Author's Note: Here's a new Blackwater story based mildly on the movie obsessed. Please enjoy, and leave some reviews. (:


"Have I ever asked you for anything?" Leah asked, her voice shaking. "I never asked you for anything. All I ever asked was for you to be honest with me."

Jacob looked at her with cowardly eyes, his heart beating miles per minute. The last thing he wanted was for Leah to look at him the way that she was at that exact moment.

"I have been honest with you," he breathed. "You know me, Lee."

"No, you didn't! You lied! The Jacob I know would have told me from the beginning, but you let this happen. You let this go on," she shrieked. By now, angry tears were starting to spill down her hazel cheeks.

"Tell me what I can do so I can fix this," he pleaded, stepping closer to her. She backed away instinctively, her lips quivering.

"Get out of my house!" she screamed, pointing to the door. "Pack your shit, and get the fuck out of here!" Jacob's jaw clenched, and he felt his ears red with anger.

"And where do you suggest I go, Leah?" he asked, his anger getting the best of him.

"To Hell!" she snapped. There was a pregnant pause as the two stared at each other intensely. She began to walk away, her heels clanking away for emphasize. Out of nowhere, she turned to him sharply. "But until then, I suggest you go stay with Seth."

With that, she stormed away, leaving him standing there like a homeless dog.