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Chapter two
Shrill squealing. Pained shrieks. What was making those pain filled sounds? Nny had been up late at night drawing happy noodle boy comics in his roach and victim infested house when the sound had began. He figured it had been one of his "victims" but, the noises sounded as if it was just a house away. His brow knitted in thought as he tapped the pencil on the desk. "please!"the anguished voice said "don't! Schmee help me!". Nny's eyes flew open as he realized it was his neighbor that had been in pain. His eyes narrowed dangerously as they shifted to look out the window at Squee's house. His hand slid over the desk finding the worn leather bound hilt of his knife. The blood wall would be fed well tonight. Swift and silent as the serial killer he was, he started for the basement tunnel. Any person would have felt the immense hatred rolling off him. He was so angry that even Dough boy would have thought twice about crossing the maniac. As he approached the tunnel door, more squealing reached his ears fueling his already growing anger. He forced himself to stay silent until he was peeking out from behind the door that lead inside Squee's. Carefully scanning the scene before stepping up the stairs to look out the basement door into the main level of the house.
"No please!"Squee cried.
He was huddled in a corner clutching Schmee tightly in fear. His cloths were ripped and small assorted cuts and bruises showed through. Tears streamed down his cheeks from his puffy red eyes. Nny nearly lost all control when he saw Squee in this abused, beaten state. Squee's father stood over him glaring down in the dim glow of the houses lights. He raised up his fist and brought it down hard on poor little Squee's shoulder, knocking him to the ground. The little boy sniffed hugging his bear closer and curling up in fright.
"I told you to go to bed!"His dad snarled "We have to feed you, cloth you, send you to going to bed to much to ask?!".
Nny drew his knife preparing to strike. He had never been so pissed at anyone so much in his life and just like that, he lost control.

"You low life abusive son of a bitch!"He yelled at Squee's dad leaping at him.

He stabbed him in the chest causing his blood to squirt onto the wall. Once Nny had stabbed him several times with the weapon, he sliced his chest open and slit his throat. Nny kept stabbing the carcass with his knife for several minutes, much to Squee's horror. Finally, Nny looked up venom and insanity in his mad eyes. He looked about for a second and stood walking into another room. Squee didn't dare move or speak. He was paralyzed with terror at the gruesome scene he had just witnessed. Nny approached the drugged up form of Squee's mom laying on her bed. He stabbed and sliced down on her back, causing her spine to break in two pieces down the middle as it stabbed up through the skin streaked with blood. She didn't make a sound as she died. Next Nny slit her throat and stabbed her limbs many times until his anger began to give way to concern for Squee. He left the bloody carcass there and strode into the other room where his neighbor was now shivering in a corner.

"Y-You killed mommy and daddy..."The small child glanced at the gruesome body of his father "Why Mr. Scary neighbor man? Why?".

Nny looked at the small scraped up and gore covered boy in silent realization of what he had just done. Fresh tears were falling down Squee's face and the lighting cast a shadow over his face. No thoughts came to the murders mind as he processed the event in his mind. Nny looked emotionless at Squee. Deep sorrow and great pain reflected in those deep dark eyes.
"I killed your parents..."Nny said slowly into the tension ridden air.

Silence followed this statement. It weighed heavily on Nny. His hands began to shake and his face turned to pain and shock as he glanced the fresh blood running along his blade. He shut his eyes tightly, clutching his head.

"I killed them. I hurt him. He's all alone now and I've done this to him."He though.

Nny gave a yell of agony and bolted leaving the grief stricken Squee behind. Nny knew he would never be forgiven for this. Squee was his only friend and he had lost this all because of his blind rage. Why had he done this? Why? Squee was pure but, without parents he would wind up on the streets and loss that innocence. He had taken the kids future away. Oh what had he done?
A tear escaped his eye again as he remembered what he had done the night before. Dawn was coming soon and he had been sitting on the same box of nails sense his talk with Squee. He shut his eyes and sighed. Whats done was done, now he had to raise Squee properly. This wasn't going to be easy. After all he was a homicidal maniac who murdered people and talked to imaginary things. At least, he reasoned, the boy would be cared for with him. He shook his head and stared at the ground. Shadows fell across the room and Mr. Samsa crawled across the floor.
Line break-
The young boy stared across the room at his dad. Something wasn't normal about him that night. He seemed more angry.

"Daddy are you ok?"Squee asked, hugging Schmee.

"For the hundredth time. Go to sleep!"His dad nearly shouted.

"But i was just asking if you were all right..."Squee trembled as his father stood up.

Seven years of pint up rage at the child drove Squee's fathers mad rage. He had had it with his son. Squee needed to be disciplined. The outraged man raised a hand to his terrified son. Squee's terrified and pained shrieks only made his father more angry. The young Squee was hit several times leaving many bruises. Small cuts formed from scrabbling away across the floor.

"No daddy please!" Squee cried "Squee!".

The abusive act went on for a while until Squee thought he couldn't scream anymore. He closed his eyes and hugged Schmee closer,preparing for the end. It never came. A familiar voice came from the basement stairway.

"You low life abusive son of a bitch."It said.

Squee peeked open his eyes to see the scary neighbor man with his knife. He shrieked huddling tighter into the corner, closing his eyes. Horrible noises could be heard, Bone against metal and warm red hissing blood. Squee was conscious of gore covering him and Schmee as Nny did his work. Through his half closed eyes Squee saw Nny murder his father. It filled with a horror beyond anything he ever felt. After several minutes, Nny stopped stabbing a Mr. Casil. He looked up paralyzing Squee with his murderous eyes. Squee trembled as his neighbor headed into another room and more horrible sounds came from in there. Mr. Scary neighbor man came back into the room and the boy decided to confront him.

"Y-You killed mommy and daddy."He barley squeaked "Why Mr. Scary neighbor man? Why?".

Squee realized he was parent-less and he was alone. Forever. He couldn't live with grandpa. He would eat him. More tears streamed down his already wet face. Nny looked like a statue as he contemplated what he had just done.

"I-I killed your parents..."Mr. Scary neighbor man had said slowly to no one.

Squee realized Nny was more than likely realizing what he had just done. A moment latter Squee was alone with his dead parents and Schmee. He felt scared, sad and alone. But most of all afraid. Very afraid. What if Johnny came back? After a few minutes he finally moved up the staircase back to bed. Like his daddy would have wonted.

"Squee!"The scared boy sat up in bed. He had been having a bad dream about what had happened earlier.

"I'm scared Schmee. Lets get daddy."He said.

He then realized what he said. More tears slid down his face sparkling as moonlight caught them. He buried his head in his pillow sobbing for his deceased parents. Cold shadows played across his bed as he sobbed into the still silent air.

Line break-

Nny heard the boy. He had just finished thinking about what he had done to him but, it was hard to forget when Squee's pained and sorrowful cries came from the other house. He had probably destroyed Squee's innocent nature and what little trust the kid had for him. He sighed getting up to look out the semi-boarded up window at the cold lifeless sky. Stars stared down at him like icy chips stuck up in the endless black. Whatever challenge came ahead, Nny would be prepared for it. Squee could not end up like him. He had to do this for the kid. That was his job now. The stars continued there icy glare down on the world as the darkness began to fade away to dawn.
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