Hello there.

The recorder is new. I just got it off of the market with Alice.

What do you say in these recordings?

[Introduce yourself.]

Oh. Right. Sorry Alice.

About me.

I am me. Brown eyes, about five feet, but I am not exactly sure. Brown hair. I have feet.

Well, you must know that. Don't you? Yet you don't. I could be some intergalactic space alien that has a fondness for Italian food. Then that would be the same as saying that when you walk out of the room the table that resides inside of it will disappear, and then reappear in exactly the same place when you walk back in.

Sorry, straying away from topic. Alice told me that I had a very interesting story to tell. I don't get it though. Why do I have to talk to this thing?

[It's a recorder Bella, your story will live on forever.]


Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Isabella Marie Swan Cullen Volturi. Quite a mouthful, isn't it? I used to be your ordinary human college girl, who had to struggle to make ends meet. Yet that girl, did make ends meet and she did make it through college. One exception. I was in college when the vampires decided to rule the world, and they did. With vengeance, I might add. Do you remember that first time in the news, when the pretty newscaster lady all of a sudden fainted? And then, the most graceful creature waltzed onto the screen and told everyone that vampires were real, and they thirsted for human blood.

[Bella, no one remembers that. It happened almost one thousand years ago.]

Has it been one thousand years already? Then sorry. That is another story to tell. So there I was, in the middle of all this chaos.

[Bella, this is only the introduction, you must go in sequence]

College girl. Me. Vampire invasion.

Alice, I am really tired, can I go tell this recorder later?

End first recording.

Just something that I wanted to put out there. An idea.

Tell me what you think. All though there probably wont be a second chapter. Twilight is not mine.