Chapter 30: Honeymoon! Plus Surprises!

Third Person POV:

"Ah! Immy! Put me down! You know how heavy I am!" Fiona squealed, tightly holding Imogen's shoulders.

Imogen and Fiona just arrived at their Honeymoon suite. Imogen closed the door on her back while carrying Fiona, bridal style. "You're not heavy Fions, you're perfect!" Imogen smiled as she kiss her bride on the lips. "I'm maybe petite, but I'm strong!"

"Oh, really strong!" Fiona cooed as she kiss her wife, "But can you please put me down? I'm not used to being carried."

"Sure my love-AH!" Imogen screamed as she slip on the rug and both girls ended up falling on their Honeymoon bed, "Ugghhh, you okay Fions?" Imogen peaked up, looking at her bride.

Fiona look down on her, "I'm fine, but the question is, are you?" She asked

"Yeah, never better!" Imogen smiled

Fiona's on top of Imogen when they fell on the bed. Fiona got off and help her wife up and both girls look around the room. There were Rose petals everywhere, a complementary gift basket, and an ice bucket with a Champagne bottle in it.

"Oh my! The Honeymoon suite looks beautiful!" Fiona said, gazing all over the room.

"Yeah it is! It feels like Heaven!" Imogen grinned looking at the room and her wife.

"So what do you want to do first?" Fiona asked

"We can drink Champagne? Maybe look at the stars out in the terrace? Or..." Imogen trailed off as she give her wife a carnal smile.

Fiona knows what her wife is thinking, so she has a plan up her sleeve, "Alright, I'll be right back." She winked, "When I get back, you better have nothing on." She finished as she slowly went inside the bathroom.

Imogen's POV:

After Fiona went inside the bathroom, I was blushing all over my body. I couldn't keep a straight face when she said I better have nothing on when she gets back. I also have a feeling that she has some sweet surprises for me! Eeep! I'm so excited!

Fiona's going to be out anytime soon, and I'm still wearing my wedding dress! Excitedly and quickly, I strip down to my dress, my shoes, and my underwear. Now I'm naked and just standing there, waiting for my wife to come out.

I realized that I'm standing like I'm waiting for my job interview, "Ugh! Stupid Imogen! Wait, like you really want her!" I whispered to myself.

I started pacing and think of how should I pose when Fiona comes out. "Immy! Are waiting for a long time?" Fiona yelled from the bathroom.

I stopped, "No! But I'll be waiting for your touch!" I reply in a seductive way.

"Okay, don't have fun without me!" She cooed

"I won't!" I cooed back

I started warming up, doing quick sit-ups and push-ups, jog in place, and finally I'm in my relaxing mood. I slowly lay on the bed, on my side, facing the bathroom. I had my one hand, supporting my head, while I have my other hand playing with the Rose petals on the bed. I'm finally ready for my pleasure.

Fiona's POV:

I'm in the bathroom and took all my clothes off. I look at the corner of the sink and found a brown paper bag that Holly J sent for me. Inside the bag had a Pomegranate Mint massage oil, which Imogen loves, 'Paris Daydream' fragrant spray, which Imogen also loves, and my red feathered Boa that I wear when I went to 'Club Sparkle'. Then there was note attached to the bag and I read it.

Here's the stuff you need to mess with Imogen. Also, the music is in the player and the whip cream is in the mini fridge. Good luck Hun;) -Holly J.

I grinned and put the note back in the bag. I sprayed Imogen's favorite fragrant around my neck and chest and put the feather Boa around me.

"Fions are you alright in there?" Imogen asked

"Yeah, I'm preparing a surprise for you!" I yelled back

"Ooohhhh! okay! Take your time!" Imogen yelled back

I put the robe on me, making it cover my feather boa and grabbed the massage oil. "I hope you're ready for what I'm going to do to you Imogen." I smirked to myself, opening the bathroom door.

Third Person POV:

Fiona put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign out the door before locking it. Then she walk to the bedroom to see her beautiful wife laying on her side, naked, and fondling some rose petals. As for Imogen, she let out a smirk when her wife was on her sight.

"Did you wait long?" Fiona asked

"No worries you're worth the wait." Imogen smiled as she noticed what Fiona's holding, "What's that?"

Fiona hold out the bottle, "Your surprise, your favorite massage oil." She answered

"Pomegranate Mint?" Imogen asked as Fiona nodded, "Wow, this keeps getting better and better!" She squealed

"So lay on your stomach, relax, and I'll do the heavy lifting." Fiona said with a carnal smile.

"In one condition, get rid of your robe." Imogen said with little demand.

Fiona did what Imogen demand and drop the robe on the floor. Fiona had nothing on, but the Feathered Boa. "Satisfied?" Fiona asked

"Very!" Imogen answered, "Also, love the Boa!"

"Thank you! It's your other surprise that I'll be giving soon." Fiona said as Imogen could only squealed and quickly move to the middle of the bed and lay on her stomach.

Fiona went on the bed and gently sit between her wife. She took off her Feather Boa and left it on the side for later. She open the massage oil, pour some on her hand and began massaging her wife. Fiona started from Imogen shoulders, and slowly work her way down to her wife's back, then slowly down to her firm butt.

"Oooohhhhyeaahhhh! Right there, that's it." Imogen moaned as Fiona continued massaging her butt and up to her back.

"Not only that, can you feel the Mint Immy?" Fiona asked as she gently blow around her wife's body.

It send Imogen's body into a cool, tingling feeling, that made her feel so excited, "Hooohhhh yeeesssss! hhaaaaaahhhh..." Imogen said as closed her eyes and continue to feel the minty breeze around her body.

After Fiona massage Imogen's back, Fiona tell Imogen to lay on her back. Imogen did what her wife told her to do and Fiona slowly poured some oil on Imogen's stomach.

Fiona start massaging Imogen's stomach and continue blowing to make Imogen feel the minty sensation. As Fiona reach Imogen's breast, Imogen moaned even louder.

"Does that feel good?" Fiona asked, but Imogen could only moan, "I'll take that as a yes."

Fiona continued massaging and blowing her wife's arms, all the way to her legs, and purposely ignore touching between Imogen's legs as Fiona decided to save the best for last. After that, Fiona grabbed her Feather Boa and wrap it around her neck.

"So what's my next surprise?" Imogen asked with little eagerness.

"I'm going to do a little Bed Dance on top of you, so stay where you are and enjoy the little show!" Fiona said seductively as she grab the remote of the music player and it turned on into a sexy music that's right for Fiona's routine.

"Mmkay..." Imogen answered as she couldn't keep her eye off Fiona.

Fiona started with a little hip swaying, then sway her body back and forth. Then Fiona start playing with her Boa, rubbing it around her body, her hips and her breast. Imogen didn't move a muscle, but her eyes were doing the only movement, keeping an eye on Fiona's every seductive move. Fiona then started shaking her chest as her breast bounce to the beat of the music. Then, Fiona grind between her legs against Imogen's. Sending a sexual vibrations to both girls, Fiona moan to it as Imogen moan even louder!

"Mmm, I can feel it's slippery and wet down there!" Fiona moaned as Imogen close her eyes continue to moan.

There, Fiona got Imogen right where she want her to be. Fiona started proceeding her plan. Fiona took off her Feather Boa and teased it against Imogen's body, which made Imogen giggle. Then Fiona seductively put both of Imogen's arms up, next to the opening of the headboard. Fiona trailed the Boa up and tie the Boa on the headboard, then grabbed both of Imogen's wrist and tie it firmly to the Boa.

Imogen felt Fiona stop, but also felt something isn't right, so she instantly open her eyes and noticed that she's tied against the headboard with the Boa around her wrist. Fiona is just sitting on top of Imogen, smirking.

"Woah! Fions, what's this? Please untie me!" Imogen said as she struggles to let herself out.

"You had your pleasure, and now it's time for revenge and your punishment!" Fiona yelled as she went face to face with her wife.

"Revenge? Punishment? What did I do?" Imogen asked

"Revenge, when you handcuffed me in our third monthiversary and punishment for almost ruining our wedding." Fiona explained, "And finally I can have my way of fun!"

"So the Honeymoon was just a perfect set-up!" Imogen gasped as Fiona nodded

At that point Imogen had mix emotions between being scared and being excited of what Fiona might do to her.

"Fions, what are you going to do?" Imogen asked

"I'm going to eat dessert!" Fiona answered as she went off the bed, grab the whip cream in the mini fridge, and went back, "Mmm, I'm craving for a Imogen Pomegranate Mint cake with whip cream on top!" She finished as she shook the can and spray a string of whip cream on Imogen's stomach.

"Hhhoooohhh! Cold!" Imogen reacted as she felt the cold whip cream on her stomach.

"Time for the best part, eating time!" Fiona lick her lips as she slowly lick the whip cream off Imogen's stomach, "Mmm! Delicious! I want seconds!" She said as she spray two swirls of whip cream on Imogen's breast and started licking one breast.

"Oh my!" Imogen moaned as she's trying get free and in control.

Fiona lick Imogen's other breast until it's clean, "You taste wonderful Immy!" Fiona commented

"I know I am, but can you please let me go? I learn my lesson, and I want dessert too!" Imogen begged as she jiggle her wrist.

"Aw! But I'm having fun and I'm still hungry!" Fiona whined, "But don't worry, I'll feed you! Open wide!"

Imogen open her mouth and Fiona sprayed a mouthful of whip cream. "Ugh! Not what I had in mind!" Imogen said with a mouthful as she slowly swallowed the whip cream.

Fiona giggled and kiss her wife, licking off the whip cream that was on Imogen lips, "Thanks for being my napkin." Imogen smiled

"No problem!" Fiona said as she kiss Imogen again, "But I'm ready for thirds! Which is the best part!"

Fiona then sprayed a lot of whip cream between Imogen's legs. Fiona just teased Imogen and slowly lick her inner thighs. When Fiona reaches Imogen's folds, she started digging in.

"NnnggghhhhOooohhhh!" Imogen moaned as she could feel her wife's tongue darting inside of her.

"Mmm, sweet and juicy!" Fiona teased as she continue licking Imogen's folds, even though she lick all the whip cream off.

Imogen couldn't take it anymore she needs Fiona, she want to be in control. Imogen jiggle her wrist a little more harder and one of her hands are free. Then, she use her free hand to remove the Boa on her other hand. "Finally! I'm free!" Imogen yelled as she rubbed her wrist.

Fiona's head pop up and her eyes were wide open, "Oh no!" She said in fear.

"Oh yes!" Imogen smirked as she grab Fiona's arms and tackle her on the bed. Now Imogen is on top of the older girl, "Now it's my turn to be in control!"

"Oh! I don't know if I should be scared or excited!" Fiona smirked

"I just want to make love to you, that's all." Imogen said with her eyes looking at Fiona's with affection.

Fiona deeply look at her wife's eyes, "Me too, I love you so much." She said

"And I love you too." Imogen answered

Imogen slowly put her lips against Fiona's and started kissing. At that point they weren't playing naughty games anymore, they were making love. They were showing each other how much they mean to one another. It was an even better sensation than just playing around. They enjoyed every touch and every pleasure they give to one another.

"You smell so good." Imogen whispered in Fiona's ear as she kiss Fiona neck.

"It's your favorite fragrant, Paris Daydream." Fiona whispered back as she touches every part of Imogen, "You like it?"

"Oh I love it." Imogen whispered as she continued kissing her wife.

After an hour of games, love, pleasure, both girls cuddled together with the blanket wrapping them to make them closer and both girls felt worn out and started talking about what will they do after this.

"Next week, we have to return the horse to Mr. Diaz. Then, pay Carl extra for the flat tire of the wedding car." Imogen sighed

"I'm sorry about the car, Immy." Fiona apologize as she rub her wife's stomach.

"It's not your fault, you needed to save me from that crazy Banana woman." Imogen said, "I also deserve that Honeymoon surprise you gave me earlier."

"Well, I can't leave you unpunished, but you're forgiven. Also, Clare and Holly J will do the same to Eli and Declan too just to be fair." Fiona said

"I think it's fair, I'll wish the guys good luck." Imogen giggled

"Speaking of surprises, didn't you say you have a surprise to tell me?" Fiona recalled

"Oh yeah!" Imogen said as they look at each other, "Last week, I secretly went to the Doctor."

"Oh my, Immy are you okay?" Fiona asked with concern.

"Yeah I'm fine, but I went with Fifi to see Dr. Chris." Imogen explained

"Huh? Why? Is Fifi alright?" Fiona asked

"Well she's been feeling sick, that's why I took her to Dr. Chris and he said that Fifi felt even better!" Imogen smiled

"What do you mean?" Fiona said with confusion

"It turns out that Arabella, Scarlet, Hunter, and Prince will have another sibling coming." Imogen said, "Surprise!"

It shocked Fiona, "Fifi's pregnant again!? How is that possible? Volta and Fifi were using protection."

"Well when I was cleaning Fifi's room, I discovered that one of the doggy condoms broke." Imogen answered in a gross out way.

"Please don't tell me that will be raising another four set of puppies." Fiona whined

"Don't worry, Dr. Chris did an ultra sound on Fifi, he said he could only hear one heartbeat, so Fifi will give birth to only one puppy." Imogen said

"Good, I could only handle enough puppies." Fiona said in relief

"Hey if going gets tough, we'll face it together." Imogen smiled

Fiona look at her wife and smile, "And that's why I love you." She said

"And I love you too." Imogen said as they give each other a quick kiss and continue to cuddle each other until they fell asleep.

It started with their dogs, Fiona and Imogen had to work together just to keep them situated. Now look where they are, they're happily married and have a one big happy, yet doggy family together and both girls couldn't be more happier! It was more than puppy luv to them, it was love, true love. Now what? What will it all lead to next for Fiona, Imogen and the SEVEN dogs?

The End!