Title: White Noise
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya,
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut, MPreg

Description: After overcoming all the pain from the first pregnancy, Shizuo and Izaya are happy that they can live a more domestic life. But the side-effects didn't stop after Izaya overcame his depression. In fact, things only became more complicated and stressful. Sequel to Baby Bump. Smut. MPreg.

Izaya was very confused by his boyfriend's odd behavior. First off, he asked him to talk to him alone and second, just being outside wasn't enough. Shizuo made the pregnant male walk a short distance to a desolate park. Izaya briefly wondered if Shizuo was planning to kill him and bury his body out in the middle of nowhere. He was torn from his thoughts when he bumped into his boyfriend's back due to his sudden halt.

"Shizu-chan…what is going on? It's cold out here and we're missing the party." Izaya nagged, but the blonde male paid no mind to that. He was too nervous about what he was about to ask. What if Izaya said no? He wouldn't put it past him, being the bastard he was. If he did say no, Shizuo wouldn't know what to feel. Hurt, betrayal, confusion...He didn't want to make the other male wait to long, but he wanted to make sure that everything was perfect too. The informant opened his mouth again to complain, but was cut off by the booming voice of the body guard.

"Izaya…we have…been together for awhile…and uhh…dammit…" Shizuo stumbled over his words. He had the whole speech planned out in his head and practiced it in front of the mirror a dozen times…but now he was getting all tongue tied. The pregnant male crossed his arms over his chest, quickly growing impatient.

"Shizu-chan I—"

"Marry me." Shizuo suddenly blurted out. He cursed himself under his breath for his nervousness and for his lack of talent in confrontations. Izaya stood there completely shocked by those two words. He couldn't have heard it right…could he? The informant began to laugh and placed a hand on his boyfriend's back.

"Shizu-chan, I think I am hearing things…I could have sworn you just asked me to marry you~" The dark haired male continued to laugh, but it quickly turned into a nervous one when the former bartender remained quiet. Shizuo clenched and unclenched his fists. He had never been this nervous in his entire life. The blonde male pulled out the ring box from his pocket and opened it. He took a deep breath and turned around to face the informant.

"I wasn't joking…Izaya Orihara…will you…marry me…?" Crimson eyes traveled from his boyfriend's serious face to the engraved band that was sitting so delicately in the box that was in the bodyguard's strong hands. He felt his breath hitch as his eyes locked on the ring…He felt a rush of emotions go through him as his eyes settled on the piece of jewelry. Of course, he was flattered…but he was also feeling conflicted. He loved Shizuo, he really did, but the idea of marriage was never something that he was entirely comfortable with. He had commitment issues, and he only ever saw the negative sides of marriage. The sex got bad, they began to argue all the time, they feel suffocated by one another, cheating, lying…as an informant, he had seen these things in married couples too many times to count. He never wanted that to happen with Shizuo. He had always told himself that he would never get married…but now faced with the proposal from the one he loves the most…he began to inwardly panic.

"Haha Shizu-chan~ How anti-climatic of you~" He stalled. Shizuo felt his face heat up in embarrassment.

"Stupid flea…just answer the question!" The informant bit his lip as he looked at the ring. Just as he was about to tell his boyfriend that he needed more time to think…he caught the blonde's caramel eyes. They were full of passion, of love…the look alone took his breath away. Sometimes the informant forgot exactly how loving and passionate Shizuo really was. Yes, they still fought…but the blonde loved Izaya and would do anything to make him happy. Izaya felt his heart clench as he looked into those hypnotic eyes, the eyes that he grew to love so much.

"Shizu-chan…" The informant took a step forward so that they two were closer. Izaya smiled up softly at his boyfriend and grabbed his hand softly. "…I will…" Shizuo felt the corners of his mouth twitch up in happiness. He had a hard time continuing the happiness that was surging through his veins.

"Izaya…" The blonde lifted his hand and caressed his now fiance's face. Gently, he began to lean in, but the informant suddenly pulled away.

"But I am not wearing a dress." Shizuo blinked at the sudden change of mood before he began to smirk.

"Oh? Why not? You wear a dress in the bed room." The bodyguard teased. Izaya felt his face heat up as he pushed against the blonde's chest.

"That's in the bedroom and it's not all the time! It's not my fault you have housewife fetishes." Shizuo began to laugh and grabbed Izaya's waist.

"You like it." Izaya scuffed and looked away.

The smaller male looked up at his lovers face with soft eyes. "I will..." He said in a gentle whisper. The body guard felt happiness surge through his body as he looked down at his now fiance. He pulled him in close so that they two were pressed together. The informant looked up at his fiancé, trying his best to pout. The blonde tapped his index finger on the smaller male's lips.

Shizuo took advantage of the opportunity and slipped the band on the informant's finger. The pregnancy made it unable for him to put it on his ring finger, so he just slipped it on the one next to it. Izaya blinked as he felt the band be slid on. He extended his fingers to look at the ring. It was quite simple, but the informant really liked that, the engraving was better than any diamond that could have been put on it…though he was silently thankful he didn't get him a diamond band. Even though he was gay, he didn't like to wear feminine looking jewelry. Shizuo tilted Izaya's face towards him and brushed his thumb against his soft cheek.

"I love you Izaya…" The informant smiled and wrapped his arms around his fiance's neck.

"I love you too…Shizuo…" Izaya stood up on his tip toes and placed a loving kiss on his fiance's lips. Shizuo tightened his hold on the informant and tilted his head slightly so that their lips molded together better. They pulled apart for a moment, but were soon against each other again with a more demanding kiss. Shizuo parted his lips and brushed his tongue against Izaya's lower lip to ask for entrance. It was granted in a heart beat and the two muscles began to twist together. The informant pulled away slightly only to lightly bite down on the former bartender's lip. Shizuo moaned lowly and pressed his lips against Izaya's once again. After a few more moments of tongues fighting endlessly for dominace, the two parted breathlessly.

"Let's go get Tsugaru." Izaya said after he caught his breath. Shizuo smiled a genuine smile and nodded. He grabbed the informant's hand lovingly and began to lead him back into the Halloween party.

A colorful array of fish were separated by ownlookers by a single, thick piece of glass. Bright blue eyes looked at the exotic and vibrant water breathing creatures in complete awe. He pointed at the swimming fish and looked up at his father with a gleeful smile on his face.

"Fish Tsugaru." The blonde bodyguard said to his happy little boy. The small child smiled and turned his attention back to the fish. Shizuo bent down at let his son walk over to the glass. Tsugaru ran over and placed his hands and face up against the transparent dividing wall, watching the colorful creatures with his eyes.

"Ah! Tsu don't get too close!" The dark haired informant said as he walked over to his fiancé with a map in his hands. Shizuo placed his hands in his pockets and looked over at the smaller male.

"Relax, it's an aquarium. The point is to look at the fish." Izaya threw the former bartender a glare before looking at his map. Luckily, the aquarium wasn't very crowded. The informant hated being out in public in large crowds of people. Even though they weren't aware, Izaya saw every look that they gave him and heard every whisper that they said about him. Even though he hid the pregnancy very well, people still knew. Being in a romantic relationship with another man, especially the monster of Ikebukuro, didn't help avoid the on lookers either. It bothered him to no end, but he would never show it on the outside.

A sudden vibration to in his pocket in his pocket pulled his attention away from the map. He pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the caller.


He pressed the talk button and put the device up against his ear.

"What is it Shinra? We're at the aquarium." Shizuo looked over at his lover before walking over to his son. The tall male kneeled down and placed a hand on Tsugaru's back. He pointed out various fish to his son as Izaya talked on the phone.

"Izaya, you need to bring Tsugaru here right away."

"I'm a little busy right now. Can't this wait till later?" There was silence on the other end. The informant pulled his phone away from his ear to make sure that the underground doctor was still on the line. "Shinra?"

"Izaya, Tsugaru has speech apraxia."

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