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A/N: Kanou/Yukimura has to be one of my favorite Maid-Sama ships, but there is hardly any fanfiction for them! It makes me so sad! So, here I am adding to the pot that hopefully will continue to grow. It's really short but I hope you like it!

Happy Birthday, Kanou-kun

He couldn't believe he was doing this. No, no, no. How had he let Usui strip him and force him into something embarrassing again?! If only he'd been able to think of a gift on his own, this never would've happened.

But Yukimura loved Kanou so much that it made him hard to buy for. How was he supposed to express that emotion through a gift? He'd been racking his brain for months, and the day before had still come up with nothing. So Usui had taken advantage of him, again.

Still, this time he'd gone a bit far. Crossplay was one thing. But Yukimura and Kanou weren't this far along in their relationship yet.

"Don't you want to be?" Usui had asked him.

Reluctantly, he'd given him an honest answer.

"Dad, has Yukimura called?"

Oh, crap, he was home! Yukimura instantly turned into a blushing, trembling mess of nerves. He glanced at the clock in Kanou's room. School had literally just ended. He'd gotten back quickly.

Probably wondering why I was absent... He felt bad for not being there on his birthday, even if it was because of this.

Kanou's father barked back, "No!"

"He must be sick. I'm running by his house!"

No, no, no, no, no! Come in your room! Yukimura silently yelled, struggling against his restraints in an effort to make any kind of sound. Seriously, why was he gagged?! Stupid Usui!

The doorknob rattled and Yukimura froze. No, no, no! I'm not ready yet! Go back to check on me!

The door took what felt like an eternity to swing open, and Kanou stepped inside. He glanced up, their eyes met, and the cutest blush spread across his cheeks.


The older boy was sitting on his bed, bound and gagged. He had false pigtails in his dark green hair and his face was done up in makeup that perfectly accentuated his features and made him look extra cute. But the biggest shock was that he didn't have any clothes on—only a big red bow tied around his hips.

Kanou dropped his backpack and jacket on the floor and joined Yukimura on the bed. "You're trembling all over, senpai...," he murmured as he untied the gag in his boyfriend's mouth.

"Happy birthday, Kanou-kun." The words left Yukimura's mouth as soon as he could speak. Even though his arms were tied, he leaned his upper body forward to make their lips meet.

Kanou's arms were around him in a flash, cradling Yukimura as he roughly kissed him back. After he had sufficiently expressed his thanks, he pulled away and his eyes glanced down to the bow.

"Can I open that?"

Yukimura turned into a tomato. "O-o-of course you can," he stuttered. "It's your birthday present."

Kanou smiled. "Most guys would've just bought me something. Hell, most girls would've just made me something."

Yukimura started to tear up at those words. Kanou would've rather had...something else? "I was trying to say, I love you!"

"Shhh, shh," Kanou whispered, kissing his cheeks. "You did a very good job of that."