Special Thank-You Chapter 1

AU Where the Real-Yuni is in Riza-Yuni's Body... A Day in the Life

Gamma eyed her over the kitchen table. A box of Lucky Charms was all that lay between the two of them, in the 'No-Man's Land'.

She beamed back.

"Alright, what's wrong with you?" Gamma demanded, scowling with such ferocity that even she was surprised.

She blinked innocently. As in actual innocence, not that pretense that she usually upkept.

His fingers twitched towards his gun.

"Gamma-san... are you alright? I feel wonderful today."

Gamma was instantly on edge. This certainly wasn't her, the princess, Yuni, the girl who he had practically called his daughter (his heart gave a lil skip at thinking about the implications of him and Yuni being related... that would mean that he would have to had done the do with Aria...! He mentally smacked himself for going down that line of thinking). Yuni had only been unfamiliar with him in the beginning of their relationship, when she had called him Gamma-san. After that, she had become very familiar (too familiar, he recalled, with a mental roll of the eyes), adjusting to calling him Gamma almost instantly.

"What was the first thing I did when we first met?" Gamma demanded, his arm snapping upwards, gun positioned in hand, ready to shoot.

This is a fake... it has to be a fake! The real Yuni would never treat me like this!

Yuni's grin slipped.

After a moment of silence, where Gamma's finger switched off the safety, her smile returned, a little sadly, a little more tired. "You did the exact same thing as you are doing now."

Gamma's scowl remain affixed on his face. "Who did you call your future husband after you returned from the Varia?"

She choked - suspicious, Gamma thought immediately, the real Yuni wouldn't have hesitated to say- but his thoughts were cut off when she responded with a laugh. "Hibari-sama of course!"

Alright. Sucking at the inside of his teeth, Gamma flicked on the safety, holstering his weapon. "Sorry about that... you seem a bit off today. Did something good happen? Did that Hibari bastard finally remove the stick from his ass?"

Yuni giggled, shaking her head. "I'm just feeling a bit different today, Gamma-san! A little more positive perhaps, a little less... burdened, if you know what I mean."

Gamma cocked an eyebrow. "It's really strange... you're almost too positive... are you sure you're not sick? You have that meeting with the Vongola and Varia today... will you be able to make it alright? I can go in your stead if necessary-"

Yuni's smile seemed to grow on her tiny face. "Of course! It's my duty as boss to help you out, Gamma-san... I'd never want to strain you with dealing with those silly kids!"

What the fuck? Did she just call the Varia kids? I know she's a bit off today, but that is ridiculous! They've kidnapped her at least four times!

Regardless of her insistence that she could go alone, Gamma dropped her off at the Vongola Mansion, albeit hesitantly. "Don't do anything... strange, kid."

"Don't call me kid!" she laughed - w ha t th efuck - lightly smacking Gamma's arm almost flirtaciously. "I'm a person, Gamma-san, you can't always treat me like a child."

She didn't seem angry, more teasingly than anything, but Gamma immediately felt uncomfortable and excused himself.

Gamma was already suspicious of us, Mao! That hoe held a gun to my head!

At the moment, Yuni-chan, it's my head.

Excuse me, it is MY head, but on rental to you. By the way, why did you want to have 'control'? It's kind of shady... like are you going to take over or something?

Of course not, Yuni-chan! I have nothing to gain in this world by being you... even if I did 'take over' your friends would notice anyways and would immediately try to remove my presence.

...would they exorcise you?

That Gokudera-san certainly might try.

Mao heard laughing before Yuni cut out, saying something about enjoying the show.

Yamamoto met Yuni in the entryway and escorted her to the meeting room. "Mukuro showed up and Hibari got so upset that they started role-playing! Not exactly what I expected, but I think they were reenacting Star Wars since they started fighting and it was really cool to watch - do you think they went to acting school for it?"

Yuni hummed, considering it. "I don't believe Mukuro-san has the legal paperwork to allow him to go to any school."

Yamamoto shrugged. "He did go to Kokuyo for a while, didn't he? Before his parents got mad and took him back to Italy."

(Inside the body of Yuni, Riza-Yuni laughed - Yamamoto thought the Vindice were Mukuro's parents! Can't wait to tell Bermuda about that one!)

But Yuni took it in stride, nodding. "I... suppose so. Maybe he did go to acting school. But I doubt that Hibari-san - I mean, Hibari-sama, went to acting school... that would mean that he would have had to leave Namimori Middle School and you and I know that he would never do that."

He nodded, conceding. "Anyways, everyone is here! Tsuna had to get Hibari all settled down after the Mukuro fight, but eventually we managed. You're right on time though, so don't worry!"

Yuni smiled, a bit weakly. "A-Alright, Yamamoto-san."

I am screaming. Yamamoto, that darling, dearest idiot didn't notice a single thing.

Even I must confess that he did not suspect anything... with his natural hitman instincts, I would have thought that he would have immediately picked up on our differing personalities.

Maybe Reborn-oji-san gives him too much credit.

Somehow, I doubt that.

Yuni entered the room gracefully, nodding her head respectfully to the two bosses in the room, Varia and Vongola respectively. "Good afternoon, Tsunayoshi-san, Xanxus-san. I am here for the trade discussions and permission of movement throughout our respective territories, but I do hope that the two of you are doing well."

Immediately after she finished speaking, several weapons were pointed in her direction - one actually went off and Yamamoto, who was beside her, all but shoved her to the floor to avoid it.

Xanxus was the first one to speak, snarling lowly, from behind his gun. "Who the fuck are you supposed to be?!"

Squalo was next, brandishing his sword threateningly. "It doesn't matter who she's supposed to be, Boss, what matters is the real one... where's the kid, you bastard?!"

Tsuna felt a tad inclined to join them - something just didn't feel right about her but something just didn't feel right about letting them kill her - but he chose to play Devil's Advocate on the off-chance that this was the real Yuni and they were just all crazy. "G-Guys, let's slow down a bit! W-We should i-interrogate before we just attack!"

Hibari and Mukuro simultaneously rolled their eyes, realized what the other had done and turned away from one another in a huff.

"Alright then, I'll do the questioning!" Lussuria took it upon himself to stand before the 'Yuni' imposter, who was still clambering up from the floor where Yamamoto had pushed her in order to keep her out of the line of fire. "Hello, sweetpea, I'm just going to be asking you a few questions alright? If you're the real Yuni, then this should be no problem, but if you aren't, then we will be forced to torture and execute you! Sound alright?"

Yuni brushed off her knees. "Oh, um, yes. And thank you, Yamamoto-san."

Yamamoto gave a stiff nod. Now that everyone had suddenly become suspicious of Yuni, he had to keep up an air of neutrality. His heart ached.

"How did you first meet the Varia?" Lussuria was starting off easy with the kid, Squalo realized (immediately getting angry). They didn't have time for this! This... whoever was obviously an imposter and the real Yuni was missing! There was no time to waste with the search parties!

(The Varia, Giglio Nero and Vongola had a coalition of search parties that were constantly on call solely for the purpose of when the damned brat got herself kidnapped)

The girl - so not Yuni in every way! - blinked. "Um, the-there were potato sacks and-"

"It has to be the real Yuni!" Tsuna interrupted, stepping between the tip of Squalo's sword and the young girl. His hands were shaking - don't let the Varia notice! - but his voice remained steady.

Xanxus snarled, the ends of his guns humming with latent power. "And how are you supposed to fucking tell that?!"

"My intuition tells me." Tsuna's eyes glowed orange. "Stand down, Xanxus, we aren't here to harm the innocent."

Yuni shrunk behind a HDWM-Tsuna, whose fingers were sparking with fire. "I-I'm sorry if I'm a little off today, but I am the ever-so prodigious Yuni. I'm... I'm just here for the negotiations."

Xanxus scowled deeply, but lowered his guns. Taking a shot against Vongola X would be a dear mistake.

The rest of the meeting passed somewhat peacefully, as Yuni's manners had suddenly increased by a billion percent and thus didn't go out of her way to quarrel against Squalo or pick dirt out of her shoes to throw at an irritable Gokudera.

At the end of the meeting, when the Varia filtered out - Squalo throwing a last, suspicious look at her almost out of spite - Fran, whom Yuni hadn't even noticed at the meeting, stopped in front of her.

"Are you alright? You seem less... you." Fran's expression was carefully blank, but that was how Riza-Yuni, inside her own consciousness, knew that he was concerned.

On the outside though, she simply beamed brightly, as if the power of the Pacifiers themselves were being expelled through her brilliant grin. "Just a bit of an off-day, I suppose. I'm sure I'll be back to normal the next time you see me!"

He stared at her for a second longer, patted her on the head twice and walked away with a parting message of "Don't talk to drug lords!" as if that had been the whole source of her peculiar behavior.

(Inside, Riza cackled. Not even drugs could correct her attitude into one of a more polite and well-upkept girl.)

Tsuna was next to pull her aside, loosening his tie as he did so. "I know you must be having an off-day, Yuni-san, but it felt like you were deliberately trying to make my job more difficult by aggravating the Varia."

The girl was a tad offended, but masked it well. "Tsunayoshi-san, I would never try to make your life more difficult! I know of your extreme-"

Tsuna cringed at the word extreme.

"-burden as the boss of the most powerful Famiglia in the world and would never want to be the source of additional stress."

Tsuna's responding look was strained. "N-No... you-you'd never try to stress me out by doing anything like hanging out with people who try to kill me constantly or disappear all the time mysterious. No, you'd never ever do something like that."

"Ah, Tsunayoshi-san, please let the past be the past and let the future be the future."

"Technically, that will happen in the future. Lambo told me."

"Regardless, Tsunayoshi-san, as you said, I was just having a bad day. I'm sure that I will be back to normal by tomorrow." she bowed slightly and Tsuna got the shivers from the sign of respect. "If you will excuse me."

Tsuna pinched himself and squeaked at the pain.

Nope, he wasn't dreaming.






That would have been too good of a dream.

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lol was this too realistic

everyone was like 'she hella suspicious' but tsuna was like 'tru she suspicious but i sense that the real yuni is there...somewhere'