Ultimate Spider-Man: Lazarus

A/n Sorry everyone for my long absence but now I have my laptop back I can get back to work on m stories! Suffice it to say I have somewhat lost my muse for spectacular Spider-man, hopefully this new project will help get the juices flowing.

Basicly this story takes place after the death of Peter Parker in the Ultimate comics' line. The point of this story is to bring him back to life. The new Spiderman Miles Morals will not exist in my story. I do not like the character and this story will be all about Peter returning to the people of New York and returning to the role of Spiderman!

"Spiderman, Peter Parker, his example has galvanized the people of New York. To them he is more than a hero, he's a bloody icon." Said a twenty-seven year old woman, as she gazed out across the New York skyline. She was about five foot eight with a very tone and lean build that was shown off by her skin tight body suit. To most she would be the absolute epitome of beauty with looks models and actresses would kill for. "But he is only one man, and his luck seems to have run out. We have lost him."

"Then Miranda, see to it we don't lose him a second time." Said a mysterious, elderly man sitting in the middle of the room looking over holographic displays. "Begin project Lazarus."

"Parker! Parker wake up damn-it!"

Peter groggily wakes and slowly lifts himself from the bed he was lying on. He thinks one thing about his current condition, 'What the hell is going on.' Waking up in what looks like a science lab crossed with an operating room was not a situation he ever experienced before.

"I don't have time to explain everything; there is equipment in the locker for you. The facility is under attack we have to get you out of here." The voice Peter now realizes as coming from some intercoms tells him. And he hears some far off explosions he assumes are going off in other parts of the facility.

"Alright alright, don't be so pushy." Peter snips back as he puts on what seems to be an upgraded version of his Spiderman suit. It had the exact same pattern as his old one but the colors were a bit different. They were darker, an almost blood red, along with a dark midnight blue gave him a more serious look. And the material seemed to be some sort of light weight Kevlar. His web shooters also seemed to be more advanced and contain a lot more web fluid than before. "Who the hell are you anyways?"

"My name is Miranda, now go head to the launch bay. I will try to guide you. No more questions, someone has hacked the security drones and now they are going berserk."

Just then Peter's spider sense kicks into full gear as the door to the lab slides open and two humanoid looking robots walk in firing pistols at the young hero. He ducks out of the way, webs one of the bots and sends it crashing into the other. "What the hell!?" Peter exclaimed as he wall crawled into the hallway.

"Told you the security drones were out of control." Miranda replied dryly. As she gave him directions to the launch bay Peter continued to smash his way through the security drones.

"It's weird, there are no other people here." Peter said out loud. He hadn't seen a single other person in the hallways.

"That's because the dormitories are in another section of the complex. Almost everyone has already been evacuated except for me, our security chief, and you of course. Ok now just down the hall is a … get into the….. Parker?..." the transmission cut out and entered a room with two platforms separated by a deep gap on the opposite side were several of the security drones with more coming out of a hallway. But what really caught his attention was what was on his side of the divide.

Actually it was more like who was on his side of the divide. She was crouched behind a half wall with a rather fancy looking pistol in her hands. She would rise up every few seconds and take some shots at the drones. She had short shoulder length black hair and piercing blue eyes that held a great deal of intellect and a mischievous spark. "Felicia?" Peter questioned just loud enough to be heard.

Felicia turns and upon seeing him her eyes grow wide. "Peter? What are you? Aw hell if Miranda has you running around we must be in some deep trouble." Peter zips over next to her staying crouched behind the half wall.

"Maybe you can answer some of my questions Cat, first of all what the hell is going on here?" both of them pop out from cover, Peter webs up two drones and Felicia shoots their heads off. "And second where the hell is here?"

"This is the Lazarus facility, the whole purpose of this place is to bring back the greatest hero in the world." Felicia said with a bit of heat coming up to her cheeks at being so close to who she saw as her mentor for becoming a hero. She was glad he was wearing his mask otherwise she might not be so focused.

"So where are the other subjects?" Peter asked webbing up more drones while Felicia took them out. "I didn't see anyone on my way down here."

Felicia sighed, "There are no other subjects Peter. The whole point of the Lazarus project was to bring you back. Now I'd love to answer all your questions but I would rather do it when we are not being shot at. I promise I will answer everything I can later." With that the duo took out the remaining drones and made their way to the launch bay. Felicia took the time to get a good look at the resurrected hero. He was taller than her now at 5'10'' to her 5'6'' and though his build was still slim and athletic there definitely was a great deal more muscle mass and definition that was obvious from the skin tight suit. She licked her lips as she stared at his backside.

Just when they were about to enter the launch bay they passed a window and Peter took a moment to look out of it and all he saw was clouds. His eyes went wide for a moment before he composed himself saying "It's just one of those days." And he followed Felicia entering the launch bay where Miranda was standing on the ramp to an osprey jet cargo plane.

"Come on you two let's get moving the Mag-Lev engines are going to fail in..." just then the whole station shook and they got the sensation of falling. Thinking fast Peter grabs Felicia with one arm wrapped around her waist and shoots a web-line into the plane pulling the both of them in. Felicia secretly enjoyed being in the strong arms of her hero and was saddened when he let go. Miranda who was holding onto a railing slammed the close door button and entered a sequence on the control pad causing the craft to launch out of the bay and begin flying on auto pilot.

"Well that was an interesting first day." Peter sighs sarcastically. Both women smirk at his comment. Felicia is happy that her hero and who she sees as her teacher in how to be a hero is back. Miranda is satisfied with the project and moves to the cockpit to take control of the plane.

"Next stop New York City." She informs the two passengers.

A/n and there you have it the return of Peter Parker! Yes Felicia does have a crush on the web-head and it has been a long time since she has seen him. Peter will meet up with other characters from the marvel universe but other than Miranda I am unsure of adding in any other characters from other universes. Anyone who can guess where I got the basic plot for this chapter will get a free internet cookie!