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Renji flash stepped as fast as he could back to the manor even though he knew Byakuya wouldn't be home yet. He was so excited by the prospect of them having a child together that he couldn't wait to tell his lover the good news. He didn't know why it had taken him so long to realize that this would be his and Byakuya's child, that it wouldn't just be his responsibility, but the baby would belong to both of them. He didn't know why he'd been so hesitant to start a family. He'd always wanted one, but sometimes he just got too caught up in his own negative thoughts to consider all the good things this baby would bring.

He finally makes it to the manor and runs up to the bedroom, but once he's there he doesn't really know what to do with himself and he ends up just pacing nervously. Could he just blurt it out when Byakuya came home or should he let his lover relax after work first? The redhead lets out a confused sigh and flops down on their shared futon. He should have talked to Captain Kyoraku a long time ago. Now, whenever he thought of him and Byakuya having a child he smiled and tried to picture what the baby might look like. He even laughs out loud when he thinks that their baby might look just like him with the red hair and all. Wouldn't that piss the Kuchiki clan off?

The lieutenant is still laughing at his own thoughts when he hears Byakuya's voice, "You are certainly in a good mood this evening, Renji."

"Byakuya!" Renji sits up immediately and launches himself off the futon. He flings himself at his lover and wraps his arms around the noble's body in a tight embrace, "I want a family with ya. I always have, but I just couldn't put my concerns and worries behind me. I'm sold to the idea now and that's what I want."

The sixth captain blinks a few times at Renji's sudden embrace, but as soon as he hears his lover's excited words he smiles as he returns the embrace, "I am glad to hear you say that, Renji. What made you change your mind so suddenly?"

"I had a long heart-to-heart with Captain Kyoraku and he convinced me that a family was a good thing." He releases the embrace and smiles at Byakuya, "I knew that already, but I just needed a little push."

Byakuya pushes a piece of dark hair behind his ear and smiles again as he takes Renji's hand in his, "We will begin making preparations for the squad tomorrow and I will speak with the Head Captain as well as Captain Kurotsuchi." He brings Renji's large hand up to his mouth and he places a soft kiss to the skin on the back, "If everything goes well then perhaps we can try tomorrow evening."

"Tomorrow? I didn't realize it would be so soon." The crimson haired shinigami swallows his nervousness down and tries to remain smiling.

The sixth captain notices his nervous expression all the same, "We do not have to do it so soon if it makes you nervous."

"No." He shakes his head, "It's fine. I want to try as soon as possible." He lets out a long sigh, "I just didn't know that it could be done so fast."

Byakuya smiles again as he stands on his toes to breach the small height difference and kiss the redhead sweetly on the lips, "Let's get something to eat, Renji. We can discuss baby making once we are both fed."

The two Squad Six members go down to the dining room and have supper before heading back to the bedroom. The two lovers discuss the things that need to be taken care of around the squad and before long they both fall asleep. They knew the next day would be a tiring one and they wanted to rest up as much as they could.

The next day, Byakuya and Renji work hard to try and get paperwork and training drills settled to where it would be easy for Renji to do all the work himself once Byakuya got too big to attend squad duty. Once all the squad preparations were complete, Byakuya went to speak to the Head Captain alone and when he returned, the noble gives Renji a smile. He tells his red haired lover all about his and the Head Captain's discussion as they make their way to Squad Twelve. The raven haired Soul Reaper had previously discussed the particulars with Captain Kurotsuchi and now he only needed to obtain the small lozenge.

Byakuya takes the lozenge in his hand and listens to the rules and guidelines for the little piece of hard candy. The twelfth captain made the two of them sign a piece of paper saying they give him the right to monitor the baby's progress. When everything is settled, the two of them head back to the manor to eat supper before beginning their baby making.

They make their way to the bedroom where Byakuya ingests the lozenge before the two of them shower. Once out of the shower, Byakuya dries off enough not to get the futon wet and lays down on the soft sheets, "Are you ready, Renji?"

The tattooed man nods stiffly as he also dries off and joins his lover on the futon. Renji wraps his arms around the damp body of his lover and brings his lips to the sixth captain's lips. The kiss begins sweetly, but soon the redhead begins pressing his lips harder against the noble's lips until his body rests atop Byakuya's pale body. The kiss ends and Renji looks down into the grey eyes belonging to the raven haired shinigami, "I think…um, that we have a problem."

Byakuya gives his ruby haired lover a perplexed expression, "What kind of problem?"

The lieutenant's face turns just as red as his hair and he swallows audibly, "This has never happened to me before, but…um…well, I can't…I can't get it up."

Byakuya's cheeks dust pink at Renji's confession and he blinks a few times in bewilderment, "What do you mean, you cannot get it up?"

Renji lets out a frustrated sigh, "I mean that I can't get hard."

"I know what it means, but why is it happening?" The confusion of the situation shows in the nobleman's eyes, "You have never had a problem with it before."

The redhead removes himself from atop Byakuya's body and sits down beside him on the futon as he looks down at his flaccid cock, "I think the fact that we're not just havin' sex for pleasure, but the fact that we're havin' sex for an actual purpose is throwin' me off my game."

The sixth captain sits up with a frown, "That does not make sense."

Renji frowns as well, "I guess my brain didn't tell my body that is was okay to do this."

A sly smirk appears on Byakuya's face as he makes his way to the foot of the futon and soon positions his body between Renji's legs, "Then perhaps my mouth can inform your body that it is okay."

The sixth captain licks his lips before lowering his mouth down to the redhead's cock. Renji shivers when he feels the noble's warm breath brush against his skin. Byakuya's delicate hand grips the flaccid flesh to hold his lover's cock in place as his tongue darts out experimentally a few times to taste his lover. The raven haired shinigami had never had to arouse Renji before. The redhead was always willing to have sex and this was a new experience for both of them, but Byakuya continues to lick and suck on the ever hardening flesh until the lieutenant's cock is standing at full attention. The noble smiles at his work and wraps his lips around the heated organ before sliding his mouth up and down the redhead's cock. He hears Renji moan out his name breathlessly as his calloused hands grip the noble's black hair, "Mmm, ya really know what yer doin, Byakuya."

Renji bucks his hips slightly, but not enough to choke his lover and when Byakuya deems his tattooed partner ready to continue, he lifts his mouth away from Renji's throbbing cock. The sixth captain licks his lips to remove the excess saliva and pre-cum before speaking to his lover, "I feel confident you will be able to perform fully from this point on."

"I will agree with ya." He gives Byakuya a sideways grin and the nobleman once again positions himself on his back.

Renji grabs the lube and quickly prepares his lover. He didn't want to take any chances on his body acting rebellious again and doesn't waste any time with foreplay. Byakuya was urging him to get on with it anyway. With his lover prepared and ready, Renji grabs the captain's legs and lifts them over his shoulders before swiftly entering the raven haired man's tight, hot body. Both men groan at the sensation and as soon as Byakuya gives the word, Renji begins thrusting into him at a moderate pace.

The two lovers relish the feeling of the lazy pace as they get into a rhythm with the other's movements, but soon the noble becomes impatient with the slow pace, "R-Renji…nggh… faster…please."

The scarlet haired shinigami does as he's asked and pulls his hips back before slamming into his lover at full force. He then picks up the pace and lets out a pleasured groan himself, "I'm not…ha hah…gonna last long…y-ya feel…so good."

Byakuya lifts his hips to meet Renji's thrusts and lets out a loud cry as he feels his most sensitive spot being struck by his lover's hard cock plunging into him. He then closes his eyes when he feels the redhead's calloused hand begin to pump his dripping cock, "I am…so close…ah!...Renji, I…ah!"

With Renji's rough thrusts into him and the lieutenant's hand stroking him at such an exquisite pace, the noble cums with a loud cry of his lover's name. It doesn't take long for the tattooed Soul Reaper to follow with his own release as he fills his captain with his essence. The redhead remains inside his lover for as long as he can, but as he feels himself begin to soften he pulls out making Byakuya's legs fall to the futon.

Renji lays down beside Byakuya with a sigh and the noble finally opens his eyes with exhaustion before turning toward his lieutenant, "I love you."

The redhead smiles and places a lazy kiss on Byakuya's lips, "I love you too." The two of them are silent for a long time until Renji lets out a loud yawn and pulls Byakuya into his arms, "So, do ya think it worked?"

The sixth captain breathes in the scent of his lover and chuckles softly, "I do not even think women know if they are pregnant ten minutes after sex. We will just have to wait, Renji."

"And, if it didn't work?" Renji gives him a somewhat pitiful look, "What do we do then?"

Byakuya snuggles in closer to Renji's body with a smile, "Then we just try again, Renji. Making the baby is the fun part in all of this."

The ruby haired shinigami laughs at Byakuya's words and the two men soon fall asleep hoping that the next news they hear will be good news.


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