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I felt like shit.

Even though I DID save her life, Ally had down right refused to talk to me in weeks. Everytime I would walk feet from her, she would rush away at lightning speed. Everyone noticed the changes, especially James, who had to endure hours of me ranting about her.

"Stupid," I growled one night in our dormitory. "Why can't she just let me apologize to her? I didn't mean for her to nearly fall to her death, you know? I did save her life. But no-"

"Sirius, shut up!" James yelled. He got off his bed and glared at me. I stared at him. "Stop being the princess you are and grow a pair, man! Be a man and go and talk to her! Now!"

He stormed out fo the dorm before I could think of a retort. My face was flushed with anger. At least Corseina and Lily talk to him; easy for him to give that advice. Ally didn't even look at me.

Deep down inside, I knew he was right though. I had to find some way to talk with her.

I fell asleep that night dreaming of her face, the way her freckled nose wrinkled when she tried not to laugh, her cheeks flushing a beautiful rosy red...

The next day, I sat down in my usual seat next to James, staring at Ally's strawberry curls. She was talking intently to Lily and Severus, both whom scowled back at me a minute later. I glared back, wondering what she had said to them. Then, she looked back and met my eyes. My stomach did a back flip when she bit her lip in frustration, and she focused on Professor Slughorn.

"Hey, want to skip History of Magic with me, Padfoot?" James said lazily, lounging in his chair and throwing a paper airplane at Lily's head. I barely registered her whipping around and giving James the death glare. I was too focused on Ally. "Padfoot? Sirius?"

"Yeah. I just need to do something after class," I mumbled, taking out all my ingredients. For once, I did my work. James and Remus kept stealing glances at me, but I didn't meet them. Once, I heard James say Ally's name, but I worked harder, not wanting to bring in that can of worms. The dismissal bell rang and everybody rushed out of the room. I hung in the very back of the room, watching Lily and Ally talk to Slughorn about the potion they had just made. Ally laughed her tinkling laugh as Slughorn made a terrible joke to them, then he dismissed them with a compliment. I waited until Slughorn had gone into his office when I pulled out my wand and pointed it at Ally's bag. It ripped in two, spilling all of its contents out. She cursed and bent down to pick everything up.

"Go on ahead, Lily. I'll see you after lunch," Ally said glumly. Lily agreed and left the room. Now it was just us. I waited until she fixed her bag until I walked quietly up to her. She didn't notice me until I bent down to retrieve a book that had been saved from ink spots: Romeo and Juliet.

"You never let me borrow this, you know," I said, looking at the cover. She stood with everything shoved back into her book bag, but she didn't take the book away. Instead, she stared at me with her big, hazel eyes. She looked calm, but I could tell from her body language that she was nervous. "Can I read it?"

"What do you want, Sirius?" She asked quietly, still regarding me warily. I sighed.

"Can I not borrow a book from a-"

"Save the crap, Black," she suddenly demanded. "I know you don't want to talk about a stupid book. What do you want?"

"I want to talk, Ally," I said, taking a step towards her. She stood her ground, standing tall and not looking from my eyes. "I'm sorry for whatever made you mad at me. I didn't mean to upset you in any way."

Her eyes softened. "It's not you, Sirius. It's me," her voice was so soft I could barely hear her. "We shouldn't be friends. It's not a healthy relationship. And you know that."

"Why can't it work out?" I found myself asking. "Why can't we just be happy together?"

"Because," she whispered, "I'm a snake. You're a lion. It's not a good combination."

I grabbed her hand and put it over her heart. She was startled, but didn't jerk it away. "You feel that? That's a true lions heart, Ally. You don't belong in Slytherin. You're too good and pure for that."

She stared at me for a second, then did something I had least expected. She kissed me.


I was having a crappy day. And when Sirius Black came into the picture, I knew it was going to get worst.

"What do you want, Sirius?"

"Can I not borrow a book form a-"

"Save the crap, Black," I snapped, firing up at once. "I know you don't want to talk about a stupid" (sorry Book Lord) "book. What do you want?"

He took a step towards me and it took all my might not to back away. "I want to talk, Ally. I'm sorry for whatever made you mad at me. I didn't mean to upset you in anyway."

I blinked. Sirius Black, apologizing?

"It's not you, Sirius," I whispered before I could stop my self. I willed myself not to cry. "It's me. We shouldn't be friends. It's not a healthy relationship. And you know that."

"Why can't it work out?" He demanded. "Why can't we just be happy together?"

"Because," I said softly, "I'm a snake. You're a lion. It's not a good combination."

He suddenly grabbed my hand and placed it over my heart. My face grew hot when I felt his hand brush against my chest, but I didn't look away.

"You feel that? That's a true lions heart, Ally. You don't belong in Slytherin. You're too good and pure for that."

I stared at him, my mind buzzing. I had always thought those same words in my mind hundreds of times a year. I was mad at myself for not being good enough for Gryffindor. I wa stuck in Slytherin. Hearing it come out of Sirius's mouth, though, it changed all my thoughts. He was right. I leaned in suddenly and pressed my lips hard against his. He froze for a millisecond, then kissed me back.

In years to come, I would never be able to describe this kiss. Rabastan surely never kissed so passionately like Sirius did. Sirius lips were so soft, and I would've glued myself to them for eternity.

After a full minute, he broke it off and stared at me. I was breathing hard from excitement and the kiss. I didn't know what to say now. We stood staring at each other until we heard Slughorn bustling around in his office, apparently trying to get to his door again. Sirius grabbed my hand and we bolted out into the halls. A class was qued outside the door and stared at us as we filed past them, hand in hand, grinning like fools. I giggled when I saw Corseina's raised eyebrows and knowing smile.

"Did I miss the joke?" Sirius asked, looking down at me. I shook my head and we walked on. I thought he was going to walk me to Defense class, but he veered to the right and led me down a corridor I had never visited before.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Meeting James," he answered, looking around.

"But... but I have to get to class!" I exclaimed, stopping. I had never in my five years at this school skipped a class. I was quite proud of my perfect attendance and didn't want to break that anytime soon. Sirius barked a laugh.

"Come on, Sunshine," he said. "Skip class with me and Jamesy. It'll be fun."

"Sirius, what if we get caught?"

"We won't. As long as you stay with either of us, then you wont get in trouble at all. Just tell Piercen that you were feeling ill and you had to go to the Hospital wing. He'll buy it from you."

I hesitated, then nodded grudgingly. He towed me beside him until we found James sitting in an open classroom, watching a snitch fly around the room. He looked up when we entered and narrowed his eyes at me. Then , his eyes dropped to our entwined hands, and a broad grin erupted on his face so fast I thought he was going to rip his face in half.

"Finally!" He roared and jumped off the desk. "'Bout time you two made up and made out."

I blushed as Sirius aimed a kick at James, who doubled over in laughter. He stopped eventually and suggested we go up to the Gryffindor common room. Sirius agreed at once, but I was more hesitant.

"Aw, is little snakey scared of the big lions?" James taunted. Sirius glared at him, but I shook my head. "Well, right this way, milady."

We exited the classroom and went up one flight of stairs, where we found ourselves facing a portrait of the Fat Lady.

"Fairy Lights," James said confidently. The Fat Lady shook her head.

"Password changed last night, sonny," teh Fat Lady said.

"Potter! Black!" A voice yelled behind us. I turned and her ehart droppe dto my feet: Professor McGonagall was heading straight towards us. She had a weary look on her face, like she had done this a million times. "Why areen't you two in class?" She then spotted me and did a double take. "Miss. Dawson? What earth are you doing here?"

I was lost for words. I looked ta Sirius, who looked like he was thinking hard.

"You know, Professor, you are looking younger and younger every-"

"You have already tried that on me, Mr. Black," Professor McGonagall snapped. "Now, lets see, detention, I think. For all of you. Yes, even you, Miss. Dawson," she added when she saw the look on my face.

"Professor-" I started, but she cut me off with a look.

"My office. Eight sharp tonight." She turned on her heel and marched away.