that when he returned his lover still wouldn't have come up with a date.

The nobleman sleeps for a few more hours before finally forcing himself to get out of the futon and begin his day. He hated being so unproductive, but he just had such a hard time getting comfortable lately that he took every chance he had to sleep when the need overcame him. Byakuya decides to take a shower considering Renji wasn't here to help him out of the tub and he would really hate to have to ask one of his house servants to hoist him out of the tub considering he would be wet and naked. When he finishes his shower he heads to the dining room to see his servants waiting for him. He tells them what he wants and sits down at the dining table to sip his tea while he waits. He really wished that Renji were here. He had gotten so used to eating breakfast with his lover that it always seemed weird when he ate alone now. He also had been strangely needy ever since he got pregnant which wasn't to say that he was sexually needy, but he just wanted his lover to be with him more than he would like to admit.

He places his hand on his protruding stomach and smiles, "You are turning me into a softy and that just will not do. As soon as you vacate my body I will have to return to my old self again." He feels Takahiro kick a bit at hearing his voice and when he looks up again one of his servants is placing a plate of food in front of him. He thanks her and begins his meal.

After his breakfast, he decides to walk around the garden. He hadn't been out to look at all the plants and flowers in a long time. When he walks outside the first thing he spots is a very familiar little girl with pink hair prodding around in his koi pond. He clears his throat making Yachiru turn around with a guilty expression on her face, "Oh, hiya, Byakushi!"

He walks closer to her with a frown on his face, "What, may I ask, are you doing in my garden, Lieutenant Kusajishi?"

"Um…I was just…petting the fish because…um, they looked lonely." She nods her head as if this was the most logical thing that she could be doing.

He approaches her and places a firm hand on her shoulder as he guides her away from the koi pond, "I see and is that all you were doing? The fish do not look as if they enjoy being pet."

He eventually guides her to sit down on the bench he had placed under his sakura tree and he sits beside her, "Well, actually I really came by cause the SWA wanted me to ask you about having a shower for your baby…but, I don't see how in Soul Society we're gonna give it a shower when it's still inside your tummy."

"The baby is a boy not an it and his name is Takahiro." He notices her staring intently at his very large stomach and he gestures to it with his hand, "You can touch it if you would like to, but do not tell anyone I let you do that."

She nods excitedly, "Okay!" She reaches her small hand out and places it flat against his belly with a smile on her face, "So, how are we gonna give Takahiro a shower anyway…I figure he's already pretty wet if he's hanging out inside your tummy."

He puts his arm around her shoulder and gets her attention making her reddish-brown eyes look up into his, "That is not the same kind of shower, lieutenant. Do you remember when Captain Kyoraku and Captain Ukitake had that party for Emiko before she was born and there was cake and presents?"

"Oh, yeah, I remember that! The cake was so yummy, but the present seemed really boring." She removes her hand from the sixth captain's stomach and smiles widely, "But, I remember that Ukki gave me the rest of the cake that was left over!"

"Well, those kinds of parties are called showers and they are given to help the new parents have everything they need before the baby arrives." He reaches into his robes and pulls out a few pieces of candy and hands it to her, "Does that make sense?"

She opens the first piece of candy and the wrapper makes a crinkling sound as she balls it up in her fist and places the candy wrapper in her own robes, "Yeah, that makes sense…anyway, Nana told me to come by and ask you when you wanted to have that big party and to see what kind of cake you and Pineapple Head liked the best cause that's what she would serve unless you didn't care and then she was just gonna serve whatever she wanted to."

Byakuya takes in a breath and lets it out slowly as he watches Yachiru struggle with the second piece of candy, "I really do not think that Renji and I will be needing a shower."

She looks up from the candy with a frown on her young face, "Why not?"

"Because, I am fully capable of providing the things that Takahiro will need without having a shower." He takes the candy from her and opens it before placing it back in her little hand, "There is no reason for other people to waste their time on a party or their money on presents when I can provide everything without it."

She pops the candy into her mouth and thinks about the noble's words for a moment before speaking again, "But, a baby shower isn't about that." When he doesn't interject, she continues to speak, "A baby shower is for everyone to show how much they love you and want you and Pineapple Head to be happy with your new baby. I think it would be rude if you didn't let them know that you love them back by letting them give you a baby shower."

A small smile forms on his face, "I never thought of it like that, lieutenant." He pats her head with his hand before reaching to get her another piece of candy, "Perhaps, you and Renji have been right this whole time and it isn't about what can and cannot be afforded, but it is about how much other people care for you."

She nods as she slips the new piece of candy into her robes to save for later, "That's right! So when you wanna have that shower? I gotta go back and tell Nana something otherwise she's gonna have a panic attack."

Byakuya chuckles softly at the little lieutenant's honesty, "Renji and I can have the shower next weekend if that is not too soon and I will let you pick out the flavor of the cake, Lieutenant Kusajishi."

Her face beams with happiness, "Really?!"

"Really." He places his hands on his stomach and sighs as he feels the baby kicking away inside him, "Now, was there anything else that you needed?"

She thinks for a moment before a curious expression appears on her young face, "Well, there is one thing that I've always wondered about."

He places a hand on his protruding stomach and nods, "Then go on and ask whatever it is you are wanting to know."

"Well, I know that Pineapple Head is gonna be your baby's daddy cause Kenny told me that, but…" She bites her bottom lip as she once again contemplates what it is she's trying to say, "But, how in Soul Society did he get that baby in there?"

A soft pink blush tints the sixth captain's cheeks at the little girl's innocent question. He wasn't embarrassed by talking about sex, but he had never actually explained it to someone and he had definitely never explained it to someone so young before, "I do not think that is a conversation that I should have with you."

She cocks her head to the side making her pink hair sway around her shoulders, "But, why not? It's your baby so surely you know how he got in there."

Byakuya sits up a bit straighter on the bench before giving her a stern look, "That is not what I mean. I know exactly how Takahiro came to be inside me, but you are not my child and therefore it is not my responsibility to have this talk with you."

Her shoulders slump a bit and she lets out a disappointed sigh, "I guess I'll never know the truth then cause I asked Kenny once, but he said I didn't need to know that kinda stuff and that it was grown-up people's business."

"For once, I agree with him." He places his hand on her shoulder and she looks up at him, "Having a baby is a very complex thing to try and discuss even with grown-ups and some aspects of it are very difficult to explain to someone as young as you are."

Yachiru lets out a long sigh, "It must be something really gross since no one will tell me what happens."

Byakuya chuckles softly before standing up from the bench, "You will understand it all one day and it will seem so simple that you will wonder why no one told you about it all sooner until someone asks you to explain it to them."

She jumps down from the bench as well and holds her hand out for another piece of candy. He places another piece in her palm and she smiles, "I guess that makes sense, but I still wish I knew how it all happened." She opens the wrapper on the candy and puts the piece in her mouth, "So, I guess I'll tell Nana that you wanna have that shower thingy next weekend."

He nods and begins walking toward the garden gate, "Tell her that I would prefer it be here in my manor."

"Okay." The eleventh lieutenant waves her goodbyes and jumps over the garden gate, "See ya, Byakushi!"

The nobleman shakes his head before retreating back inside. He felt sorry for whoever the poor person was who had to explain the birds and the bees to Yachiru. She would ask them a million questions and not even realize she shouldn't. The good news, however, was that he now had an answer for Renji's constant question of when the baby shower would be.

Meanwhile in Squad Six, Renji found himself drowning in a pile of paperwork. He never wanted to complain to Byakuya about the immense stack of papers that found their way to his desk when the noble was absent, but it was hell trying to get his stack and Byakuya's stack under control by himself. He knew he could save Byakuya's papers for when the captain returned in a few days, but he didn't want his lover to have to work so hard considering he wasn't skipping work to get out of anything. Usually, the redhead managed to rope one of his friends into helping him…which was usually Yumichika or Izuru, but both men were busy with their own squads today and couldn't find time to help him.

Just as the tattooed shinigami is about to sign the last paper in his stack the door bangs open and then slams forcefully shut causing both stacks of signed and unsigned papers to blow off the desk and onto the floor in a big mixed pile, "Shit!" He looks up from his desk and sees just who his visitor is and lets out a sigh, "Lieutenant Kusajishi! How can I help ya?"

The young pink haired lieutenant walks farther into the room and walks right over the jumble of papers on the floor before jumping up to sit on top of Renji's desk, "Hiya, Pineapple Head, I just came by to see if you had any kinda specific type of cake you wanted or if I could just choose the kind I wanted?"

Renji's eyebrows come together in confusion, "What are ya talkin' about? Why would I need any cake?"

"Well, you see, Nana sent me here to see what kinda cake you and Byakushi wanted for the baby shower." She reaches into her robes and pulls out a piece of saved candy she'd gotten from Byakuya, "So, what kinda cake do ya want?"

The red haired shinigami stands up with a sigh and makes his way to the front of his desk to begin picking up the fallen papers, "Why does it matter? Byakuya won't ever make a decision of when he wants to even have the baby shower."

Yachiru smacks on the candy for a bit and watches Renji pick up the paper for a few minutes before speaking again, "He wants to have it next weekend. That's what he told me just a few minutes ago."

The sixth lieutenant turns to face her and almost drops the papers on the floor again, "What?! He told you in one afternoon when he wanted to have it and I've been asking him for weeks?!"

She shrugs as she pops another piece of candy into her mouth, "I'm cuter than you and people love to make little kids happy so he told me cause I'm cute and little."

"Whatever." He picks up a few more papers and sighs again because now he would have to sort all the papers out before he could finish filling them out, "That's fine, I guess and I don't have any particular cake that I want. You can get whichever one he wanted."

A big grin appears on her face as she nods, "Okay!"

Renji finally manages to pick all the papers up and returns to his desk to sort them out and finds that Yachiru is still sitting on his desktop, "Was there anything else ya wanted? I'm kinda busy."

"Where do babies come from?" She locks her eyes with his and presses on with her question, "And how did you get that baby inside of Byakushi?"

Renji's eyes widen and his face turns red at the eleventh lieutenant's question, "Um…" He swallows hard as he tries to figure out what to say to her, "Well, it's…um, something that just…happens, ya know."

She shakes her head from side to side, "No, I don't know. That's why I asked you. I figured that since you put a baby inside Byakki that you could tell me how you did it."

"Well, I don't think that's somethin' we should be talkin' about." He shuffles the paper in his hand nervously, "Maybe, ya should go tell Lieutenant Ise about the shower plans now."

She crosses her arms over her chest and pokes her lips out in a pout, "But, I wanna know how you did it."

"Well, I'm not gonna tell ya!"

"Why not? Don't you know how you did it?"

He slams the papers down on his desk and gives her an angry look, "Of course I know!"

She jumps down off the desk and walks around to stand next to him, "Well, it doesn't sound like you know since you can't even explain it to me."

The tattooed redhead put his hands on his hips and bends down to her level, "I am not gonna tell ya how I put a baby inside my captain!"

Before Yachiru can come back with a rebuttal the two lieutenants hear someone clear their throat, "Am I interrupting something, lieutenants?"

The two arguing second seats turn their attention to the newest visitor and Renji stands up straight to address her, "Captain Unohana! No, you aren't interrupting anything. Can I do somethin' for ya?"

Yachiru rolls her eyes and turns to face the captain, "If you wanna know where babies come from then don't ask him cause he doesn't know."

He turns to look at the younger lieutenant with a frown on his face, "I do too know!"

"Nah ah!"

Captain Unohana clears her throat again and once more gathers their attention, "I came by to check on Captain Kuchiki, but I noticed that his reiatsu was not present, but since I was already here I thought that I could just ask you how he was getting along."

"He's good…well, he's tired a lot, but other than that he's doing good." Renji straightens his robes a bit and address the captain again, "Did ya need to see him?"

She shakes her head, "Oh no, I was just inquiring about him. You can remind him of his appointment with me next week though. I'll be by around one."

Renji nods, "Of course, captain. Thanks for your concern."

She gives him a smile, "You are very welcome." She then turns her attention to Yachiru, "If you'll come with me, Lieutenant Kusajishi, I would be happy to tell where babies come from."

"Really?!" She leaves Renji's side and stands next to the fourth captain, "You won't leave anything out?"

Retsu takes Yachiru's hand and nods, "I will tell you everything."

The two ladies leave the Squad Six office and Renji breathes a sigh of relief. Now, he could get the remaining paperwork done and he wouldn't even have to explain where babies come from. The even better news was that he now had a date for the baby shower. At least Yachiru's surprise visits were good for something.

Later that day, Renji manages to get all the papers sorted and signed and just as he's about to put them in the proper folders two very mad shinigami burst into the office and one of them knocks the papers out of his hand where they hit the floor once again and scatter everywhere, "Hey! What the hell, Ikkaku?! I fuckin' spent all day on those papers!"

Yumichika walks to stand next to the bald shinigami, "You have got a lot of explaining to do, Renji!"

"Yeah, a fuckin' lot of explaining to do!" Ikkaku slams his hands on the desk and gives Renji a furious glare.

"What the fuck did I do?!" He looks back and forth between Ikkaku and Yumichika, "I've been here all day doin' paperwork."

Yumichika rolls his eyes and scoffs at Renji's response, "Well, you obviously took a break at some point to tell our lieutenant where babies come from!"

"Wait, I…"

Ikkaku slams his hands on the desk again stopping Renji's words, "Don't even try to deny it! She fuckin' knows everything!" His face turns red as he looks away from the redhead, "She came and told me and Yumi just where everything went!"

Yumichika nods and points an accusing finger at Renji, "And then she said that she wanted us to have a baby like you and Captain Kuchiki so that she could play with it! Then she went and told Captain Zaraki what all she'd learned and he thinks that we told her!"

Ikkaku turns to face the sixth lieutenant again with the angry expression still in place, "Now you better march your father-to-be ass over to Squad Eleven and explain to our fuckin' captain that you're the one who filled our lieutenant's head with all that smut!"

"Guys! Stop for two seconds and listen!" He lets out a loud sigh, "I didn't tell her any of that." He holds a hand up to stop Ikkaku from yelling at him again and continues, "She came by and asked me about it, but I didn't tell her anything. Captain Unohana came by and volunteered the information. So if ya got a bone to pick then it's with her not me."

The two Squad Eleven members look from Renji to each other and then back at the redhead. Yumichika is the first to speak, "Did you say Captain Unohana?"

Renji nods and Ikkaku begins to speak, "As in the fourth captain?"

Renji nods again, "Yeah, she came by to check on Byakuya and when she left she took Lieutenant Kusajishi with her and told her all that stuff."

Yumichika lets out an odd sound before looking at Ikkaku again, "Well, that changes everything."

Ikkaku nods, "Damn right it does."

"I think we can let this one slide. Don't you, baby?" He grabs Ikkaku's hand and begins leading him to the door.

"Oh, yeah." He nods again, "We can definitely let this one slide."

Renji gives them a confused look and stops them from leaving the office, "Wait a minute." They stop and turn to face him again, "So you come in here and knock my papers around and wanna beat my ass, but you're gonna let it slide because it was Captain Unohana?"

Ikkaku gives Renji a 'duh' look, "Well, yeah…she's fuckin' scary."

Yumichika nods in agreement, "That's right. If our captain has a problem with it then he can go talk to her about it."

Renji gestures toward the papers on the floor with a scowl, "Well, aren't ya even gonna help me pick up my papers?"

The two Squad Eleven officers glance at the papers and shake their heads before Ikkaku laughs, "Fuck no! We ain't got time for that shit."

Ikkaku and Yumichika leave the office without another word and Renji lets out an annoyed sound as he picks up the papers for a second time that day. He hoped that when he finally got to go home that everything with Byakuya would be drama free…but drama free was starting to be a nonexistent thing in his life lately.


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