Chapter 1: It's Been A While

Third Person's POV:

Imogen was bored in her room so she decided to walk her dog, Volta to the park, "Hey Mom I'll be taking Volta for a walk!" she yelled as she took Volta's leash and attached it to his collar.

"Okay Imogen have fun and both of you be safe!" Natalie yelled from the kitchen

"We will!" Imogen hold Volta's leash and head out the front door.

At the Park, Volta was giving Imogen a hard time; he was sniffing the ground, walking around places, and she couldn't keep up with him. Then he stopped, a certain something caught his eye, he began breathing with his mouth and tongue sticking out. What caught his eye is a beautiful female bloodhound with soft brown fur, a pink bow on top her head and a matching collar to go with it.

Then the female dog looked at Volta and were both staring at each other. Volta couldn't help, but rapidly approached the female dog. Imogen was holding on to the leash, "Hey boy slow down!" she couldn't keep up, Volta was speeding up. Then the leash slipped out of Imogen's hand and Volta started running towards the female dog.

"Volta where you going, wait up!" Imogen yelled as she run after Volta.

When Volta was close to the dog, he slowed down. The female dog slowly approached to Volta as Volta did same. Both dogs stopped and were face to face with each other, they were lost deep into each other's eyes, and both dogs formed a big grinned in their doggy mouths. In their little doggy minds, it was like love at first sight. Their bodies were just filled with pure lust.

The moment was ruined when Imogen came up to them and grabbed Volta's leash, "Volta, why are you running.." she paused when she saw the female dog in front of her, "Hey there, where's your owner?" Imogen crouch down and rubbed the dog's back, "So what's your name girl?" Imogen looked at the golden tag on her pink collar; which was engraved by the name 'Fifi'

Imogen was a bit surprised, "Your name is Fifi? That's a very nice name, you know you kind of remind me of an old friend I used to like back in high school.." Imogen's facial expression turned glum so she just changed the subject, "By the way I'm Imogen and this is my animal friend, Volta." Imogen grabbed one of Fifi's paw shook it.

"I'll tell you what, why don't we help you find your owner, I'm sure they're worried about you now." Imogen got up and hold Volta's leash with one hand and Fifi's collar with the other.

They were about to go until Imogen heard a familiar voice behind her, "Fifi there you are, I've been looking everywhere for you!" Imogen just let go of Fifi's collar, and Fifi barked and ran towards her owner.

Imogen slowly turned around and saw the one and only Fiona Coyne, crouching down and rubbing her dog's tummy and attached a leash on her dog's collar.

"Fiona?" she said, Fiona looked up and she was stunned to see Imogen, standing in front of her. Fiona stand up holding Fifi's leash and still looking at Imogen, "Hey Imogen, it's been a long time."

"I know it's been about six years?" Imogen asked, "Yeah six years." Fiona clarified, there was an awkward silent for a moment until Imogen spoke up, "So why don't we just sit down and catch up.. only if you want to." Imogen suggested "Sure I would love to." Fiona awkwardly smiled.

They walk towards the nearest bench with their dogs and sat down. Fiona and Imogen noticed Volta and Fifi playing and sniffing each other. "I guess our dogs like each other." Imogen giggled "I guess they do, why don't we let them play with each other for a little while." Fiona suggested "Yeah sure."

Both Fiona and Imogen removed the leash from their dog's collar and Volta and Fifi started chasing each other around the opened field of the Park.

"So what are you doing here? I thought you moved to New York?" Imogen asked

"Yeah I did, but recently someone offered me a job here, it was a good opportunity so I accepted it and luckily I didn't sell the loft so Fifi and I have a place to stay." Fiona explained

"Well I'm glad that you're here." Imogen smiled

"So how's the life of Imogen Moreno doing?" Fiona asked

"Well, I have a job at an art studio in town, my dad recently moved to California and is teaching at UC, but not much happened to me, I'm still living with my Mother; just me, her, and Volta." Imogen explained

"Oh I see." Fiona nodded. There was a pause for a moment; they were both thinking of what to say next.

"So you owned a dog now, how did you get her?" Imogen said referring to Fifi.

"Well two years ago, my family and I went to a charity work at an animal shelter; all the animals there were neglected by their previous owners so we helped out by raising money and giving each animal a home. That's when I met Fifi, she was a cute puppy at that time we were emotionally attached with each other so I adopted her and named her Fifi, which at first pissed my mom off because usually mom calls me Fifi and now she can't call me that anymore because when she did, Fifi ends up coming and licking her face every time." Fiona laughed, as Imogen did the same.

"So how about your dog?" Fiona added

"Well it was Christmas, two years ago, Dad got me a puppy which I named him Volta, then Mom freaked out about this and they both got into a little argument. Mom wasn't a fan of dogs at first, but she got over it so everything turned out well." Imogen explained

"Well I'm just glad Natalie came through and accepted Volta." Fiona said and Imogen nodded

Fiona and Imogen continued to catch up with each other.

"Well I should call it a day, it was really nice chatting with you Imogen, it kind of feels like high school again." Fiona got up and holding Fifi's leash.

"Yeah, we should do this again sometime." Imogen got up holding Volta's leash

"Why don't we exchange numbers so we could texts each other, you know like old times." Fiona took out her phone.

Imogen giggled, "Alright sure." Imogen took out her phone and both girls exchange numbers.

"Okay, now we have to find the dogs." Fiona looked around the open field, but there were no sign of both Volta and Fifi.

"Where are they? They can't be that far." Imogen looked around, but still no sign of Volta and Fifi.

Both girls walked around the park, looking for the two bloodhounds, "VOLTA!?" Imogen yelled, "FIFI!?" Fiona yelled, "VOLTA!" Imogen yelled again, "FIFI!" Fiona yelled

The girls kept walking around and shouting their names, but still no sign of the dogs.

"Where are those dogs?" Imogen asked, until both girls heard faded noise of dogs howling, and not just any howl a chant of howls.

"That sounds like Fifi's howl." Fiona said, "And Volta's too." Imogen added, they look around and the howls came from behind the bushes, halfway from where they are.

"Do you think their behind those bushes?" Imogen asked, "I guess" Fiona responded

Both girls walk over to the tall bushes and the howling was getting louder. They girls stopped in front of the bushes, "What are they doing behind there?" Fiona asked, "Well there's only one way to find out." Imogen responded.

Both girls looked over to the other side of the bushes, and when they did they saw Volta and Fifi. Imogen's and Fiona's mouth dropped opened and both girls were shocked with what they saw.