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The two Squad Six members make their way to the bedroom with Byakuya in the lead still leading Renji even though the redhead knew the way. Once they make it to the bedroom, the captain opens the door and pushes Renji inside the room first and he follows close behind, shutting the door behind them. The raven haired shinigami releases his lover's hand and grabs the slightly taller man's lapel to bring Renji's lips down to his.

The kiss is a short one, but very passionate as their tongues quickly meet in the redhead's mouth before Byakuya pulls away and makes his way to the futon. Before the nobleman lies down, he slowly strips off all his clothing as the crimson haired lieutenant watches hungrily. Byakuya stops in his undressing to speak to his lover, "Do not waste time, Renji. Your clothes need to be removed as well." Renji watches his pale lover strip for a few more seconds before tearing his gaze away from the beautiful body in front of him to remove his own clothing.

The dark haired captain finishes undressing first and lies down on the futon as he watches Renji remove the last of his clothing. The tattooed shinigami glances at his lover lying on the futon looking so sexy and his body shudders involuntarily. Renji finally joins his lover on the futon and covers Byakuya's body with his own as he captures the noble's lips with his again. He slips his tongue passed the slightly parted lips of his partner and explores the warm cavern of Byakuya's mouth.

The noble allows Renji's tongue to move around uninterrupted for a few seconds before allowing his own tongue to join in on the kiss. When their tongues slide against the others the two men let out moans of anticipation and Renji grinds his naked cock against the raven haired captain's equally naked erection. Byakuya groans into Renji's mouth at the feeling of heated skin against skin and the redhead soon ends the kiss allowing the two shinigami to breathe again. The ruby haired soul reaper looks down at his lover's face and an ashamed expression appears on his own tattooed face, "I really am sorry for not hearin' ya out last night."

Byakuya places his fingers softly to Renji's warm lips, "Shhh, now is not the time to discuss it, Renji."

The sixth lieutenant nods and brings his lips down to the noble's jaw where he kisses his way down his dark haired lover's neck and lovingly nibbles on the skin there. Renji hears the soft sounds of his captain's pleasure as he nibbles and licks his way along Byakuya's neck and eventually makes his way to the noble's chest. As Renji uses his tongue and fingers to toy with Byakuya's nipples the dark haired shinigami kneads the skin of his lieutenant's back feeling the muscles underneath the tattooed skin move and ripple beneath his fingers.

When the redhead has spent enough attention on Byakuya's nipples, he moves down the lean, pale body beneath him leaving a trail of saliva in his wake. The sixth captain shivers as the air in the bedroom lingers on the saliva-moistened flesh of his stomach. The Kuchiki heir props himself up on his elbows to watch the redhead's every move. He would never admit it if asked, but he actually enjoyed watching what his scarlet haired lover did to him and he wasn't disappointed. Renji's brown eyes shift upward and catch Byakuya's voyeuristic gaze only seconds before he engulfs the nobleman's cock inside the hot confines of his mouth. The tattooed shinigami teases the head of his dark haired lover's cock for a few torturously slow seconds before diving down the shaft with a hum.

Byakuya groans when he feels the hum vibrating down his length, but he doesn't look away from the sight of his lieutenant pleasuring him. The captain watches as his member disappears and reappears from within his lover's mouth and the visual aid only brings him closer to the edge of orgasm, "R-Renji…ah hah…not yet."

The redhead completely understands his lover's words and lifts his mouth from Byakuya's cock with a pleased look on his face, "Ya ready for somethin' else, huh?"

Byakuya doesn't respond with words, but the sixth captain spreads his pale legs wider as he raises his hips telling Renji everything he needed to know just from the lewd body language. A low chuckle rumbles in the lieutenant's chest as he reaches underneath the futon to retrieve the lube stashed there. The redhead gathers the lube onto his fingers where he rubs his fingers together warming the slick liquid before slipping his fingertip inside the winking opening of his lover. The sixth captain closes his grey eyes as he feels Renji's finger slip deeper inside him, "Mmm, more…I won't break, Renji."

A smile forms on Renji's face as he adds a second finger into the snug hole of his lover. He listens to the moans slipping from the noble's mouth and feels Byakuya's slicks walls contract around his fingers as he plunges them in and out of the wonderful feeling body. Renji just couldn't wait to be buried balls deep inside that sweet, tight ass and quickly adds a third finger making the captain cry out his pleasure at having his sweet spot prodded. The crimson haired soul reaper fingers the sensitive spot a few more times before pulling his fingers out. Byakuya opens his eyes again when he feels the empty sensation of Renji's fingers being removed from his body, but he doesn't complain because he knows what comes next will feel even better.

Renji looks into Byakuya's lust-filled eyes as he slicks his dripping length with the lube, "I love you so much and I want ya to be happy."

Before the sixth captain can respond to Renji's words, he feels the moist head of his lover's cock press against his entrance and press his way into the noble's scorching hot passage. Byakuya grips Renji's forearms with his delicate hands as he feels every inch of the redhead's length slide into his body. The lieutenant lets out a loud groan once he's completely sheathed inside his raven haired lover's snug hole, "Oh, ya feel…so good, Byakuya."

The dark haired shinigami wraps his slender yet strong legs around Renji's toned waist holding his lover in place as he adjusts to the size inside him, "I love you too…but…but I am not happy unless you are happy as well."

Renji places his lips over Byakuya's lips and kisses him hard with as much passion as he can manage before pulling away. The redhead pulls his hips back and then sharply snaps his hips forward again to rebury himself in the heated depths of Byakuya's body making them both release sounds of pleasure. As the lieutenant continues to rock his hips back and forth, the nobleman lifts his hips in time with Renji's thrusts attempting to gain more friction. Pretty soon the only sounds in the room are their labored breaths and the slick sounds of Renji's cock sliding in and out of his lover's tight body. The tattooed shinigami's hips begins to thrust at an erratic pace and his groans of bliss become louder, "I…ah ah….I'm gonna cum soon!"

The black haired noble lets out a particularly desperate cry as he feels his most sensitive spot being abused so wonderfully by Renji's hard cock. Byakuya was very close as well and reaches for his own weeping length to stroke himself in time with Renji's powerful thrusts. Suddenly, the captain feels his muscles tense before he releases his orgasm between them with an ecstatic groan of completion. The lieutenant continues his forceful movements into his lover as he feels the already tight walls squeeze him even harder until the redhead reaches his limit and spills his seed deep inside his dark haired lover.

The two sweaty men fall limply to the futon with Renji halfway on and halfway off the exhausted captain's body. They lie together for a few moments before Renji pulls out of his lover and flops down beside him on the futon. He turns his head to look at the raven haired soul reaper and notices the sated expression on his pale face, "Why is make-up sex always so great?"

Byakuya lets out a sigh before answering Renji's question, "Perhaps, because I have actually forgiven you enough to allow you to have sex with me."

The lieutenant laughs softly at Byakuya's comment before placing his hands behind his head, "So should we talk about the baby stuff now?"

"Only if you want to." The sixth captain swallows the lump of anxiety stuck in his throat as he thinks about holding Captain Ukitake's baby and how much he longed for the day when he could hold his and Renji's baby.

The redhead shifts his body to the side and props his head on his hand, "I'm not totally opposed to the idea…ya just brought it up so suddenly and I had never thought about us havin' a baby before." He places the hand not propping his head up on Byakuya's cheek and gently turns the noble's face in his direction, "When did ya start wantin' this? You've never talked about this before now."

Byakuya grabs Renji's calloused hand in his and holds it against his chest making the tattooed lieutenant feel his still pounding heart, "I have wanted a family with you ever since our relationship went from being just sex to a more serious, long term relationship. I never said anything because I did not want to scare you away." The sixth captain lets out a nervous breath before continuing, "I always thought that we could adopt a baby when the time felt right, but after Captain Kyoraku and Captain Ukitake had a baby, I just could not stop thinking about having our very own baby." He releases Renji's hand and turns in the opposite direction giving his back to the redhead, "I wanted children back when I was married to Hisana and until I met you I never thought I would want that with anyone else."

"I thought ya just wanted an heir to the clan." Renji sits up completely and stares at the smooth skin of his lover's back, "I…I'm kinda scared of havin' a kid and I don't know what to say to make ya happy." He places a hand on Byakuya's shoulder, "Please, look at me."

The nobleman reluctantly turns to face his lover again as he sits up as well, "Then tell me all your fears. Help me understand all the things you are afraid of." Byakuya's grey eyes stare deeply into the brown eyes of his lover, "I do not want you to be unhappy. If having a child is not something you will ever be comfortable with then I can learn to do without if it makes you happy."

Renji breaks the intimate eyes contact by staring down at the futon, "Part of me is very much against this. I've never had any parents and I don't know how to raise a kid. The pregnancy will be hard and who's to say our kid will be healthy…it's a lot to take in." He takes in a deep breath before slowly letting it back out, "But, then again the fact that I never had an actual flesh and blood family makes me want this. Sure, Rukia will always be like family to me, but a real family sounds pretty appealin'." He lifts his eyes to look at Byakuya again, "I'm real confused cause I don't know which part of me to listen to."

"We do not have to decide right away, Renji." Byakuya reaches out and brushes a strand of ruby colored hair away from Renji's face, "I want you to be certain of your decision."

The redhead finally smiles and kisses the delicate hand still resting on his face, "Just outta curiosity…um, which one of us did ya plan on havin' this baby if I do decide I wanna do it?"

The raven haired shinigami gives Renji an expression that seems to be saying 'isn't it obvious?', "Why me of course…I thought I had made that perfectly clear."

"Are ya sure that's such a good idea?" He gives Byakuya's naked body a once over trying to imagine his lover pregnant and he just couldn't conjure the image in his mind, "And since when did ya make that clear?"

An offended expression makes its way to Byakuya's face at Renji's words, "I never once said I wanted it to be you and what makes you think that my being pregnant is not a good idea?"

The redhead realizes his mistake and quickly tries to reprimand his remark, "I didn't mean that it was a bad idea cause you'd do something wrong, I just meant that yer the captain of the squad and it might not be good idea to have ya outta commission."

A small smile of apology graces Byakuya's features when he realizes Renji true intent with his comment, "That is true, Renji, but my reasons for giving birth myself are just as important."

"Whataya mean?" His facial features show his curiosity with Byakuya's words as he leans in closer to his lover.

The sixth captain begins untangling his raven hair with his fingers as he explains his reasoning to his tattooed lieutenant, "Even though my true intentions for having a child are to start a family with you, that does not change the fact that our child will one day be the heir of the Kuchiki clan. The clan is not very trusting of people that are not part of the clan and they most certainly do not approve of our relationship." He gives Renji an exasperated look as he continues his explanation, "If you were to carry the child and give birth to it, the clan would make up stories to disprove the child's Kuchiki blood. They would even go so far as to say you became pregnant with someone else's child just to remain in a relationship with me…they are very odd in their ways of thinking." Byakuya lets out a sigh as he slings his hair over shoulder after having given up on untangling his hair, "If I carry the child and give birth to it then the clan cannot deny that the child has Kuchiki blood flowing through its veins. It is a very simple reason for me to carry our baby…that is, if you decide you would like to have a child."

"The fact that yer the one that's gonna be pregnant doesn't make my decision any easier." He flops back down to the futon with a worried sigh, "In fact, it makes the decision harder."

Byakuya lies back down as well and rests his head on Renji's tattooed chest, "Why do you say that?"

"What if ya get sick or somethin' doesn't go right with the pregnancy or the delivery and ya die? I'll be constantly worried about ya." He wraps his arm protectively around the noble and squeezes him closer to his body, "I'm gonna need time to think about this."

"That is all I ever wanted you to do, Renji." The sixth captain snuggles closer to Renji's body and smiles, "I just wanted you to consider it before making your decision."

The two men lie on the futon in silence with Renji thinking of all the things that could go wrong and Byakuya thinking about names and other baby related thoughts.


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