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The Joys of Parenting

Hades dragged himself into the library, after a long day of judging souls. Apparently, the humans had decided to start another war, and so he was stuck working overtime. As he entered the library, he noticed his daughter, Amaya sitting down reading a book. It had been five years since the young goddess had learned to read, and if she wasn't spending time with her father, Amaya would be found reading in the library.

"Dad," Amaya spoke, her eyes never leaving the book, "Can I have a dog?" Hades furrowed his eyebrows, before asking,

"Why on earth do you want a dog? You've got Cerberus." It was true. Ever since the young goddess had met the guardian of the Underworld, it was love at first sight. She would often ride the beast around, and find things for him to chew. Amaya closed her book, before turning to Hades. "I know, Dad, but I can't take Cerberus inside!"

Hades thought for a minute, before replying "No."

"What? Why not?" Amaya asked sorrowfully.

"Because living things don't belong in the Underworld."

"We're living, and we live in the Underworld!" Amaya pointed. Hades sighed, before stating bluntly, "No."

Amaya seemed to be contemplating something for a minute, before curling up on the large armchair, and shooting her best puppy-dog look at her father. Hades was determined not to give in to his daughter. He stared right back at her, his obsidian eyes clashing with Amaya's. Deciding to play her trump card, Amaya uttered two simple words, "Please Daddy?"

That got him. Hades sighed, before responding, "Alright, you can have a dog." Amaya leapt out of her chair and bounded excitedly around the room. "Di immortales… I'm starting to regret this already…" Hades murmured under his breath, as he shut his eyes, transporting himself to the upper-world.

Amaya sat in her room, listing potential names for her new dog. "Let's see… Azaela? Nah, too girly… Shadow? Too cliché… I need something original!" she complained, burrowing under the covers. Suddenly, the seven-year-old girl came up with an idea; she could research! So without a second thought, the goddess darted into the library to find a name book.

She pulled out the first one she could find, before flicking through it. "Hmm… Alistair - Protector… I like it! Well, unless it's a girl…" she pointed, flicking through for female names. "Maia – Brave warrior! Makes sense!" she enthused, shutting the book, and leaping out of her chair.

The goddess jogged out of the library, and waited outside the palace gates for her father's return. After a minute or so, Amaya began to get bored. She looked to her left, hoping to find Cerberus. Sure enough, the large three-headed dog was lying down not too far away, with all three of its three heads rested on its paws. "Psst! C-Man!" she called the monstrous creature. Cerberus lifted all three of his heads, blinking his sharp red eyes at the goddess. "Come here buddy!" she beckoned. Obeying his mistress' orders, the three-headed monster prowled closer to Amaya, who reached her hand out to pet the creature.

All three of Cerberus' heads leaned into the goddess's touch, as she chuckled, scratching him behind all six ears. "Hey C-Man, can you take me to the Styx quickly? I'm so bored!" she asked. The monstrous dog nodded once energetically, before lowering itself for Amaya to climb on. The goddess scrambled up the beast's back, grasping the fur at the base of his neck.

Without further warning, Cerberus took off at what seemed like the speed of light. Amaya clung onto the dog's thick, jet black fur as they raced towards the River Styx. Cerberus skidded to a stop, allowing Amaya to jump off his back. The goddess wandered around for a while, stopping every now and then to examine the inky waters of the river before her.

When Amaya had finished, she beckoned for Cerberus to come closer. The young goddess jumped onto the dog's back, swinging her leg over the side. "Let's go back, C-Man. See if Dad's back." She decided, before Cerberus began bounding back to the palace.

When the two got back, there was still no sign of Hades. Strange. Nevertheless, Amaya petted all three of Cerberus' heads in a farewell gesture, as she went back inside. The goddess sighed, as she flopped down on her favourite chair in the library. What could she do to pass the time? Amaya thought to herself for a few minutes, before exclaiming out loud, "My powers! I can try getting my powers! Dad said they would come soon, so…" she trailed off.

Without a second thought, the young goddess leapt out of her chair and darted into her room to retrieve her staff. Shortly after she received it from her father, Amaya decided to name it Senka, meaning shadow. Carefully bringing out Senka from it's hiding place, the goddess examined the glass orb at the top briefly, before bounding outside to attempt channeling energy through it.

But as soon as she left the palace gates, her father appeared next to her. To Amaya's joy, he was holding a small, scruffy-looking black puppy in his arms. "Thanks Dad! You're awesome!" Amaya exclaimed, before welcoming the puppy into her arms.

"Aren't you cute? Well, you won't be for long!" she decided, stroking its head, "You're going to be the scariest dog in the world! And I'm going to call you Alistair." She finished.

Alistair simply looked up at Amaya, blinking his black eyes innocently. He then licked Amaya's hand once, before leaping out of her arms and trotting around beside her. Hades shook his head at his daughter's antics; he knew she would love the dog. I was a wolf hybrid, so just as she had said, Alistair would grow up to be quite a fearsome pet.

Leaving his daughter and her new pet outside, the God of the Underworld smirked. Once again, Persephone would not be happy about this.

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