The girl was only five, but she knew what was going on. She watched her parents fight in the kitchen from the crack in her door. "You come home late and you don't even pick up the groceries I told you about!" the women yelled. "I was tired and I will do it tomorrow!" he snapped back. "YOU SAID THAT YESTERDAY!" she screamed "SO WHAT!" he yelled back. She ran out of her room and said, "Stop! Why are you fighting?" she almost cried. She was then pushed aside, "Don't bother us this has nothing to with you!" her mother yelled. "You're always bothering us, can't you see we are busy!" her father replied. "But…" she started and then was slapped. "SHUT UP!" they both yelled. She laid there shocked. The girl was picked up and dragged to the door.

She was placed outside in the backyard where the doors were closed. She heard more yelling and screaming, even something's breaking here and there. She went to her tree house and climbed up. She decided to read one of her books, or even draw. She sat there for while and then started to cry a little bit. 'I really am alone…' she thought.

He is only five, but he plays very well, but not as good as his eight year old brother. He has been playing for over five hours and wanted a break. He left the room to hear his mother talking to his father. "He needs to be more like his brother, Wes. He is a professional at the violin, but he isn't at the piano," his mother said. "I know, if only he didn't slack off all the time and just focus," his father replied. The young boy ran out of the hall and outside. He then went to the backyard and started to play. A few minutes later, his mother and father came out.

"There you are!" she started, "Why aren't you practicing?!" she screamed. He was scared but didn't show it. "I was taking a break…" he started until his father cut him off. "No breaks you must practice or you will never be like your brother!" he yelled. They took him inside, where they passed the door his brother was playing at. "Look can't you be more like Wes. Disgraceful child you are." She said. He was then placed in the piano room and was left alone. He sat at the bench of the piano and started to cry a little bit. 'This is all I ever do…' he thought.

Her name is Maka Albarn. His name is Soul Evans. One is rejected by her parents; the other is always being compared to the oldest. Different stories, different situations. But they have the same feeling of being alone. They want to escape, but they don't know how…

~ 9 years later ~

They are both now fourteen-years-old, but still, their problems still remain. She went to Shibusen Academy in Death City, Nevada to leave her parents. They didn't care they only said was "Be good… so you don't have to come back here," she left them with a hurt feeling. He went to the Academy four months earlier to leave the music world. They told him, "You will be sorry. And when you come back, we won't take you back," he left them frustrated. Will these two paths cross, if they do what will happen? How will they help one another?