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Four Months Later

Things hadn't changed much since the night Bella attacked the Black's. Other than the fact that they didn't have to worry about her ever coming back to antagonize them some more, things stayed the same.

Leah and Jacob hoped that they would never have to explain to their children about the treacherous experience that they had to endure. If the time came, then they would. If it didn't, then everyone would be okay.

Leah held onto Jacob's hand as they watched the news; Bella's trial was all over it. While Bella was recovering from the fight, detectives began pointing fingers at her for Edward's death. She felt as though her life was already over, so she confessed to the murder.

After Bella's full confession to the murder of Edward, as well as her conviction for escaping prison and the battery charges against Leah, Jacob and Lauren, she was facing a life sentence, as well as the possibility of the death penalty.

Since her mental health evaluation had come back as ill, they weren't so eager to push the death penalty in her direction.

"Life in prison might be a better sentence anyway," Jacob declared, sighing with grief. "She'll have to live with what she did."

Leah looked over at him with a mixture of emotions. She was happy that Bella was finally getting what she deserved, horrified at the fact that Bella was the one who had murdered Edward, and poignant about all of the heartache that she had went through dealing with her.

"I'm just glad that I don't have to be scared anymore," she admitted, sucking in a breath. She looked to Lauren, who was eagerly trying to crawl after her older brother.

Lauren was such a beautiful baby girl. Her features were blossoming more and more every day, and Jacob and Leah couldn't decide which parent she favored more. Either way, she was absolutely gorgeous.

Jacob pressed his lips against hers, pulling away with a smirk on his face. She was smiling too, which was a good sign—a very good sign.

"Well, there's one thing to be scared of," he whispered in his signature husky tone. Her eyes lit up as her lips parted.

"Come on, kids. Its bedtime," she said, rising to her feet. Jacob chuckled under his breath, watching as she scooped Lauren into her arms. She turned to Jacob, and winked.

"See you in five minutes," she purred, reaching for Jay Jay's hand.

"We'll be waiting," Jacob said, motioning toward his drastically obvious erection. With anticipation, Leah headed upstairs to tuck in the babies. She had no idea what she was in for that night.


"Aaagh, fuck!" Leah moaned as Jacob pounded intensively into her for the third time that night. They were taking turns on who would be on top, and Jacob was currently working the magic.

Leah loved being on top, but with the amount of energy that Jacob was displaying, she didn't want to imagine the moment that he would stop.

He kissed her in between grunts, feeling his peak rising. He slammed into her one last time, reveling in the beauty of her excited screams.

"Damn, baby. You still got it," she breathed, after she managed to finally get out a word. With the hectic life that they had previously lived, that barely made any time for them to be intimate. This was their way of making up for lost time.

"Who said I ever lost it?" he laughed, taking her lips in his. He kissed her slowly, trailing his fingers down her smooth sides. The feel of her lips molding into his was enough for him to appreciate every single thing that had ever happened in his life, including the hardships. As long as he had her, and she had him, they could make it through anything. With reluctance, he pulled away.

He stared at her for a long while, taking a moment to gaze at her beautiful features. The way her sweat made her hair cling to forehead, and the way her full, beautiful lips poked out in the sexiest way. Her eyes, her mesmerizing fucking eyes; he could get lost in them almost instantly. She was so beautiful, and so his.

"I love you. I love you so much," he whispered, pecking her softly. Her cheeks began to grow a deep shade of red, and she smiled sincerely.

"I love you too, baby. Always have, always will," she promised, returning the gesture. They didn't have to say anything else, because they both knew it was true. Suddenly, her eyes mirrored fiery seduction, and her lips coiled into a smirk. "Now, it's my turn," she said, flipping their bodies over in a swift motion.

Jacob looked up at her in awe, completely convinced that no one could ever make him feel the things that she, the great Leah Black, could.

After a long sentencing, Bella was sentenced to solitary confinement in one of the worst Nation Wide prisons for the rest of her life. After the fight with Leah and Jacob, she completely lost her mind. She saw things that weren't there, and continued to make arrangements for her next plan. She showed no signs of getting better.

Karma Cullen was to be raised by her aunt, who gracefully adopted her. When she was old enough, she would know who her parents were, most importantly her mother, as well as her actions. With the support of her family, she would be okay.

Jacob and Leah could finally say that they had nothing to be afraid of; nothing to feel cheerless for. They had two beautiful children, a safe neighborhood, and most importantly, each other. And with each other, they could make it through anything, even the worst of the worst and that's exactly what they did.


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