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The next morning, Byakuya rushes to the restroom as usual and this time when Renji appears to help him with his hair, the noble allows him to do it and doesn't snap at him. The two shinigami get in the shower together and once again Renji helps Byakuya clean himself up and the raven haired captain allows it without grumbling. Then the two make their way to the dining room and have a quiet breakfast without any shouting. The redhead was glad that he finally spoke up about the way Byakuya was treating him, but he could tell the nobleman was uncomfortable, "Are you feelin' okay, Byakuya?"

The sixth captain places a hand on his stomach and shakes his head, "No, I do not think I can eat this meal. The smell is terrible." He covers his mouth with his other hand and excuses himself from the table.

He barely makes it to the nearest restroom when Renji hears the sounds of morning sickness again. The lieutenant stands up and disposes of his lover's unsatisfactory breakfast and tells the servants to make something a little blander. When the captain returns to the dining room the new breakfast is set before him. He looks at his ruby haired lover and gives him a small smile before taking a few bites of his new breakfast.

When breakfast is finished the two Squad Six members begin making their way to squad duty. On their walk to Squad Six (because flash step made Byakuya nauseous), Renji feels the delicate hand of his pale lover cradle into his own. The tattooed lieutenant smiles as he squeezes his captain's hand and the two of them hold hands until they make it to Squad Six. Byakuya releases Renji's hand and gives him a smile as they both make their way into the office.

The day is fairly uneventful as Byakuya starts the squad on their training and he and Renji begin the large stack of papers on their desks. The nobleman is quiet as they work, but every-so-often Renji notices an uncomfortable expression flash across Byakuya's features and he knows his pregnant lover still isn't feeling well. When lunch time rolls around, the captain doesn't open his lunch and gives Renji a sour look, "Do you think you can handle the squad alone for the rest of the day? I am still feeling ill and I think it would be best if I relaxed a bit."

"Sure, I can handle it, but aren't ya gonna eat somethin'?" He pulls his own lunch out and begins setting it out on the desk, "I know ya don't feel well, but ya gotta eat somethin' fer the baby."

A faint smile shows on Byakuya's face at Renji's concern, "I am well aware of the baby's needs and I will eat as soon as my insides stop twisting."

"Is there anything I can do to help ya?" He gives his lover a sad look and frowns because he knows Byakuya would never take off early unless he was really hurting.

The captain shakes his head, "No, I just need to relax and your taking care of the squad is help enough." Renji nods and Byakuya leaves the squad.

When the sixth captain leaves Squad Six he doesn't head to the Kuchiki manor, he makes his way to Squad Thirteen. He knew the white haired captain always took off half a day on Wednesday and Byakuya needed to talk to someone who understood what he was going through. The raven haired shinigami is more out of breath than he'd ever been once he finally made it to the thirteenth captain's home. He stops to catch his breath a few times, but being pregnant certainly didn't do anything for his energy level and as soon as he catches his breath he finally knocks on the door.

The white haired thirteenth captain opens the door and frowns when he sees how exhausted Byakuya looks, "Come in and sit down. You look terrible…no offense."

"None taken." Byakuya enters the home and sits down in the first chair he approaches, "I did not realize the walk here would be so tiring."

Jushiro closes the door and stands beside the chair Byakuya is residing in, "Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, I just need to rest for a moment." The noble closes his eyes for a few seconds and when he opens them he notices the thirteenth captain has retrieved Emiko from somewhere. The sixth captain was shocked to see how much the baby had grown since he'd last seen her, "Emiko has grown a lot since I last saw her."

Jushiro smiles as he places her on the floor, "Yes, she has, but it has been six weeks since you visited. I'm assuming you and Renji are now expecting considering your fatigue." He chuckles a bit at the surprised look on Byakuya's face, "The last time you were here the two of you had only just tried to get pregnant. Did you not realize it had been so long?"

Before the raven haired shinigami can answer, he feels something brush against his leg. When he looks down he notices that Emiko had moved from her seat beside Jushiro and was now sitting next to him, "I did not realize it had been so long, but our first attempt was successful and I am around six weeks." He looks down at the baby again and can't stop the smile that forms on his face, "She is crawling now I see."

The elder captain smiles and nods, "She's not very good at it just yet, but she's almost eight months old and she sort of scoots and rolls until she gets where she's going. She certainly has taken a liking to you. She usually shies away from new people, but she's liked you from the start."

Byakuya bends down to pick Emiko up, but doesn't pick her up as another wave of nausea washes over him. He sits back up and covers his mouth with his hand, "I apologize. I am still feeling ill from this morning."

"No need to apologize, Byakuya. Morning sickness is not just limited to the morning and it can be quite debilitating." He stands up before continuing his talk, "I'll make you some tea that should help with the nausea. Shunsui found it when I was pregnant and it really does help." He begins walking to the kitchen, but turns around just before getting there, "You don't mind looking after Emiko for a few minutes do you?"

"Not at all." He finally successfully manages to pick the baby up, "And, thank you for the tea."

"It's no problem at all." The thirteenth captain then disappears into the kitchen.

While Jushiro is making tea, Byakuya holds the baby and feels for himself how much she's grown simply by how much heavier she is. Emiko giggles and coos as she fiddles with his scarf until she finally looks up at him with a cute smile on her face. He returns her smile and holds her for a bit longer until she decides she wants down. He grants her wish and places her back on the floor when she finally notices her mother is missing. Emiko looks around the room in confusion before letting out a very loud wail. The sixth captain immediately stands up and scoops the crying baby into his arms just as Jushiro returns with the tea.

When Emiko sees her mother she stops crying and smiles. Jushiro shakes his head at her over dramatic reaction to his absence, "I always come back don't I? You are such a drama queen." He places the tea on the table in the living room and takes the baby from Byakuya, "Thank you for watching her."

The two captains return to their seats where Emiko promptly begs to get back down. Jushiro places her on the floor and takes his own cup of tea. Byakuya sips his tea quietly for a moment before finally speaking, "I came to get your advice on a few issues that I thought you might be familiar with from your own pregnancy."

"Well, first things first, I never congratulated you on your wonderful news of being pregnant…so congratulations to you and Renji." When the noble doesn't respond, the white haired captain frowns, "It is wonderful news isn't it? This is what you wanted, right?"

Byakuya takes another sip of his tea before answering the older shinigami's question, "It is wonderful news and I thank you for your congratulatory wishes, but I'm not sure how I will make it another eight months without losing my mind."

"Several things will cause you to all but lose your sanity when you're expecting, but I'm going to need specifics to be able to help." He sips his tea again and watches Emiko investigate Byakuya's pants leg with curious fingers.

The black haired captain lets out a sigh, "Renji wants to help with everything and I just don't know how to let him help. Not only that, but I've been taking all my anger out on him…he even threatened to…to leave, but I managed to prevent that from happening." He takes in a deep breath before letting it slowly back out, "I am not really angry with him, but I can't show my anger in front of just anyone and it only seems as if I am angry with him when it is really all the stress of the day accumulating in my mind." He finally notices the curious baby and picks her up again, "I do not mean to be angry and I do not even know why I am angry most of the time. I feel as if I am a guest in my own body. It is very frustrating to say the least."

Jushiro chuckles softly and the nobleman looks slightly offended, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh at your plight, but it's not unusual to feel the way you're feeling." He puts his tea cup down and continues speaking, "I never was very anger, but I was extremely emotional. I cried over the tiniest things and I cried in front of Shunsui because I trusted him the most with my feelings and it wasn't anything he did, but a lot of the time he thought it was his fault." He stands up and walks toward Byakuya to take the baby from him as he notices the noble having a hard time containing the wiggly baby, "The key to everything is talking. If you can talk about the things that are bothering you with Renji the way you're discussing them with me then the two of you should be fine."

"That sounds very easy, but talking is harder to do than it seems." He laces his fingers together and places them in his lap, "I find that I am over emotional when discussing my feelings about my pregnancy now than I was before. I feel as if I will never be myself again."

Emiko tugs on her mother's white hair as he addresses Byakuya's concerns, "Your emotions will get better, but you won't fully be back to normal until after the baby is born." He sits back down as the baby becomes fussier and positions her to begin rocking her, "Someone certainly needs a nap." The two men are quiet for a long time, but Jushiro eventually breaks the silence with more words, "When are you planning on telling people your good news?"

"I am not sure. I am not even used to the idea myself yet." He unconsciously touches his abdomen and smiles, "I do not even know how to begin telling people."

"Then perhaps you should start by telling your sister." Byakuya's eyes widen at his words and the thirteenth captain realizes the noble had completely forgotten about Rukia, "Rukia is concerned about you. She's seen you coming here a lot and asked me what was wrong. I refused to tell her, but maybe you should let your sister know that she is to be an aunt in the near future. I'm sure she would be overjoyed to know her brother and her best friend are expecting a little bundle of joy."

Byakuya frowns at his own mistake, "I have been so preoccupied with my own discomfort that I completely forgot about Rukia."

"I'm sure she'll forgive you once you tell her the good news." He kisses the top of Emiko's head and Byakuya notices the baby is asleep, "Perhaps, you and Renji could invite her over for supper and tell her tonight. She's been very distracted at squad duty because of her concern for you."

Byakuya nods, "That is a wonderful idea, Captain Ukitake. I need to be going and inform Renji of our dinner guest."

The two captains stand up and Jushiro speaks once again, "Wait here and I'll get the box of tea I made for you. I don't need it anymore and it should do you some good."

Before Byakuya can object, the thirteenth captain and the sleeping Emiko disappear to the kitchen to retrieve the tea. Jushiro returns with the tea and Byakuya bids him farewell as he makes his way back to the Kuchiki manor. He certainly hoped Rukia approved of his and Renji's soon to be new addition to the family.


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