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Chapter 22 ~ Never


A month has pass since Soul and I confronted our parents. Everything became better afterward. We didn't have to worry about parents or our past. Like everything in our past has disappeared. My scars from my parents have fully healed. Soul plays more music, but they are mostly for me. He would still rather play for me then play for anyone else. Soul and I have gotten over the past but we won't forget it. We're happy that we overcame everything and we over it, but we can't forget what they did to us. We just have to move on and keep going to the future.

Soul and I were at my apartment, our friends were coming over to visit in a few hours. I was making tea for him and rest of the gang for when they get here. Soul was sitting on the couch while searching the channels for something to watch. I walked over and set the tea set down.

"Found something to watch?" I asked taking a seat next to him. He looked over to me.

"Nah, there's nothing to watch." He said turning the TV off. I handed him a cup of tea and he took it. We drank some tea and we talked for a while.

"It's nice to relax like this huh." I said smiling. Soul smiled too. "You know after everything that has happened."

"I know right. Have your parents said anything to you since then?" Soul asked. I sighed.

"No they don't talk to me that much. They don't want anything to do with me and apparently, that don't want to hear from you." I said. Soul smiled.

"Really? They said that?" he said. It looked like he wanted to laugh. I don't blame him.

"Yeah, they didn't like your attitude. They thought you were rude and crazy that you sticking up for me. I think they won't be speaking to me for a while." I said. Soul then laughed and I couldn't help but laugh. He then pulled me close to him that we fell back on the couch. I was on top of him with my head on his chest. I felt one hand on the top of my head and the other on my back. "What about your parents? Have they said anything to you?" I then heard Soul sigh.

"My parents keep bugging me about taking lessons to learn the right way, or their way, of playing the piano. They keep thinking that I should come home and practice again so I can be better than my brother." He said. I nodded.

"What about your brother? Has he said anything to you?" I asked.

"Not since the party when you met him. He hasn't called or anything so it doesn't matter to me what happens him. He and my family are none of my concern anymore." He said. I just nodded again. I then looked up to see him smiling. "Beside I have this great life here with you." I smiled at him. I sat up and he sat up with me.

"Hey Soul," I said. He looked over to me. "Before you met me, and I met you. Did you ever have this lonely feeling inside you? You know as if no one will understand." I saw him sit back into the couch. "Have you ever felt that?"


I sat there thinking about that question. Honestly I didn't know how to explain it. It was something that has bothered me my whole life but I just never put that much thought.

"Well, yeah I did. I was always alone. I mean I had to play and practice the piano for hours on end. That was it. I never got to play outside or take a break from it all. My parents were happy to see me practicing but then they would be mad to see my doing anything else. I never had that many friends and even when I did go out people would stay away from because of how I look. My parents kept pushing me to become that amazing child they want me to be. I was confused on who I even am. So I decided I should leave, try to figure it out myself. I came here and no one still wants to even come close to me because of my appearance. I met Black Star when I was lost but he didn't even care about my appearance. I met everyone else and they treated me like a normal person." I looked over to Maka who had a smile on her face. I then sat closer to her. "Then I met you and my whole world became better."

"I couldn't have made that much of an impact in your life." She said blushing.

"Oh but you have, and I am so happy I met you." I said moving closer to her. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she blushed. She is so cute. "Now what about you. You brought up that topic, so what's your answer." Maka scooted back a bit.

"Yeah I was alone. No one wanted to be my friend because of parents. I was always known as the kid with insane parents. I would usually be by myself. I would read stories so I can escape it all. My parents thought I was always in the way. Everything to them was my fault. I would hide from them so they don't have to worry about me. I then heard about this school and I thought I should go here. I left my parents who said I would regret making this choice. But after coming here and meeting everyone, even you, it isn't something I would never regret. I'm glad I met you Soul." She said smiling. I couldn't help but smile.

"You know based off the stories, there was something in common with them." I said. She looked at me confused.

"We were alone," she nodded. I pulled her onto my lap. "Then we found each other. We're not alone anymore because I have you and you have me." I whispered and she smiled.

I then leaned in and she leaned in as well. We then kissed and I held her close like I need her to keep me alive. She is an amazing person and I'm so glad I have her. She means everything to me and I will not let her go. I want her to stay by her side. Our past won't be in our way of the future. I love her so much.

"Well isn't this interesting." I heard someone say. That someone was Black Star.


"WHAT THE HELL MAN!" Soul said grabbing Black Star's shirt. I was probably blushing red right now.

"Well we just came in a minute ago and I see you making out on the couch." Black Star said laughing. Soul then punched him and they started fighting. Tsubaki was trying to calm them down and Kid looked like he was ashamed to call them his friends. Crona didn't know how to handle them fighting.

We all watched a movie and ate some treats that Tsubaki made. We talked and laughed and it was fun. I never had this when I was young. We watched Soul, Black Star, Kid, and Patty play a video game. Liz, Tsubaki, and I were laughing at their faces and reaction when ever one of them was losing. We were now watching another movie, but I wasn't really paying attention. I looked around to see all the friends I have made. I don't regret this not one bit. I'm so happy I met everyone.

I then felt Soul's hand entwine with mine. I looked over to see him smiled nodded, like he knew what he was thinking.

"We're not alone anymore." He whispered in my ear. I smiled and nodded. I then leaned on his shoulder.

"We're never going to be alone again." I whispered. He smiled and nodded. I smiled again.

'With Soul around I will never be alone. Never again.'


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