"Where will you go?"

Sirius Black looked at his godson with affection, but also sadness. An image of a girl with strawberry blonde hair with a hurt expression on her face flashed through his mind. "I don't know Harry."

"Go!" Hermione said urgently, looking around. "Macnair was going to get the dementors, they'll be swarming the castle any minute now."

"I can never thank you two enough-,"

"GO!" Both Harry and Hermione yelled. Sirius urged Buckbeak to fly away, and they were gone into the night air.

Twelve years earlier

"How could you!" She screamed in his face. "They trusted you! You were their best friends!"

Sirius watched his fiance as tears streamed down her face. Those hazel eyes that he had loved so much were red from crying, her face puffy. Even when she was crying and yelling at him, she was very attractive. "Ally-,"

"DON'T you Ally me, Sirius Black!" She growled at him with cold fury. He flinched back and stepped toward her. She backed up and shook her head. He watched her as she broke down before his eyes. Tears welled up in his eyes. He never wanted her to be in this much pain. "How could you?" She whispered, looking up at him.

"Please, Ally. Just listen to me-,"

"I want you out of here. I'm not going to live in a house with a murderer. Go pack your stuff," she said said with hardness in her voice. When he made no movement, she turned on her heel and stormed up stairs to their bedroom. He could hear her throwing things around, and realized she was packing his stuff for him. The tears finally escaped his eyes.

Five minutes later she came downstairs with a suitcase and he had moved from his spot in the living room She searched the whole house for him. She saw the front door open and went outside. Fresh tears welled up and splashed down her face as she crumbled on the dirt path leading up to the house.

"Sirius," she whimpered. "I love you."

He stood outside the gate of the familiar house. He looked up to the bedroom window. The curtains were open, and he could see that she hadn't changed much in the twelve years he was gone. He opened the gate, siling and walked down the worn dirt path that led to the house. Flowers lined the path. They were lilies. His heart felt heavy in his chest as he remembered Tiger Lily. He stooped down and picked one.

"Sir, please don't pick those!" Her melodic voice called. He hadn't heard the door open when he was examining her flowers, then he stood and looked to the source of the voice. She looked the same as she did when he had left that one sunny day. It looked like she had hardly aged at all. Her strawberry blonde hair fell down past her shoulders in waves. Her hazel eyes shone with happiness. She wore a blue tank top, with jeans that were ripped in various places. Her bare feet stood out on the dark hard wood porch. "Sir?"

"Ally..." Sirius croaked, walking towards her. Her eyes looked down at his face and her eyes widened, her mouth making a perfect 'o' of disbelief. "Ally, it's me."

"Sirius-," she started. They both stood there, looking at each other. Then, she tackled him and kissed him eagerly. He ran his fingers through her hair and hugged her body tightly against him. They stood there, kissing each others face, feeling each others body after twelve years. Tears streamed down her face. "Oh my god, Sirius. I thought you were... They came to the house after you escaped and I..." She couldn't finish her sentence, just drank in his face. Azkaban hadn't been good on him. His face was sunken, his body bony and thin. But his beautiful gray eyes had life in them, just as she remembered when he had asked her to marry him. He wiped a tear from her cheek and kissed her softly like old times.

"I've missed you so much, love," Sirius breathed. She took his bony hand and led him into her house. They sat on the couch. Everything was the same; from the pictures on the wall, to the furniture. But there was one new addition: a picture on the fireplace mantle of a little girl who looked alot like Ally. She was sprawled on a patch of grass and laughing.

They looked at each other, drinking in each others presence. "I love you so much, Ally."

"I love you, too, Sirius. I never stopped," she whispered. He kissed her, then she was straddling him in a moment. That night, there wasn't much talking for Sirius Black and Allison Dawson.