Title: White Noise
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut, MPreg

Description: After overcoming all the pain from the first pregnancy, Shizuo and Izaya are happy that they can live a more domestic life. But the side-effects didn't stop after Izaya overcame his depression. In fact, things only became more complicated and stressful. Sequel to Baby Bump. Smut. MPreg.

"Tsugaru!" The little blonde boy on the floor stopped playing with the block in his hand and looked over at his raven haired mother. "Say; ma-ma…" The informant said slowly and with a great deal of annunciation. The toddler looked at his mothers lips. His blonde eyebrows knit together in concentration for a moment before he began to giggle and crawl over to plop on his mother's lap. Izaya let out a defeated sigh and ran his hand through his little boy's blonde locks. He looked down with his crimson colored eyes at Tsugaru's tiny little head. "You're just like your father." Tsugaru paid no mind to his mother's words as he looked at the block in his hand, turning it over to look at the 'Tsu' hiragana that was written on it. After a few moments of lingering on his mothers lap, the little toddler stood up to walk over and begin playing with xylophone.

Izaya watched his son with an emotionless stare. Subconsciously, he began to rub his enlarged stomach. Getting pregnant a second time was not something that Shizuo and Izaya had planned. They didn't even know that he could get pregnant once again, since he didn't take the drug that caused his much painful first pregnancy. Apparently, another side-effect to the drug he was slipped was he became fertile such as a woman. That was not something that the two lovers were aware of, however, until Izaya was too far into his second pregnancy. The informant didn't mind being pregnant so much a second time though. The informant loved his son very much. He was one of the main sources of the information broker's happiness. It shocked everyone, even Izaya himself, how much of a protective and caring mother that he was. He was almost so protective to the point that it was unhealthy and suffocating, similar to the informant's love for humanity. Luckily, Shizuo had managed to tone the informant's nearly obsessive love down for their son.

Everyone had a very careful watch on the informant for this pregnancy. They didn't want a repeat of the horrific first pregnancy that Izaya had endured. Shinra had given the pregnant man some pregnancy safe anti-depressants and anti-psychotics to try and prevent any post partnum depression that would occur after birth. He was also taking some prenatal vitamins to help him have a much healthier pregnancy this time around. So far, everything was going well. He was now 7 months pregnant and, even though he had some pretty rough days, the pregnancy was a lot more smooth and enjoyable than it was with Tsugaru. But…

"Twins…we're going to have…twins…" Izaya spoke softly to himself as he watched Tsugaru strike the colorful bars to make various sounds. Having twins was not something that Izaya and Shizuo even thought about. Tsugaru, though perfect in his parent's minds, did have some birth defects due to the experimental pill. Though he was very smart for his age, his ability to speak was not something that was up to par. He could make sounds, but the actual formation of words was something that was a real struggle for the little toddler. Izaya had tried, a few times, to find out why he couldn't speak…but the doctors just kept telling the informant that he had to wait until he was older for them to diagnose any sort of speech disorder in the toddler. Tsugaru was 20 months old now and very advanced in every other area. Izaya was determined to help his son speak. In order to communicate, he had taught himself and Tsugaru sign language. He would sign the words while speaking to his son to try and help him with his speech delay. Shizuo had also tried to learn sign language, but wasn't able to pick it up like Izaya had. He was able to say and understand a few things, but that was it.

"I'm home." Izaya was torn away from his thoughts when he heard the soothing sound of his lover's voice. Tsugaru's head perked up as he looked at the door. A smile spread across his face when he saw Shizuo taking off his shoes in the door way. He pushed his small body up off the floor and ran over to his father to immediately cling to his legs. Shizuo chuckled slightly before placing his hand on the toddlers head.

"Hey little guy. Did you miss me?" As suspected, Tsugaru remained silently. He simply looked up at his father look alike and flashed him loving smile. The bodyguard bent down and picked up his son after slipping off his shoes and placing them neatly by the door. He made his way into the loft that he and Izaya shared until he reached the informant that was sitting on the floor. The tall blonde leaned over and placed a kiss on the other man's cheek.

"Hey, you okay?" Izaya looked up at Shizuo while still rubbing his belly.

"Yeah just…thinking…" The former bartender searched the informant's crimson orbs with his own caramel colored ones. He turned his attention back to the toddler that was in his arms.

"It's time for a nap Tsu." Tsugaru frowned but didn't make any fight to be put down to sleep. Shizuo made his way into Tsugaru's blue room and tucked his son into bed. He made sure to give his son his favorite bear that wore the blue and white kimono before turning out the light and closing the door, leaving it open just a crack. The tall blonde made his way back over to Izaya, who was still sitting on the floor. The couch creaked underneath the bodyguard's weight as he sat down. The dark haired male got up from his place on the floor and took a seat next to his lover. The two sat in comfortable silence before Izaya decided to break it.

"We're going to have to move." Shizuo looked over to his lover and nodded slightly.

"Yes, I figured as much…" Izaya looked up at his blonde boyfriend.

"What are we going to do Shizu-chan?" The blonde male lifted an eyebrow in confusion. "Twins are…a lot of work…and with Tsugaru, and his problem, I'm not sure I can handle it…" The informant trailed off as memories of his childhood resurfaced in his mind. Kururi and Mairu were frustrating, pests to him. His parents had a hard time juggling all three of them, especially because his sisters were the same age. Though his parents did give him attention and love him just as much as his sisters, the twin girls definitely got the bulk of the attention of his parents. Izaya didn't ant that to happen with his children.

"You're Izaya Orihara, you can handle anything." The informant snapped back to reality and looked at the smirk on his boyfriend's face. Instantly, Izaya plastered his signature smirk on his face.

"You're realizing this just now Shizu-chan?" The blonde male chuckled and wrapped his arms around the informant's waist, pulling him closer.

"Cocky bastard." Shizuo leaned in the plant a kiss on his boyfriend's lips, but Izaya leaned back dramatically.

"Shizu-chaaaaan~" The information broker whined. "I'm not hooooorny~" The bodyguard gave his lover a quizzical look.

"You need to be horny to kiss me?"

"Don't question my logic Shizu-chan…" The taller male sighed. Izaya was always so weird when he was pregnant. He was horny one moment and didn't want to be touched the next. It changed so fast that the former bartender had trouble keeping up. Shizuo tore his gaze away from his baby mama as he looked at the floor.

"I want a baby girl." Izaya picked his head back up at looked at the blonde.

"Girls are a pain in the ass Shizu-chan." He let his head fall back again and continued speaking. "They are so moody. Not to mention what happens when they go through puberty. Ah, but you don't know what girls go through during puberty…do you protozoan?" Shizuo shrugged his shoulders and folded his hands behind his head. He leaned back and lifted his legs, placing one over the other, to let them rest on the coffee table that was in front of the black leather couch.

"Doesn't sound too hard. I already deal with you it can't be that much different." Izaya glared at his boyfriend.

"They bleed from their vagina."

"…that's disgusting."

"Let's just have a gay son. It's a lot less messy." Shizuo let out a defeated sigh. Regardless of what Izaya said, the blonde still wanted a baby girl. He would never admit it out loud but he found the idea of having a daughter very adorable. He could already see her happy face as she ran towards him, her curly pig tails bouncing with every step that she took towards her father…

Izaya tore Shizuo away from his daydream when he laid down on his lap.

"All joking aside, we really need to prepare for them Shizu-chan…" The blonde placed a hand on his lovers head and looked down at him. He brushed his black bangs aside and leaned down to place a loving kiss on the information broker's forehead.

"I know…" Izaya looked back up at his lover.

"We need to get Tsugaru tested…" Shizuo frowned for a moment. Tsugaru not being able to speak was something very sensitive to both male. They had even fought about it a few times. Izaya was so fixated on the issue while Shizuo didn't see it as that much of a big deal. He was perfect to him whether he could speak or not.

"Maybe he just doesn't want to speak…" Izaya sat up and looked seriously at his lover.

"Do you really not want to hear him say 'daddy'?" Shizuo sighed and shook his head no.

"I just don't want to push him." The two lovers looked at each other for a moment before Izaya looked away.

"Sometimes people need to be pushed…"

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