Chapter 1


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Here's Chapter 1: Distance.

I was happy when I died. I had a kind mama, with a warm smile and a strong papa, with bright green eyes. I had an intelligent older sister, an athletic little brother and an exuberant younger sister, who danced ballet. Everywhere.

I was happy.

Then I died.

I remember a lot of things from my old life, the shows I watched, my favorite foods, the faces of people I hung out with, the songs I liked.

But I don't remember any names.

Names are a part of a person's identity, what makes that person themself. I didn't even remember my own name.

The way I died? I was sick. Really sick. Cancer, I know, so cliché, but that's the way I left that world.

I died.

I remember my big sister, her name unknown, crying beside me. She visited every day.

I remember my brother, the little bastard, missing all of his hockey tournaments, giving up on the sport, to see me in the hospital.

My little sister, she thought I was just pretending to be sick, and believed I would get better.

But I never did.

When a person, depending on their religion, would imagine death, they'd imagine heaven or hell, with the God of their religion.

But that isn't what greeted me, after my heart stopped.

What did was the face of a pretty woman, with shoulder-length dark hair, and bright blue eyes. "Yuni? Are you alright?"

I blinked. I tried to form words, but they wouldn't come out properly. "Yanna darioh~" What the hell did I just say...? Sounds like baby-speak.

I tried to hold up my hands, to gesture for a pencil, or something to write with. Then I saw my fingers. Small, chubby fingers that belonged to a baby. I stared, in awe, in horror, for a moment. Why were my hands so small?

The woman caught my attention again. She smiled at me, her piercing eyes lighting up. "Aww, Yuni, you're so cute."

I looked around the room. Where am I...?

I was in a small room, laying in a cradle (...the fuck?), and a mobile with stars, moons and planets floated above me. The room was painted a pale yellow, teddy bears, dolls and all sorts of baby objects lying about.

The door opened.

The woman's head snapped toward it, immediately. "Who is it?" her tone had gone from the caring, adoring mother to dangerous and cold. It was like they weren't even the same people.

"It's just me." the new person called out. Their voice was high-pitched, squeaky and perfectly at ease. I might even call it arrogant. It was a male (or at least, I think it was) and very child-like.

The lady relaxed, . "Oh, hello."

"Is this her?" the new person asked.

The lady smiled, lightly. Oh wow, she was gorgeous. "Yes. My little princess."

Was this mother of some sorts? What the hell was going on?!

The strange person, the one that wasn't my mother, jumped up onto the edge of my cradle. "She has your eyes."

I turned my head towards the person and froze.

It was a baby, with short black hair and beady black eyes. I would call him cute, but he had this...aura of dangerous about him, no matter how slight it was. He was wearing a black suit, with a red polo shirt underneath it and a fedora with a orange stripe running through it. A green chameleon, I believe it was, with a curly tail, sat on the brim of his hat. A yellow pacifier hung around his neck, resting against his expensive (probably).

I had seen that baby before. In the life I had lived before I had died. That was the Arcobaleno, Reborn from a show I had watched, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. SON OF A BI-

"She's tiny." Reborn commented, bluntly. You're one to talk, ya little bastard-

The lady frowned, crossing her arms in a huff. "That's kind of the point of a baby, Reborn."

If this was Reborn, and I was in Katekyo Hitman Reborn (again, the fuck?), then who was that lady? I inspected her, closely. On both sides of her head, her hair was braided, and was probably pinned up at the back. On a pink ribbon, an orange pacifier hung. She had a tattoo on her cheek, below her eye, that looked like a splatter of orange paint with a blue star in one of the splatter branches.

Wasn't she, umm...Luce? The First Sky Arcobaleno? But didn't Luce have short hair? Was this before she got it cut?

"But she looks smart, Aria," Reborn amended. "Just like her grandmother."


Okay, so she ISN'T Luce. Aria, I guess.

Aria, Aria, Aria...I think she was the, umm, Second Sky Arcobaleno, the Ninth Boss of the Giglio Nero Famiglia. I remember that Gamma was close to her. And then there was that huge African American guy (what? It's true...) and then the guy with the pink hair... She was kind of a support character and didn't show up much in the series, other than flashbacks.

"What's her name?" Reborn asked, sizing me up. I'm not gonna pull out a gun or something. That's your job, bro.

I felt nervous under his scrutinizing gaze. I squirmed. I wanted to burst into tears. I mean, I was dead. I was a baby. My family was in another universe, I suddenly have a new mother that happens to be a mafia boss and she's friends with Reborn, Spartan Tutor of another mafia family. But I couldn't cry. Aria, my new mother, she wouldn't like it if I cried. And then Reborn wouldn't and then I'D DIE. My logic is slightly twisted.

"Her name? Yuni. My sweet Yuni." Aria smiled lightly, looking every bit the proud mother.

Reborn eyed me, warily. I mean, I WAS A FUCKING BABY. Rahh. Fear me.

Okay, so I was Yuni. Yuni, umm, let's see. Third Sky Arcobaleno. Tenth Boss of the Giglio Nero Famiglia. I think, that, umm, Byakuran, umm, was that his name? He like, put Yuni on a powerful, err, drug of some sort? and she formed the Millefiore Famiglia with him, combining the Giglio Nero Famiglia with, I think it was the Gesso Famiglia. And then her family became the Black Spell and Byakuran's was White Spell. And then she escaped from the effects of the drug, stole the soulless Arcobaleno Pacifiers and saved the Vongola Rings? And then, she made them like sparkle or something, and then Byakuran tried to kidnap her. Then, uhh, I think she went to the Vongola Famiglia, uhh, Sawada Tsunayoshi's family for protection.

Then, uhh, I think she died. With Gamma.





I burst into tears. "Wahh!"

Aria shot a glare towards Reborn, scooping me up into her arms. "Reborn! You little cheese stick!" What kind of terrible insult is that? "Don't scare my daughter!"

Reborn smirked at the woman, as if he had done nothing wrong. "It's not my fault that I'm so devilishly handsome that I made her burst into tears."

Aria's eyes narrowed and she carefully picked me out of the crib, into her safe (hopefully) arms. She bounced me, slightly, making sure not to harm my small, infant self. "Shh, Yuni...Mama will send that bad man away, ne?"

I nodded, tears in my eyes. "S-Squa~"

What kind of shit was I trying to say?! It sounded like Squalo... Squalo was that crazy swordsman that lost to Yamamoto Takeshi during the, uhh, Varia arc, I think it was called. The guy with no hand, who never stopped yelling VOI!.

Reborn looked amused at what I had said. "Squalo? Looks like baby Yuni has a crush."

I sniffled. Hell no. Squalo is too fucking loud.

Aria paled, before looking me in the eyes, seriously. "Yuni, I will buy you a thousand toys if you give up on that crazy Vongola swordsman. All Vongola are complete weirdos. Just look at Reborn over there." I don't doubt it for a second, Aria, not even a second.

Reborn scoffed, looking away from us, pretending to be offended. "Yuni, all Vongola hitmen are not as devilishly handsome as me, or trash, but even I must suggest you give up on Superbi Squalo."

I pouted, tears still brimming my eyes. "X-Xanxan!" Fuck. I'm just listing Varia assassins, aren't I?

This time, even Reborn looked concerned at my choice of words.

At the same time, the two of them chorused, "Hell no."

I nodded. "T-Ta-Tac-"

Aria blinked. "Tic-Tac?"

I shook my head. "T-Taco!"





I admit, I hadn't been aiming to say that.

Aria burst out of her seat, clutching me tightly. Oww~ "She said her first word!" Dying here...

Reborn snorted. "You call 'taco' a first word?"

Aria stuck her tongue out at him. "Shut up. Its the best first word a mother could ask for!"

Reborn raised an eyebrow, considering it. "Don't all mothers want their child's first word to be 'mama'?"

Aria hummed, thoughtfully. "It just proves how intelligent she is. She knows I'm her mother, and doesn't have to recognize it. I'm ordering Taco Bell for dinner!"

Reborn sighed. " do realize she can't eat tacos, right?"

Aria froze, realization sinking in. "Then I'LL have tacos for dinner. You can have some too."

All right. I think I gave in about there. I burst into tears. My sister, mother, father, brother, and younger sister were gone, I was alone, with a mafia boss for a mother and a baby hitman for a companion.

I was going to die in the future.







There is a flower that blooms for eternity right here. As you hold me, I am right here. Even if we can never meet again, the one I love. Continues to shine within my heart

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