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The next morning, Byakuya awakes to his lieutenant's face extremely close to his own. He lets out a startled gasp before composing himself and questioning his lover's close proximity, "Renji, why are you awake so early and why are staring at me so intently?"

"Oh, sorry." The redhead chuckles and backs away from Byakuya's face as he sits down on the futon, "I just couldn't wait for ya to wake up and I guess I got a little too close while I was looking at ya."

The noble clears his throat and sits up as well, "And, why were you waiting for me to wake up?"

"I guess I just wanted to know if ya felt any different." He gives the sixth captain an embarrassed smile as he scratches the back of his head, "So, do ya feel any different?"

Byakuya lets out a sigh before addressing his crimson haired lover's question, "Renji, surely even you know that I cannot tell if I am pregnant this soon after conception. You will just have to wait a few weeks."

The lieutenant's body visually slumps at Byakuya's words, "Yeah, I guess I did know that, but I'm just so nervous about it all and I just thought that maybe you could tell." His face turns red as he continues speaking, "Ya know how sometimes women say that they just knew they were pregnant before they ever actually found out…well, I thought that maybe you would know too."

A small smile of understanding shows on Byakuya's face, "I know you are nervous and excited, Renji. I feel the same way, but I am afraid I do not share the gift of 'just knowing' with all those clairvoyant women."

"Right, I'm sorry fer being so impatient." A frown appears on his tattooed face at sounding so dumb in front of his lover.

Byakuya places a delicate hand underneath Renji's chin and lifts his frowning face to look at him, "Do not be sorry, Renji. You will never learn if you never ask questions." The nobleman places a gentle kiss to the redhead's lips before pulling back with a smile, "We should get dressed and eat before we have to go to squad duty." The tattooed shinigami nods as the two of them emerge from the futon and make their way to the shower.

Later in the day, Byakuya leaves squad duty early to make his way to Squad Thirteen. He had already contacted the white haired captain earlier and asked if he could come by for a while to discuss some things with him. Jushiro had agreed and promised to be waiting for him when he arrived. He told Renji where he was going and the redhead hadn't objected. The sixth captain finally reaches Jushiro's home and politely knocks. In a matter of seconds the thirteenth captain opens the door with a smile and Emiko in his arms, "Right on time, Byakuya. Come in."

Byakuya enters the home and Jushiro closes the door behind them. They sit down in the living room just as they had the time before. The noble once again looks around at the many pictures surrounding the room and he even notices a few new pictures, "Thank you for allowing me to visit."

Jushiro smiles and shakes his head, "You know you can visit anytime. You don't have to make an appointment." The thirteenth captain stands up, "I'll make us some tea."

"No, that's alright. I just want to ask you a few questions." He glances at the baby and he almost can't believe that Emiko had grown in just the few days since he'd been there. This observation makes him deviate a bit in his reason for being there, "How old is Emiko now?"

A proud expression passes across Jushiro's face, "She's six months old today and watch this." The elder shinigami places the baby on her butt on the floor and pulls his hands away. Emiko sits upright for a few seconds before falling forward and catching herself with her hands, "Isn't that cute?! She can almost sit up without using her hands at all."

Emiko's grey eyes lock with Byakuya's and the baby begins to smile and eventually giggle. While she continues to prop herself up with one hand, she reaches out for the noble with the other and giggles a little louder. The thirteenth captain laughs as well and picks her up, "She likes you, Byakuya. She only ever giggles for Shunsui and it's mostly because he's making silly faces at her." Jushiro stands up with the baby in tow, "She really wants to be with you. Do you want to hold her?"

The raven haired captain was still nervous when holding his fellow captain's baby, but he figured he had better get used to holding a baby if he and Renji were to have one. He nods and Jushiro deposits the baby in his arms, "She is getting heavier."

"Is she?" The older man sits back down with a smile, "I hold her so often that I hadn't realized." A slight frown appears on his face with his next words, "She still isn't as big as she should be by six months, but Unohana says that's normal for babies born prematurely." He places his hands in his lap and laces his fingers together, "Now, what kind of questions did you want to ask?"

The sixth captain takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it back out before beginning the questions, "Renji agreed to our having a baby and we tried last night."

"That's wonderful." Jushiro notices the odd look on Byakuya's face and his black eyebrows cinch together, "But, you don't look happy. I thought this is what you wanted."

"I do want this, but Renji is driving me insane." Emiko giggles as if she has any clue as to what was said. The noble smiles at her and continues speaking, "What I mean is that he has asked me numerous times if I feel different. I know I should not feel anything this early, but when did you begin feeling strange?"

"Well, I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was six weeks, but I started throwing up two weeks before that. Everyone is different, but I was at a month before I began to feel nauseous." He smiles again as he notices how content Emiko is sitting in the noble's lap.

The baby eventually notices the sleek black locks of Byakuya's hair and grabs a handful before pulling with more force than a six month old should possess. The sixth captain's face twists into a look of discomfort at the rough treatment of his hair, "She is rather strong for a baby."

Jushiro nods as he stands up, "Yes, she is. I'm sorry about that." He grabs Emiko after prying Byakuya's hair from her tight grasp, "She has a very strong reiatsu and she doesn't quite know how to control it at such a young age. She does it to me all the time, but I suppose I'm used to it." As soon as the thirteenth captain sits down, Emiko begins wailing as tears spill down her face, "I was afraid this would happen. She hates being detached from new people." He stands up again, "I'll just go get her a bottle. You'll excuse me?"

"Of course." Byakuya nods and Jushiro leaves the room. The raven haired noble sits in the living room alone and begins thinking that maybe having a baby wouldn't be as easy as he thought, but then again Renji had helped raise some of the children in Rukongai when he was only a child himself. He could do it as long as Renji was with him and maybe he would eventually become as good of a mother as Captain Ukitake had become.

Byakuya is torn from his thoughts as the thirteenth captain returns with Emiko in his arms occupied with a bottle, "Sorry about that. She usually eats before now, but she was so excited about you that she must have forgotten about being hungry for a moment."

"It is quite alright." Byakuya gives the older man a chance to take his seat again before speaking, "If you didn't become sick before a month then what kept you from sensing the reiatsu of your baby before then?"

Jushiro pale face tints pink at the thought of him not sensing it sooner, "I guess I could have sensed it, but I never expected to be something as off the wall as pregnant. Perhaps, if you try to sense it every day then you will feel it before the nausea sets in." He looks up at the noble with a curious look on his face, "You can't feel anything yet, can you?"

"No, nothing yet." He lets out a sigh, "I do not even know if it worked yet."

Emiko finishes her bottle and Jushiro rocks her gently in his arms as her eyes begin to close, "Trust me when I say this…the nausea is the least of your worries. You'll think that's the worst, but when that ends you'll start swelling and sweating all the time." He gives the younger man a sympathetic look, "It won't just be your stomach that swells either. Your feet and legs and fingers will too and before long you'll have to pee all the time and you'll want to eat things you never thought about eating before." The white haired shinigami's face turns pink once again with his next words, "And, not everyone feels this way, but after the nausea, I wanted to have sex all the time and you think that doesn't sound so bad, but I couldn't exactly have Shunsui all the time which made me cranky and he actually got tired of having sex and he hid from me."

Byakuya listens with terrified attention and all the color drains from his face, "That all sounds…horrific."

Jushiro laughs softly so as not to wake the baby, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. It's not as bad as it sounds, but I thought you should be properly warned." He smiles down at the baby before returning his gaze to his guest again, "But, when I look at her, it all seems worth it. I wouldn't give her up for anything and you'll feel the same way about your baby."

"Thank you again for the advice." The sixth captain's mind is racing and he didn't know how in Soul Society he was ever going to survive the sheer embarrassment of being pregnant, but he figures if Captain Ukitake could manage then so could he.

Jushiro stands up again and begins walking toward the baby's room, "I'm going to put her to bed and then I have something to give you." Byakuya nods and Jushiro disappears into the baby's room for a few minutes. When he returns he's carry a few books in his arms, "Here are some books on pregnancy that Unohana gave me. I don't need them anymore and they'll help you a lot more than me now."

He passes the books to Byakuya and the noble takes them gratefully, "Thank you."

"No problem." The white haired man smiles again, "If you ever wonder about something that's not in there then feel free to come talk to me."

Before the sixth captain can respond appropriately, a pink clad Shunsui barges into the house, "Hey, Byakuya! Any luck with the baby making?"

He pats the nobleman on the back nearly making him drop the books in his hand, "I am hoping it was a success. Thank you for your concern."

Shunsui laughs as he makes his way to Jushiro, "That lieutenant of yours was scared to death when he came to talk to me the other day." He laughs again, "Poor kid." The bearded captain embraces his white haired lover and kisses him softly on the lips before releasing him, "Where's my little princess?"

Jushiro places a pale hand over Shunsui's mouth and gives him a scolding look, "She is asleep and I will have to ask you to stop yelling."

As the two elder captains argue about the pros and cons of waking or not waking the baby up, Byakuya leaves the house unnoticed and makes his way back to his own home. He had a lot to tell Renji and he hoped what he'd learned today doesn't scare his ruby haired lover into regretting having a baby.


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